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nice try fbi

no, no fbi, what websites do you frequent?

I'm a sad circlejerk of ideology. I'm a Buddhist socialist that seeks to establish a technocratic/meritocratic socialist authoritarian state with the aim to slowly wither away, working towards an anarcho-transhumanist utopia.

I'm an AnSyn, but defeating the scourge of capitalism is important enough for me to back any revolutionary action likely to do so.

Many such cases!

stop it

I have multiple favorite political figures including but not limited to:
Georges Sorel, Otto [email protected]/* */, Muammar Gaddafi, Josip Broz Tito and a few others I can't think of at the moment.

anarcho-syndicalist, aka the only relevant type of leftist

Literally me except for the Buddhist part

why is everyone on Holla Forums and even 4chan so radically to the left or the right? no normies?

Because we're all hyper intelligent autists who can't tolerate fence sitters.

I don't know. I actually was a normie for the longest time but only started visiting this board after I turned towards socialism. I guess there are many spaces out there (looking at you Reddit) for normies/liberals, but if you diverge from the norm fringe spaces like Holla Forums or 4chan are there to draw you in. With 4chan in particular many regular edgy teenagers probably only become Holla Forums pilled after spending enough time there, having been drawn to it by sheer idiocy.

My hypothesis is that people who go on the chans are the type of people who are not phased by scatporn, gore, racism, and constant profanity are those people who can easily see the hypocrisy in liberal normiedom and that leaves the political spectrum totally open

This, except I think most of us are stupid.

see this is interesting. I think that 4chan and Holla Forums are sites that are so obscure and lack social benefits for posting(like "like" buttons") so you have all of the people who are attention whores over on different sites, and like moths to light, people that are on the fringe politically or in any other way, flock to these sites.

also I'm new to this, how do you get a little picture by your name?

Pinochetian Minarchist

press the tiny question mark icon on the top left

thanks mayte

hahahah, "the NAP doesn't apply to commies"