So how do we defeat rightism and survive Trump?

So how do we defeat rightism and survive Trump?

Nice defeatist attitude.

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The US is going to go back into major economic turmoil a la Hoover

Organize and refuse to vote for/support third way liberals/socdems.

You are never going to, Holla Forums typically disrupts left wing groups by injecting identity politics, calling every one a white fucking male, and asking for a progressive stack.

Enjoy your impotence. :^)

he's the best thing to happen in the last decade

liberals are finally coming to an end

Well we have a bunch of people desperate for jobs combined with a far-right fascist state cultivating racial and cultural resentment, and able to create arbitrarily many military jobs through printing money, and it can't default because it prints the world reserve currency, so I would say we're pretty fucked OP

You mean the security services, the people you saps have been fooled into working as lackeys for because you foolishly believe they hold the same ideology as you when really it's because the ideology you've been pushed towards is already deeply compromised by them.

Check your muh privilege, step up and step back I'd like to hear what a genuine PoC™ has to say about this matter.


We keep up the pressure on Congress to completely stymie Trump and make his entire term a lame duck.

Kind of like the 20% tax increase on Mexican goods. Trump said, "pweeese" and Congress said, "No." Then Trump threw a hissey fit on Twitter.

Are you serious? All we have ever wanted in this world is for some retard to crash the global capitalist economy with no survivors. Now we have just the retard for the job.

so you're injecting identity politics to legitimize what? your reverse identity politics? don't you know that that's what SJWs were reacting to in the first place?

Tbh the Alt Right is going to kill itself so we might as well just do nothing, but spread our dankness

enlist to fight in Syria and Iran :)

The biggest problem is that it might actually help the economy, at least for the white working class and only in the short term.

when all openly recognize the truth about jews
and make something better than fashwave

youre delusional and should be airdropped into raqqa tbqh familam

You have to google Murray Bookchin

We are constructing the narrative that white people are hated and oppressed. It's working.

you should fear allah, not trump

lol I hope this is a shitpost otherwise it's really pathetic

But somehow you're teh masterrace too, right?

why would you have to construct the narrative if it was real

We just don't want to live next to brown people and Muslims, honey.

Pouring gasoline on a minor fire and hoping it will burn down the city.

But we can't establish communism without brown people and Muslims.

Ha! Protectionism only helps the working class when that class is doing productive labor. It is completely ass-backwards to try to use protectionism in a post-industrial society. Who the hell is manufacturing anything in the United States that needs protection from foreign competitors? Raising the cost of goods is just another tax on the working class.

America isn't a post-industrial society. It was forcibly transformed into one by government policy. It could be moved back if porky wanted. They would however have to sacrifice American global hegemony for it to work.

If all you cannot help yourself beyond an identity you had no choice over then there really isn't much worth saving, and the majority of people will realise this, especially all the white people tired of the identity politics from SJWs. They just want to be left alone, not hear about how they're doing this and that badly (oppressing others in the case of liberals, and not being good enough baby-making Aryans for you, on the right side of the SJW).

Get chodemonkey to fix the site.

Everyone's oppressed under capitalism. What makes you different from the other special snowflakes who think their struggle is THE struggle?

ebin maymay friend. I wish more comrades realized just how easily Not Socialists can be converted to true socialists.

My natural blonde hair and green eyes.

Communism basically wants to turn everyone into the Borg, both Jamal and Cletus don't want that.

The working class has no nation, and this is meant literally. We cannot take from the proletariat what they do not own in the first place. Under nation-states people are already treated as human capital to be moved around, designated citizen or illegal.

Someone has given you a warped vision of socialist ideas. I wonder who'd want to do that?

Please tell me that you can see the cognative dissonance there.

cletus and jamal have a lot in common

I meant "naturally a post-industrialist society." Our post-industrial economy was created by our governing elites, not just material conditions.

by ruthlessly bullying liberals for being milquetoast pseudo-leftist cucks, that bernie would indeed have won handily, and that they will get 4 more years of trump and then 8 of mike pence if they continue to tolerate center-right corporate whores in the democrats

Roddenberry specifically made the Borg as an analogy for capitalism. The Federation is post-scarsity communism.

