A Canadian Trump?


Could it happen?

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given how hard justin is fucking the dog this man will be pm in 3 years

I don't think I've noticed Justin doing anything. What has he done? Are our politics just that boring?

Unless you only browse pol or something, I can guarantee that most people in Canada have opinions ranging from indifferent to somewhat happy about Trudeau. I don't think anything he did caused outrage in this country. Most people don't really mind him. (Not defending the neoliberal shill btw, just saying the impression I had of of most people talking about him)

anything that caused* oops fuck

I live in Canada. However, I live in the porkiest city in Canada. People in more working class provinces like Alberta dislike Trudeau while most where I live are indifferent or dislike him. Maybe if he legalizes weed he'll become popular, but it's been a year and he's done fuck all. The only good thing is that he isn't scuttling climatologist like Harper.

might be because im from the hell world that is the prairies. the youngs seem to dislike him because he didn't legalize it (left leaning) or muh feminism (right wing). the olds dislike because he isn't NDP or Conservative

*dislike him

fuck me for drunk posting on a thursday

Stop trying to make this happen it's just embarrassing

still finding it hilarious that the tories want the dude from dragons den to be their leader

Who is trying to make what happen?


"Trump of Canada"

don't blame us, blame the retarded canadian media

How is he not like Trump?

How do people end up that evil?

thats capitalism. only thing that seperates O'leary from the rest of them is he admits to being a peice of shit

Stay Woke.

The circumstances around the two of them are completely different

Politicaly Canada tends follow America by 5-10 years. when people get annoyed by Trudeau II we're gonna get a rightist populist. πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€O'LearyπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ is the most likely figurehead of that movement.