Can you prove it wrong?

Can you prove it wrong?(can Holla Forums prove it right on the first place?)

Holla Forums…please leave, there is nothing here for you.

a multi-ethnic state is only possible with socialism *

Ethno states are soo good,


Hmm, that's why the USSR is still around today, oh wait…

no, you are correct OP

yeah it was the ethnic tension alright

The USSR clearly wasn't broken by any major ethno-nationalistic tension. You have nothing.

Ethnicities can't really coexist in any system. Some will always be at the bottom, so really the only difference between say a free market minority groups standard of living vs a heavily regulated society would be the free market ones self-segregating and living in slums voluntarily vs where say in a heavily equal society they would just be lower quality workers and help suck away the economy. Shitty groups that have never really invented anything as complex as a strong government don't organize well in any system. At least in the free market there'd be better selection for the population as a whole, even if disproportionate amounts of minorities die it's not like you could do anything to help. I like to think 90% of people are retarded so I'd rather the lowest of the low fuck off and die rather than gain the power to bring the entire system down. Heavy regulation only works when the entire population is actually intelligent.

You sound like one of the 90%. I'd kill you


I think that with all the mental gymnastics that occur on here alone, the people here are probably all slightly antisocial and above average intelligence to some degree.

Pure socialism has never been tried so I don't know how you came to this conclusion.

Please read a book newfriend.

There is no such thing as a homogenous state. If the race of people was held to the same standard as dog breeds and subspecies we'd all be considered mongrels. Read Mussolini.

It's the, "socialism is wen da gubbament does stuff" meme

Nice try Holla Forums


replace "Christians" in that sentence with "Assyrians"

What about Yugoslavia? it was Multi ethnic, multi cultural, multi religious, multi linguistic, anti nationalist union of market socialist republics

China bitch