Let me tell you about the fascia Holla Forums the old symbol that stood for the power of government, and was resurrected by mousolini as the symbol of fascism! It lies in our congress! A congress that has been assured by the military, that should it ever fall into communist hands, martial law will be enacted Nationwide and communists purged to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Donald Trump is a man who understands how to get things done effectively, and won't hesitate to capitalize on an uprising from Anti-Trump protestors. Mad Dog Matthias, our new Defence Secretary is progressive in dealing with nations abroad, but he won't hesitate to end the lives of people who want to throw out the glorious Trump administration! Open your hearts leftypol to the new glorious god emperor! For he LOVES YOU! Rise up children of the Republic and do your civic duty to support our new president for the glory of our great Nation!

It's like you didn't even read the first part of the bill of rights.

Who is we? If it brings the destruction of western civilization, then lets further it. Then, we further the destruction of all other forms of civilization, until there is no civilization.

we should join them and go for accelerationism.

everyone will come around once all of the minorities are gone. the people will see how much they miss them.

Also we should get rid of welfare so all the CIS white male scum starve!

Tell me more about this fascia.

Bait bait bait


Watch that idealism. The post-industrial economy is very much a reflection of material conditions–specifically profit margins. Industrialists make a shitton of money (albeit progressively less), but they make less than the people who move capital itself. The capitalists in the economic center have discovered that they make far more by playing with money than they do by actually hiring workers to make things. That is why the economic center of the global capitalist system has become post-industrial.

Take, for example, General Electric. Now, one might think by their name that they are in the business of producing electricity, and indeed that used to be the case. That, however, is not how they currently make most of their profits. What they do now is move capital, and they are far from alone.

That is why GE and other corporations are able to manipulate the state as they do. That is why those politicians that you blame pursue the policies that they do. Never forget who owns who in the relationship between business and government.

The only part that isn't bait is the acclerationism part and once brown people are gone they'll miss certain foods or products

You can support them in word alone, but a communist state has proven to be incredibly oppressive when it comes to free speach, freedom of religion, and freedom in general!

The Communist Chinese, butcher millions of fong gong practitioners a year to fund their crazy organ transplant and harvesting hospitals! Simply for holding a religion diffferent from the masses!

What are you talking about?

it's an aut-right meme that people only want minorities in "white" countries because of ethnic food

t. Nazi

Why do they come up with the stupidest notions?


take your meds

The accelerationist idea is that we promote identitarianism, we make the populace aware of crime, we make the people aware of their oppresion at the hands of corporations and give them no solution, and we make life a living hell for anyone who wants to live without hassle in this disgusting society, so that everyone is so divided that society can not stand, so that all hate eachother so much that society falls into a great catastrophic depression due to a total lack of trust.

Governments fall, emperors die, warlords rise and destroy the fields, and tribes start to form. The original society is brought back, back from the current society. There will be much pain, but there will be happiness for those that survive it.

He has good intentions. He just needs to take the red pill.

I prefer the one where we summon the ay lmaos.

I'm gonna need a crowbar to unpack that loaded question.

A beautiful Roman symbol that expresses the power of the Republic in one great faggot of axes!

The golden fascia in the congress assembly will hang for the next 1000 years under the new American Empire! Donald Trump will one day ascend to the right side of the almighty George Washington to purge reds and redcoats in the afterlife!

Open your eyes to the light that is Donald J Trump and the future of the Republican Party! The filthy Globalist Soros would have him unpopular and forgotten in time, but we must not fall for the progressive lies! We must resist the Globalists over the next 8 years and kill the demonic Soros and his web of lies! The unsleeping eyes of Donald Trump are not enough to watch over this country!

Aliens as they are commonly depicted are the future for man. Large eyes to better see screens flickering in the dark, a weak, almost muscleless form, skin grey from sickness, everything about them is unnatural, and if the industrialtechnological system doesn't collapse soon, we'll become them.

George Soros will be killed one day, and the CIA will be brought to the justice of the Republic for selling illicit substances in the inner cities to keep the negro down instead of deporting him to his home in Liberia!

But user, that's a fasces.
Why do you presume that socialism must restrict any rights but private (not personal) property?

