What went right?

I was bored so, I decided to make a list of things that Stalin did wrong.
What do you guys think? Did I miss any important items for the list?

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Stalin did nothing wrong you retard.

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Fuck you Stalin could have killed more kulaks and still, you posted an empty paper.


Battle of Warsaw, 1920 as a one example.
His actions in Tsaritsyn in 1918. as a second example.

No I believe you are the one who is retarded.

Randomly murdering the entire officer corps with an openly expansionist regime right next door was one of the stupidest actions by a ruler in human history. The USSR went from being at the forefront of military theory concerning the use of tanks to being so pathetic they struggled to beat Finland. Imagine how much better off the USSR would have been if Stalin hadn't allowed the Germans to overrun half the Union and murder tens of millions of people.
RIP Tukhachevsky & co.

At least it was mostly Ukrainians who died in Funland.

Stalin never crushed capitalist America.

Imperialism 1
Stalin 0

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Was he going to try invading yugoslavia 22 times aswell?

Whats up with all this reddit-tankie nonsense out of nowhere? How could a state capitalist have done "nothing wrong"?

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Ye i love me some lysenkoism

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his taste in architecture

Oh, how did I forget, he was fantastic. No cult of personality, what-so-ever.

I know, all I'm asking myself is why people are suddenly adoring Stalin.

Next thing you know, we'll have Maoists.

it's just contrarian kiddos with no real revolutionary drive

they'd rather circlejerk about how great tankie ussr was and justify it by saying "it wasn't as bad as propaganda makes it out to be!"

I hate him for not ending the socdem menace globally

Soyfer [2001] claimed that “Stalin decided to show his support for Lysenko by allowing him to officially declare that genetics was a bourgeois perversion”, which actually is not the case. Stalin, contrary to expectations, did reject some of Lysenko's wrong ideas. For instance he removed all mention of “bourgeois biology”, and crossed out the section entitled “The false basis of bourgeois biology” from Lysenko's report. In the margin next to Lysenko's statement that “any science is based on class” Stalin wrote, “HA-HA-HA!!! AND WHAT ABOUT MATHEMATICS? AND WHAT ABOUT DARWINISM?” (Rossianov [1993]; Medvedev [2000]).


yet still adopted his retarded agriculture planning


Nor does dismissing the content of critique because of it's form :^)

nor does calling it "content of critique" make it one

this is, by the standards of non MLs, "critique".

stalin was a nationalist state-capitalist that betrayed the revolutions of many countries, purged marxists for no other reason than to solidify his power and eliminated inter-party democracy

there you go, non-greentext like you love it

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Very well:

Are you implying that Stalin was only blamed for "not being perfect" by the Bourgeois?

And are you implying that Stalin didn't, by means of propaganda and indoctrination, created a cult-like figure of himself, in some sense comparable to a religion?

And are you implying that Stalin didn't betray the values and goal of the October Revolution, created a "national spirit" while strengthening the grip of party over the State?

And finally, are you implying that the system of economical organization (State Capitalism), as exported to the USSR all over the world, didn't fail miserably, because of it's inability to serve the people properly, lack of democratic participation and hyper-militarization, which has left a negative and lasting image of far-left politics ever since?

You seem desperate. If Stalin hadn't had done anything wrong, we would all be living under (international, stateless, classless) Communism by now.



He recognized Israel

muh Great Man theory of history