North Korea thread

North Korea thread

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The Interview is a great movie

North Korea is a legitimate socialist state
Prove me wrong
Pro tip you can't

If STK wasn`t such shit stalinist party I might consider joining it just for the sake of comradeship that I could share with the based tankie.


Prove to me that tankies are nothing but rhetoric whores with no minds of their own.

Hi there, fellow snownigger. Join SKP then.
What's your problem with KTP btw?

It dosen't matter if they are race nationalists or not if they stil support socialism.
It's sure as hell is better then cosmopolitarian bourgeois "democracy"

Pro-tankie splinters.
SKP is just not politically viable in my opinion.

The Cleanest Race is mostly orientalist bullshit. Anyway, the Kims need to step the fuck down.

Joining a ML party these days is tantamount to necrophilia. They are dying formations, only surviving through a geriatric core and a rotating mass of teenagers.

They are the guardians of dusty relics and outdated tomes filled with dogmas ill-equipped to deal with the contemporary world.

But it doesn't project anything it just uses their internal propaganda material.

When the whole CPFinland went full eurocom since Aarne Saarinen became its chairman and pushed MLs to the sidelines, what else were the MLs to do than have an ML party?

Communist party(or rather their sub-faction in SDP before creation of CPF) was always majority Eurocommunist before rise of Stalin.

Yeah, fuck no it wasn't. They were MLs. Eurocom is a newer phenomenon. Read your damn history.

Well, the question now is the same as it was in 1917: what else is there? ML is the only revolutionary method that managed to win any revolutions or wars. Rojava for now is a singularity and not reproducible.

Not in the context of Finnish communism. The party was opposed to joining Soviet Union since its beginning and was critical of Soviet Union until the post-war years filled its ranks with former red guards who had fled to SU at end of the civil war(and whom had become stalinists).

Wish Red Finland woulda won. It was compared to other socialist states unique.

Indeed, considering that the leadership of red Finland was mostly composed of social democrats and not communists(whom were mostly served as officers in red guards) and their style of leadership was closer to collective leadership principles as opposed to Leninist top-down hierarchy.

Reds would have probably won if Trotsky had not stalled peace negotiations between Germany and Soviet Russia by 2 weeks, according to memorials of German high command staff officers intervention might have not happened if Soviets had agreed to original peace as proposed by them.

Fitting that you didn't add "Communist".

MLism as theory has not been able to produce anything but State Capitalism.

It's a perspective that needs to be abandoned, we need to study it's failures, and learn from the much more developed Marx scholarship that has taken place since. Just by the mere fact that we now have Grundrisse, a work that thought us how much more there was to Marx theory than Capital, should make us reconsider old "truths". But also how incomplete it is, how a diligent student should expand, critique, move forward his theory - rather than wallow in it.

The failure of MLism to orient itself in globalized capitalism is clear from it's nostalgic attempts to paint every two-bit middle east or African dictator as some champion against capitalism. Classic Imperialism is over, capital is no longer centred on nation-states but on multinational corporations that treat the proletariat and reserve army of labour of England, US or own Nordic countries no different from that of PRC, Uganda, Brazil, or India.

Imperialism has most certainly lost it's relevance for a theory on how to collapse capitalism. But the question today might even be: do we need such a theory?

Capitalism is today collapsing by it's own hand better than we could ever hope, it has metastasised over the world and now it's begging to consume it's host body. It's subsuming welfare, infrastructure and every government agency it can get it's hands on, draining them dry. The reformists and moderates, are powerless to stop the death-drive of neoliberalism - for the state is a outdated actor on the modern global stage.

I read a book on Japanese colonialism in Manchuria, were the author described their factories, which had a lethality of 50%, as "deformed subsumption". A fitting term.

Trots are literally anticommunist

This is not to even mention the ample opportunities that Trotsky had in 1918(year when civil war in Finland came to closure) when Mannerheim and buergois government of Finland aligned itself with whites(forces in Estonia lead by Nikolai Judenits) and offered support in offensive of st.petersburg for promise of independence. At that point Finnish conscription army consisted nearly 70% of former reds. If Trotsky had taken the bait he could have easily crushed White Finland on its tracks and turned Finland red but he insisted on keeping Finland out of the civil war.

I wouldn't call it "collapse" because it's a process that's been dragging around for decades, since the advent of neoliberalism, and we can't know if it's dying or just morphing. But yes I agree that the capitalist welfare state, which is in no small part what defeated communism, is being cannibalized now that Porky doesn't see it as necessary.

Well then, we still don't have any workable alternatives, and are essentially just waiting for shit to hit the fan and hoping someone will figure something out in the spur of the moment.

A bit like the big L himself.