Right wing narrative

Jeez, it's almost like they have a narrative.

Jews have no allegiance. Their only desire is the domination of the white man.

Just because you deluded little LARPers can't see this doesn't mean we can't.

those feels surely put the hurt on my reals

If only you knew

admittedly, soros is a capitalist who only seeks his own profit. Even about the refugee crisis, he sees them as an opportunity to increase the Wealth, rather than the Humanitarian facade we know.

Might is right

neither do the white elites.
you think white capitalists care about the survival of our nations over their own personal profits?


Silly commie, they're not real whites. True whites care for whites!

Their obsession with people like Soros is startling

It's like they can't comprehend the world unless there's some grand puppet-master implementing his dastardly schemes.

I want to liquidate the White capitalists as much I want to liquidate the Jews, but Holla Forums has this hard-on against le ebil racism.

I just want the Muslims out, the Arabs out, the Blacks out, the Mestizos out… and then we could nationalize industry, kick out the CEOs, end renting and wage slavery, and run companies democratically instead of as the cleptocracies as which they are run now.

Plus what most of the Right refuses to admit is his plan for full capitalism which would look something like in the webm
If you are a nationalist you can't be a capitalist, the two can not coexist.

It makes it easier for them to say anyone who disagrees with them is a agent of Soros/Sauron

Confirmed for having not a fucking clue about what is a capitalist

I'd rather be ruled by Jews than Nazis.

And we just want you fascist scum to get curbstomped because you always work for porky's interests

You are, my friend.

And how are you going to make that happen?

The world is run by demon worshipers and zionist who are trying to enslave and kill everyone, even the jews

Wouldn't you like to know? Nice try, Mohammad.

what movie is rhe webm from?

No idea

That's right, you're not gonna do shit. Just keep shitposting from your moms basement.

Hitler loved Islam


I know how you feel, I hope mister ?bill? rises up and kills the demon worshiping capitalist

I like Islam as well. It's violent, expansionist, and distrustful of outsiders.

My only problem is that it's being practiced by my enemies.

Don't worry fams I got you. It's Network.

Dude, I want to have Islam turn a new leaf but not for the reasons you want

Thanks man

Dude, orcs, lmao