I just want you to focus on this Holla Forums artifact for a second, just for a thing

I just want you to focus on this Holla Forums artifact for a second, just for a thing

Would Holla Forumstards have a mental breakdown if they knew in all history classes in the world they are going to teach marxism? Is it a jewish scheme?

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Lmfao I love how Holla Forums makes these screencaps in a way that hypes things up to be a ominous conspiracy theory. He's a leftist that made a video game. If you asked him his political orientation, I doubt he'd even be secretive about it.

Top kek

Why do right-wingers treat Marxism like it's some kind of demonic corruption. Like, if you're even in close proximity to Marxist thought, it sort of "possesses" you and you become a Marxist, which then apparently makes you do all they things they don't like.

Also, the irony of this is that most of the shit they're complaining about is due to capitalism. Women warriors and black American soldiers wielding Mausers were all the result of marketing. All decisions by major game developers are made based on what they think will help them generate the most profit, and they think a more diverse cast will help appeal to more potential buyers, bringing in more revenue.

Modern academic Marxism appears to be mostly Gramsci-derived idpol bullshit in my experience.

fuckin pussies can't dislike anything without connecting it to their boogeyman.

I so fucking wish this was true, that the upper class funds communist agendas


What's wrong with Gramsci? i know liberals love him

You'd think after all this time Holla Forums would open Marx's fucking book about capital and see what it says.

This had better mean we get DLC relating to the Russian Revolution that isn't garbage. Bitch better have muh Makhno.

EA is lazy and uses neoliberal idpol as a shield for it's own terrible business practices. I remember when Holla Forums used to know stuff like this.

Yes. These ahistorical liberal platitudes bring communism nearer and nearer. If the Bedouin woman was trans and wielded a lightsaber the revolution would come tomorrow.


It's too bad the game sucked.

tbh, sometimes it's important that diversity takes priority over realism/authenticity.

Revisionism is the greatest sin of all soc dem. If you want to make a war game with women and minorities just make up your own setting. The World Wars are over done anyway.

The French actually fielded African colonials in Europe though especially from Senegal

Liberals read passages from Gramsci in order to justify their impotent idpol solutions to everything (hurr if just change the superstructure it will transform da base.)

Hello Holla Forums.

But seriously all this type of thing does is strengthen capitalism in a way. Reminds me of Hamilton.

Do tell

im sorry that you are too retarded to realize the french fielded african colonial units as well as black american volunteers. read a book faggot

There is a non-zero chance that the whole ruling class consists of cryptocommunists

About 1/14th of the French forces consisted of Colonials.
It's rather unauthentic to make it that they constitute half of them (as they do in the game), but it is admirable - as the point I was making before stated.

Im glad this thread popped up, user.

I am a Honors student at a Uni, I will be directing an hour seminar on Marxist theory I was the only one in class that know what it is. The person next to me asked "isnt that communism?"… Needless to say I slapped corrected her.

On this subject.. I would like to find a good video on the subject of marxism which would be enlightening to the seemingly uneducated masses which surround me at school… a long one would work just as well as a short one, as I will edit it to just have the highlights and main points.

Any ideas?

How many generations of selective breeding does an overclass get to perform before departing the realm of "nature?"

Elites run a mutualistic (small m) economy on our backs already, for some reason to do with the forced meme of our need for a guiding class serving as cover for right-authoritarianism. p approaches 1

Do you know what mutualism is?

Bad choice of words on my part. I meant something in the vein of a gift economy. Or grift economy.

Honestly, world systems theory is mostly just uncontroversial common sense. It's more like… materialist economic geography… or something like that

There are theoretical ties, but if WST is Marxist then dependency theory is super Marxist and then The hunger games movie is basically communist propaganda… oh my god, Holla Forums was right again!

0 surprise

I still think you're a bit off the edge. I'd like to think I'm talking to Holla Forums.