Yfw if the wall is created and an import tax is slaps on mexico mexico will be furious

Only a matter of time.

dumb larper


shut up

Tariffs are great for counter economics.

In what universe will Trump not declare war on them if they do that?

talk about starting a revolution


congress is going to 110% allow that war….

Makes you think, trump can also do what lincoln did and just call it a minor conflict

Isn't the South-Western USA full of Hispanics?

Push for a socialist republic there while Trump is in office


Doesn't help that it used to be North Mexico.

Don't forget CalExit 2019

That's not happening ffs

Fuck, you best tell California then. I'm sure they'll be thrilled to hear from the renowned minds of the "wew no rules" flagposters.


I live in california. Caleavefornia is not happening.
any attempt at Califrexit will be shot down either with federal laws or federal bullets and missiles

right?It's like one of the 3 largest states in the union economically,population wise ans size

Imperialists get out!


Please see item 23

This is pretty much why I think it could happen.

If you think results are going to be the same after two years of Trump and Putinbux, you're dense.

really makes you think

You know that if they started a trade war the US wouldn't fair so well either

If you think you can accurately predict what 39 million people want two years in the future and that their current opinion has no bearing, your dense

Polls are for kiddos, kiddo.

That's the plan user

American porkies won't do so well. Americans are already having a shit time so it couldn't get much worse.

This, Trump is the real idpol candidate because he is using the immigrants to blame them for all the problems out there, from violence, crime to economy.

When that happens you can be sure he ll say "evil mexicans did it, not my fault"

Just imposing tariffs on natural gas and oil to the US and importing it from Venezuela would cause the US a massive shock, Mexico imports more than 8 billion cubic meters of natural gas and 2/3s of its gasopine from the US

meant 4 billions per day


Left me pretentious flag on.

That would be the narrative, sure.
The difference is people don't buy the narrative anymore. You would need an even bigger 9/11 to make it work.