Perhaps if you had self restraint and discipline you would be able to pass on some larger muscles and higher testosterone to your children!

I question your image. Isn't the point of Not Socialism that everything is racial conflict, and that superior races must seize land from inferior races?

Why do you care? He's just pushing his liberal causes for fun while he sits on his gorillion capitalismbux.

But that's how they fund right wing death squads.

kek, meth-heads btfo

I assume socialism to be the work of greedy men selling lies! The common man is perfectly capable of siezing his destiny on his own! He is human. All he must do is strive to achieve his full potential through any hardship ahead of him. If he seeks a better life he can make sacrifices to give his children more money upon his death than he had at their age and climb the social ladder. To do so he must compete in a rat race that by forcing people to work harder and harder towards a goal, pushes our civilization to greater hieghts!

You'll never defeat rightism, because open borders just allows ethnocentric nonwhites to poor-in, and you'll be too outnumbered to change their views.

That's not how the passage of genes work. Evolution isn't the most efficient path, but the least taxing. Ancient man is thought to have had a higher average Autism Level than modern man, he may have been stronger too. He needed this so that he could survive for longer than his squat, bow-legged ancestors. At some point such things weren't needed anymore for merely surviving and passing on offspring. Man once needed wisdom teeth and sharper canines to eat a large part of his diet, but now such traits have disappeared. What other traits shall disappear?

That's the aim of communism.

But they'll still be oppressed wage slaves, unless they become capitalists, in which case they'll be exploiters.

Who wants open borders?

That's pretty funny. It by no means implies intelligence though, as modern man can be more knowledgeable about some topics than ancient man.

we were outnumbered before any "external" forces
it is not that one needs to change views but rather change the conditions whereupon such views are irrelevant
and capitalism is the one who wants open-borders, cheap labour and all that

Communism is an insult to the common man by telling him he is unable to compete in a race against all the other men. I'm not going to surrender my wealth to another person, no matter how little or much I have. I will spend my capital as I choose and happily work 72 hours a week (yeah naw I work 40 as a salesman). I'd do lots of things for free if I could but they insist on paying me even though I simply want to see others succeed.
You don't need a government that promises to help you, you need to join in the chase! Fuck your revolution, the system is perfect. People who are unable to utilize themselves are unfit for society in the first place. Thank capitalism they will not be shot.

This is what one user posted earlier:

You're surrendering the product of your labor to your boss every time you work. Capitalists live on your surplus.

Socialism isn't about welfare. It is about workers owning the means of production.

If 'the system' is perfect then why does it keep producing undesirables you feel the need to purge? One grows tired of the stale competition that only moldens the rest, that slimy cover which we are forced to feel proud for yet serves only itself. And then we follow with the insults, that really, deep down, you're a normal guy, who wants to help others do good, but only insofar as they can satisfy your vying eyes. Really, you just bring shame to us, not supremacy, and you would oppress your own people in a moment if only to satisfy the fantasy of control. Sad, sad…

Kill all fascists. There are a lot to go through.

I'm trading my work for capital. I believe the trade is fair.

Every system produces some waste. While some waste can be refined, I'm not going to expect every impurity to rise to the top. Undesirables are still free men, still Americans. If they have the desire for greatness then they must pursue that greatness, if they don't it is their choice to make. Humans are not cogs in a machine. They make choices, some good, others bad.

Do you love your country son? Do you love your mom, dad, apple pie? Then you should support it with all of your heart. There is no starfleet coming to save you, we're not going to fly off into space without pursuing something that we can bring back home to trade. We've got shit to sell and the whole universe has a price tag on it!

I don't know, the same way we survived (not really) the even worse porky puppet butcher of the Middle East and working class in Obama.

There are no choices to be made. They have all been seized up by morons like you who would make a farce of freedom for the sake of some sadistic game, a place saved only for whichever of your victims seems the weakest, then to give them that hope of freedom as to swipe it away in an instant. No choices, but a spiral going one direction. Nothing but a vector. The illusion culminates only afterwards, when you look back and ask 'why me?' and 'how for?' When you look back and see the forks in the lightning. To do something differently is only speculation, a different you with a different set of questions.

