Post your leftypol twitter account and follow everyone else in the thread comrades

post your leftypol twitter account and follow everyone else in the thread comrades

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hello, fellow leftists
keep posting your twitters?p! I will follow them!



Do you want mine? i mostly share chubby gay furry bara art though

its ironic

yes. we are all comrades, all of us should follow each other so when the day of the proletariat revolution comes we will know whats up

Why don't you keep that shit completely seperate from your online politics




It was a joke, i dont use it for politics outside the funny anti trump meme or hidden communist joke.

The joke was fbi having to scroll through all the gay bara art

Post that shit comrade

The twitter commune grows

Though in a more serious note the spy programs have a giant folder with things you are connected to from twitter to facebook with different levels of connection level so it is quite easy to see if someone is connected to many communist accounts

Though tbh since everyone is forced to use windows 10 we are fucked privacy wise because there is something big since they are pushing it so desperately

now THIS is LARPing

its not activism, just leftypol comrades organizing through twitter

use a separate encrypted Linux partition (probably better if it a separate computer but that's expensive) and vpn for radical stuff

you don't need to have much technical understanding just to install an os and a few basic programs

Here's me. I mostly post anime and some theory

make sure if you post your handle you follow everyone else comrades



linux my man

Put the theory down and come to revolution bro

post more leftypol twitters

Jesus Christ.

Oh well that explains it all.


Dare I ask?

No one is forced to use Windows 10 you stupid faggot. Use Linux and dual boot with Windows 7 if you need certain games.
i mostly just retweet things
i mostly just retweet things
Not really political account, but I will most likely join some leftist party here in stockholm around next year, might become a big representative.

Fuck twitter

Is this just a self promotion thread?
Nobody posts anything of value on twitter anyway (except for journalists).


its so we are all following each other, organizing

Might as well.

Even better just my type of comr8 ;)


Shit I live here too





Please like, subscribe, comment and follow. Thanks :3

plss fulluw Likge and Interräct

We should add that to our twitter names to be easily recognizable


Liberals call everyone to the left of Clinton alt-left now because we are as bad or worse than nazis.

I hate liberals so much. I feel more and more inclined to believe that they deserve to be treated exactly like they claim they would be.

reported to fbi


What did he mean by this?


here's a twitter list i made of Holla Forums accounts

dm me if you want to be put on it


oops sorry not sure how that got on there

Damn that is a lot of twitter communists

i'd like to be added

Add me

We should do this imo, not everyone's account is political but it ll be a good way to show there are more of us out there

As a higher up in anarkiddie twitter,

Forgot to change shitposting flag oops

follow me for shitty, vaguely leftist humor.

How would the feds even benefit from this for fuck's sake?
How many of you created the account because of the twitter thread a few months ago?>>1304577
add me pls

I have some twitter, but i mostly shitpost in russian about tech stuff. Can i participate?


Why not, it is just used as a group of communist twitter posters, you dont have to post politics or something else

Is there's a rise in lefty trolls Twitter accounts? I see a huge rise…


yea sure bud

Ok, pls explain me how to twitter

I suscribed to the list >>1304577…
For what purpose? I don't see shit on my "wall"

Ok, pls explain me how to twitter

I suscribed to the list
For what purpose? I don't see shit on my "wall"

I swear I'll use this eventually

never mindm turns out they are shit and you can officially not do anything with them
Needing to open your profile and open the list to see it, means it's actually more of a bookmark than a "subscription"