What does leftypol think about cops? Should there be police in a post-revolution society?If so...

What does leftypol think about cops? Should there be police in a post-revolution society?If so, how much power should they have?

There should be both a police and a secret police to root out the enemies of the revolution.

In a socialist society police would be made up of people's militias under community guidance and ideally they would be easily replaced/highly accountable

Of course, there just needs to be a lot more accountability and standards for who can be one.

No person should have power another. Are we just going to repeat the same mistakes over and over again?

Unless someone does something to hurt others, in which case the anarkiddie solution is either do nothing or roving mob death squads :^)

I hear Somalia is lovely this time of year.

Anarchists who don't understand we need a state first to work towards a stateless society annoy me to no end.

Somalia is not some place where those raving tribal subhumans kill each other. It's very much tapped into global capitalism, from which warlords are funded to the regulation and distribution of resources. Somalia is literally ancapistan, not ancomistan.

Yea, because that's totally the kind of society anarchists are proposing

I think there will be a role for investigators/detectives to handle crimes that I'm not sure socialism will solve like crimes of passion. People trained in conflict resolution and deescalation could take over the role of your regular beat cop.

Is he even really an anarchist? If so, he should express himself in a more intelligent way than just saying "anyone being in charge is bad :CCC"

I don't know, I was just making a point

You know I used to be a thief. A good one.
If I broke into your house and stole all of your shit, who would you go to?
If I broke in while you were there and proceeded to shoot and kill you, where would your relatives go to assist in finding me?
If I broke in while you were away and I decided to steal your partners asshole, who would they go to in order to get me taken off the streets?

Now think hard before you reply. Really think about it. Do you need police?

There shouldn't be a post-revolutionary society.


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There will always be cases of violence, but thievery would be completely pointless in a post-property society.

Eh, we're all anonymous for a reason.
Post coordinates of a police station or some such thing.

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Kinda unrelated but can you recommend any text on how the soviet militsiya worked? can't find anything in english.

Yeah this guys retarded, that's like the definition of the division between Marxism and Anarchism

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How would complicated rapes, murders, frauds and criminal enterprises be investigated competently? You understand that it takes years of study to become specialised in forensics. Also the field of criminal investigation is a highly specialised field where operational experience is paramount.

A 'highly replaceable' citizens millitia type police force would not be capable of solving anything more complicated than a shop lifting or a street fight. Would you be comfortable with your local service station attendant who does voluntary police work on weekends investigating a rape? Let alone investigating something like the recent terror attacks in Europe.

Since local police exist solely to enforce class order and protect property, and since socialists do not need to prove anything to some spook, I'm not sure what your point is. Psychopaths get pushed off the ice just like the Inuit did. The particulars of the crime are irrelevant outside of a desperate propertarian accounting.

The point I'm making is a specialised professional police force would be preferable under socialism.

I don't understand your point, something about spooks, propertarianism and chucking people in ice….

Organized violence carried out by the state serves the purpose of the state. Police protect the status quo, wither it be capitalist or "socialist". How did you think bureaucracy took such a hold in socialist countries?

Fuck the police. I despise each and every one of them.

What are police like in Europe/western countries that aren't Merica?

In America I cant think of a single situation in my life where the police weren't a source of fear rather than comfort. I can imagine what it it like to be black but I know statistically it's even worse for them.

I like the idea of police in theory, people who quantitatively go out and solve crimes and generally help the community feel safer, but that isn't really what they're here for.

The point you're making flies in the face of who created professional police forces, what interests they sought to protect, and how other legitimate community interests fare when police strike (hint: much better, thank you). Exactly what about paramilitary infiltration is something we should want, by whose "should", and to whose interest?

The point about pushing people off the ice is that societies discipline themselves just fine when imagined debts to spooks don't drive everyone batty. I prefer sheriffs, who are decidedly not "professional police" in the sense I take it, or at least shouldn't be. Professionalism is bourgeois and nobody wants or needs that shit.

they're an unfortunate necessity in an unequal and often volatile society. Without economic disparity and socio-economic classes and sexual castes there would be no need for police officers

in general most cops are pleasant enough especially off duty or when they are on your side during an incident. the problem is where your safety/freedom and their job come into conflict. too often they err on the side of caution and use their badge as an excuse to violate individual's organism' and freedoms. this is a systematic problem and should not be blamed on individual police. anyone who targets police officers but not the system is a fucking moron who deserves to get shot by cops. cops are proles who have been mentally manipulated into holding down their fellow proles for porky. in a free society they would be allowed to pursue fulfilling vocations and uses of time instead of the high stress, low reward job of chasing drug dealers and arresting the homeless. that is my nuanced take on LEO's (police at least, we didn't discuss drug cops or international policing)

Removal of the state and it's institutions just makes room for the creation of a new state with a lawless gap in the middle.

Why would you remove cops when they can instead be used to enforce policy and ideals?

Honestly, no system has inherent value. The strength of a system comes from the ability to enforce it and removing a police force simply means weakening the system.

Arm the people, seize the state, and use the police as a tool of good.

Because that's what a police force is at the end of the day: a tool that derives it's morality from the one(s) holding it.