No system is entitled to its continuing existence. It either earns it or coerces it. Capitalism is an example of the latter.

Also, will you liberals please stfu about your precious ambitions and glory? We want to be left alone to do as we please, not have Christian Fascists up in our action all the time. Why shouldn't you have your wrist broken for sticking your hands in others' pants? Answer this question directly or gtfo.

TBH I don't understand what you're trying to say other than it's my fault you don't think ahead or understand how to prepare for a shit situation. Look at yourself and examine what the best thing you can do going forward is instead of complaining about everyone else as the source of your problems. The system is everyone else. You could be so great, just incredible if you can beat all the other fuckers at the game.

Lets see

I dislike America

My Parents are ok

I hate apple pie its gross

Why should I support it? Just because I live here? Thats pretty spooky.

Just let me into your pants, im going to grab your dick and sell your semen.

Because it is the homeland! Its where you live! And we're going to make it greater than it ever was before!


You just aren't aggressive enough, that's such a shame. Maybe you could open a knitting company.

You think I'm the one complaining about everyone else? You think I'm the one autistically raving about purging undesirables? Please stop projecting, you naive child. You deserve every bit of the critique I gave you, because of how starry-eyed and mawkish you sound. You are not special for this. This isn't a 'source' of my problems. No. You are just as stupid as everyone else.

You're such a fucking boot licker.
Are you consciously aping Trump's speech patterns?


I'm not just an idiot, I'm an optimist and a registered Republican. If you do overthrow the capitalist system, it'll just be the same viscious competitive people in a different enviornment. They'll probably continue to capitulate unless you threaten them.

I do not pretend to know the future, only what is certain, and that is death. Your optimism deludes you into thinking it for a science on your side, into thinking you can foretell what comes after the capitalist era. But you only tell lies to make others fear you and to make yourself feel more complacent in your doomed position.

The workers will receive the product of their labor, and they will be managing their own workplaces.

And the competition will be constructive rather than destructive.

I look forward to dying as that means my kids will get all my shit my death will improve their lives a bit. It'll also mean an end to dealing with commies.

Yes, your death will improve many lives, person.

You can manage and start your own business if you want.

Le book maymay.

No just people in my will.

Whatever you have to tell your soul to comfort it in the afterlife, my dude.


My name is user thank you. I hope things get better for you and you figure those problems in your life out.

His chilluns are getting the most important gift of all: Darwinian hell and pride in their fatherland.

Nice cult of irrational thinking you got there

I hope it's a good one.

Thank you!


I bet you're wonderful personality gets you to all sorts of fun places. You need to fix that attitude it's not gonna serve you well with consumers and associates.

Kys tbh fam

Mein gott!


My favorite sex position is wow. Where I turn your mom over after she starts a right wing movement in my pants.

Now let's talk about Jesus!

You don't.

Fuck Jesus


If I could I would personally dig the ditch in the gulag to toss your corpse in you fucking kulak.

ow fugg :0000

Jesus = KeK + Kelly Ann Conway-(neocons/alt Right)

Praise him!

Have some respect, Jesus was the first socialist.

You mean his accelerationism?

Then Rise up for the group that love him the most! Rise up my republican brothers and sisters, for we will show them the power of Trump Donald!


until he tried to exterminate the slavs in a fit of autistic rage…

its funny because most slavs in the 40s fucking despised the bolsheviks, they were brutal cunts, if hitler hadnt been such a raging sperg he would have done the american thing of divide and conquer and probably could have rolled into russian territory in 10-20 years as a "liberator", only to slowkill them then

Reagan knew fuck-all about anything.

Yeah, you are a faggot. Of axes, maybe…


He knew commies were bad news.

lol, you really have no where where you are, do you ;^)

They're weak babies, user. This has been proved countless times and their insecurity in their own sexuality by constantly using "cuck" as an insult has shown that about them forever.

this meme will just be the best if it continues, who will punch him next i wonder


Was worth it to sabotage the Chilean economy under Allende and install a detector after that?

Well if the trend continues: next will be a trans woman, then a small Mexican child, then a black baby will be the thing that finally does him in.

