Lmao, get a manual labour job faggots

lmao, get a manual labour job faggots

maybe then you'll grow out of your shitty leftist ideologies(sent to do hard labour jobs in siberia)

Most of us face the reality of busting your ass to enrich someone else, faggot.

Holla Forums is full of NEETs and high school students

Working on a manual labor job it's exactly what turned me into a leftist you fucking faggot.
Go suck a dick.

lmao, if that didn't help you then kys you genetic dead end

you agreed upon the terms, you goofball lmao

anarcho communists are literally children with no ambition

Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than right wingers saying this.

I'd happily clock anyone who said this to me IRL.

Enriches someone else. You still have to interact with porky.

Because the person who employs you is taking the majority of profits


Stop replying to bait, newfags. You are shitting up the whole board.

the only manual labour that still exists today is called masturbation
and even that is soon being automatized with all these added toys and such

Haha, I rather not you dumb prole, life is better as a bourg exploiting right wing retards like you

This iswhy Marx was wrong about the working class achieving communism, most of the working class is too stupid; see OP

Only an intillengtsia class will achieve it

Stay dumb and exploited, OP

You have no idea how contracting/subcontracting works

I'm not in America

Dumb Yankposter

Wasn't real communism.

Me and the comrades could buy thoses needed things from other producers without some fat fuck sucking the majority of the profit derived from our ue of thoses products.

A worker can do it.

Let's see:
One of those is not actually contributing to the buiding, can you tell which one?

Why would we need Porky to call a fucking delivery service?

I want my share for my work. If i work with others, everyone get their share according to their work and no one is spolied. Everybody wins.

lol enjoy being buttfucked by debt and crawling back like a bitch to being employed.

Any work you do enriches someone else, if you work for yourself you still enrich the government. The bigger the govt the more they want, and will take from you.

Reading trough your posts, you're only spourting memes so far, so let me give you a response to your level.

I don't know what "jojo" is.

I still stand my my point. It wasn't real communism.Marx is spinning in his grave.



When you face the same shit over and over again, you gotta admit this format is quite practical, altough i could use copypastas i guess.

Circular reasoning may be bad science, but that does not mean tautologies aren't true.

The pleasure of doing something out of your hands. The one you get when you finally step back and say "whoa, i made this", the gratification you get when people likewhat you're doing. The simple satisfaction of helping someone.
Just doing something you like.
Cooperation is human nature m8, capitalism is only perverting it.

It's pretty clear, what do you not understand in it?

Can't into reading comprehension do you?
People come with a preconceived idea about what we're on about. We tell them that's not we're about.
Another guy come and spourt the same shit. Repeating ourselves. And again and again. So what are you doing in the end? You save you argument under a certain form so you won't have to type it for the millionth time.
Does not prevent for making supplementary points if the guys is responding to it with something unusual. And that's unrelated to an argument being a circular logic.

Don't make me talk to you like you were a toddler user. That will be villifying for you like for me.

Side effect of repetition. Doesn't make it less true.

something you call X not being X because it fails to meet X's definition
is not a tautology, it's basic language. Or point the tautology and tell me what part of you don't understand?