You wont. But ill thrive :)


We can't, we are too atleast in the publics mind interwined with total SJW dumbasses that are literally gonna keep pushing dumb shit and dividing us till Donald is elected god emperor.

Don't blame me for telling the truth guize.

has to be a troll

Let's be real about their chances.

If we grossly inflate their numbers and say there's 1 Million of them they're still less than 1/300th of the population of the US.

Consider that non-Hispanic whites are about 66% of the US population (and falling fast), and that it's doubtful that even 5% of the remaining 34% would accept a neonazi that literally wants them dead or gone. Right off the bat 30% of the population is unavailable to them.

The alt-right is also overwhelmingly male, and have serious difficulty convincing women to accept their mysognistic worldview. Even the comparatively liberal Trump couldn't clinch a full 50% of white women. That excludes half the white population and 65% of the total population.

Even if this impossibly optimistic estimate is right and every white male in the US goes full fash they aren't even close to the majority. They can't win democratically and realistically can't garner enough support for a revolution.

And while they go on about muh Overton Window they fail to realize that they can't normalize beliefs that lose them the support of huge demographics and that they'll be crushed by the opposition.


Yes please, create infighting in your nation. Hopefully a civil war will erupt. You're doing gods work, keep it up.


what the fuck am i reading

Did i tell you about the time I sucked a million cocks at once? Aaah, good times.

Has the collective Autism Level of leftypol just taken a straight nose dive in the past few weeks or something? Are their just a fuck ton of new fags, is this cointelpro? I have to assume so with the rise of dumb ass fucking threads like this, the stickying of unnecessary threads and the sharp rise in Marxist threads (that look a whole lot like they're from fucking reddit) leads me to believe that the influx of reddit and new fags who clearly on an entry level are significantly dumbing down the the level of discourse here.

LMAO look at this cucklord trying to bring facts into this

Good initiative Jim! Have a 2 cent raise!

It was a label hurled on trump supporters to weaken them during the election, and only persists because the term fits when talking about people who aren't on board with neocons or their controlled opposition agenda. The truth is a revolution is unnescessary if you can sell your point of view, or at least part of it to gain support in a democracy.

The core of the movement is centered on "race realism", white identity, and "traditional" western values, no? I've seen people like Milo Yiannapalooza and sites like Breitbart described as the alt-lite by the more diehard members of the movement

I'm not talking about your average Trump supporter here. They don't concern me so much - the pendulum swings constantly. Republicans survived FDR and Obama, Democrats survived Reagan and Bush. The world moves slowly and inexorably leftward in the grand scheme of things.

The rise of this new group of literal racist sexist nazi-wannabes is concerning, but ultimately their efforts will amount to nothing. They'll be left bitter and increasingly impotent within the decade.

Why even bother trying libtards? We're winning so much we're getting tired of it


This isn't a problem for Holla Forums. They love their White Job Creators who Create Jobs for good, upstanding White Men who want to work for their Nation.

So Alex isn't just a front for Ted turner, he's also a Koch puppet as well?

Stop being pussies, lift and learn to logic better. The average autism level thread on here is pathetic, half the posters can't come even close to debunking Holla Forumslacks arguments



Look at the kind of people who tell you to lift, lads


If the globalist warmongering elite were fully white, Holla Forums would have no problems with them. In fact, they'd be defending them vehemently.

The bottom line is Holla Forums doesn't really want change, as long as whites are in charge. Even if it destroys the world.

Well half of the people here at this point are redditors who, after being forced out of their homeland by the logical conclusions of their own retarded bullshit, want us to all start thinking like them.

the alt right is not the same thing as the people who lift and tell you to lift, false equivalency

redditors are barely sentient, they must also heed my words and lift; learn to argue properly, not be faggots. Holla Forums is anti-intellectual, is very easy to BTFO if you aren't a smug faggot who is allergic to logic and aggressively refuting idiots

This is a hilarious lie being told here, the Nazis spent years documenting and propagandizing their racial science and hateful rhetoric about other races. It was always an anti-other-races ideology.

I sort of agree with Reagan here. Government is the only thing keeping the capitalist corporate welfare parasites alive.