Pay for a wall so your people will stop coming here

What a fucking dumb ass

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I didn't realize Mexicans could phase through solid concrete.


Yeah that's why people don't go under or might even bomb parts of it




This is a Hoxha tier plan. Will the US go into a recession buying enough concrete for 400,000 bunkers hundreds of miles of concrete wall?

Solid majority of illegal immigration is people overstaying visas. IE, legal-at-the-time-of-entry.

Then you have boats, tunnels, and this brand new technology called ladders.

it's almost like republicans don't know anything about the world


Australia doesn't even share a land border with anyone and we still have people from 2 continents a way getting here.
Unless Trump goes full "muh boats" like Abbott, they will just keep coming.


Look at all of the shit that will get a 20% price hike.



So, Americans will suffer just as much
Nice president guys

What is israel?

What are sensors and border patrol?

Concrete and Rebar.

Only in sanctuary cities which trump will abolish.

We'll be paying for the Wall regardless of the outcome.

Trump has also suggested he's going to do this with other countries, so buy your anime figures and dakimakuras while you still can.


Do anyone really believe a wall is effective against barbarian hordes in the 21st century?

This happend only liberal America. In Trumps America there will be mass deportations

Obama already did that for you

The only difference is that Porky hiring mexicans will have an even greater advantage against them. Enjoy clandestine sweatshops.

The threat of deportation is just used as a sword over the heads of immigrants by their employers. "Don't ask for better (read: minimum) wages or I'll sick the cops on you". This drives down the wages of all workers.

When immigrants are reported for deportation, 99% of the time it's their shitstain boss wanting to send a message to the remaining immigrants.


You realize Israel's border security is over a comparatively small area of land, right? We have an almost 2000 mile border with Mexico–the kind of security (and wall) that would necessitate dwarfs anything Israel does.


Undocumented co-ops are the future

I think it's important to keep in mind what Trump is actually capable of in terms of executive orders. This Intercept piece covers the history of the tool. Here's some snippets:

he didnt

so be it

As it should be


Israel is small country small country = small wall. America is BIG BIG country big country = big wall. Yes dum dum?


How does it feel to be stupid?



I know this hurts guys, but it will all be ok in the end. Just give up.

He didn't build a wall, retard

you're going to pay for a massive boondoggle
you'll see YOUR wallet tighten at the grocery store and at the pump

but hey, it's cool, you got to shitpost on a forum and pretend you won something

Not argument

I will gladly sell my house and pay for that wall just to see mexicans butthurt.


1) Trump currently has no way to build the wall. It's unlikely congress will let him.
2) Even if he did, it's a stupid idea, and you're stupid for thinking otherwise.

As for giving up. What is there to give up on? Capitalism is destroying itself. This is the best.

To all observers: there's a 50% chance of this being a troll, but either way, this is LITERALLY what Holla Forumsacks believe. They're willing to die in a ditch, just because of how massively assmad they are at the mere existence of non-white people.

Trump's ability to defund sanctuary cities is not as robust as you imagine. Again, South Dakota vs Dole, 1987. Look it up.

People who are so eager to wound the Other that they would literally damage their own wellbeing are practically nonhuman apes by this point. They're just an empty vessel for a base retaliatory urge, not a full human being with a rich inner life.

You don't own a house due to being lumpen as fuck. I'm sure Daddy Trump will find a way to fuck you in the ass, though.

The cost of the wall is a small brise to bay for freedom :DDD

maybe this whole time trump has been a secret Keynesian and is trying to kick start massive growth in the US construction industry and lowering unemployment


they're golem creatures

Just like how Obama said he'd end the wars in 2008 and now America isn't at war anymore, right?

Holla Forumsem creatures, you mean? oy vey!

I'm kinda confused how this helps undocumented people. Doesn't this case mean he does have that power?

AFAIK Mexico already owes a fuckton of money to the USA. Like since the times of the revolution when Uncle Sam bailed the unwanted government out of extinction.


Trump is in charge he has behind whole Army of USA who support him if you dont like wall then fuck off to mexico.

Trump will do it. He will defund sanctuary cities.

I dont care what do you think white race is doomed anyway there is no recovering it so we better go with bang and not with whimper.

Daddy Trump can use my anus as much as he wants.

Not exactly:

Trump obviously isn't completely impotent, but his power is being vastly overstated in this case.


The white race is a laughable spook. South Dakota VS Dole, on the other hand, is a thing that happened in real life with the power to affect real-life events.


trips confirm that Holla Forumsacks are spooked beyond recognition.

anuddah shoah is not meme look at Europe. America is 60% white. We are in deep shit son

lol, sound and fury, signifying nothing

More like white suicide tbh.



And how many white sons have you sired to fix this problem?

It's goverment problem and goverment shouldnt replace native people for some shitskins.

None becasue all of the girls are feminists bitches thanks to liberals.

Yup you're definitely a troll. You're not the native people.

it's their fault they don't want to fuck you

Who is native then who build whole America?

All according to plan. Soon the matriarch shall rise to castrate the white man and ensure global, vulvic domination.

Yeah I'm gonna have to think long and hard on this dilemma.

It's not their fault but i wont fuck some girl who is so selfabsorbed and think that she is god just becasue she has pussy.


fem world dom when plz? I need to know if living is even worth it without a femdom gf who beats me ;_;


Your femdom gf will beat you lovingly and softly

This is why Holla Forums will never be a good board desu.

that is the most autistic thing I've ever heard

Not an argument

You are autist

read Hume and wake up from your dogmatic slumber, Holla Forums


God Holla Forumsyps really put "feels > reals" into motion

no one cares about your ghost story nigger


"Too late for that" isn't "feels > reals"
Hmm I wonder who could be behind this post

it's almost like republicans don't know anything about the world

The fascist state under Trump will create jobs. Many jobs. All kinds of jobs. You'll be sick of all the jobs that will be created.

Just think of it. Hundreds of thousands of jobs to build the wall. Thousands more jobs in building sensor infrastructure to detect immigrants trying to tunnel under the wall. Thousands more jobs as a citizens' deportation police, call it the Lions' Guard, searching for illegal nonwhites. Thousands more jobs as guards, stationed all along the wall. Thousands more jobs in arms production to gun down Mexicans trying to tunnel under the wall. All paid for by import tariffs and printing money (which Trump realizes he can do).

Not really. Those jobs already exist. This is assuming the wall gets built (it won't). This doesn't solve the problem of these jobs being temporary. Wall construction won't last forever.
Most of these machines are imported. This won't create any jobs.
We have ICE, and no, you won't get to join because you're physically unfit and are fucking retarded.
We have that as well. You also fail to realize that this just keeps adding to the debt if it works as you want it to. Or do you think Mexico is going to keep paying in perpetuity?
We have all the weapons we'll ever need and more. We don't need to buy more.
So he'll pay for it by fucking the economy? Gee, why didn't anyone else think of that. I'm going to go and tell Argentina how to solve all their problems.

Have you ever heard of these two things

1) fraud
2) cars that actually carry people in them
3) tunnels
4) Managing a privately chartered plane

All of which are far more common methods of illegal immigration than straight fucking hopping the border, and building a wall is retarded as fuck because you just deport.

Really what does a wall solve

It's so useless they might as well phase through it.

What the hell? I thought asians were supposed to be good at math…

Proof that the alt-right is just the political equivalent of the school shooter mentality

I started with two, than I remembered there's more to list probably, and forgot to change it to four

This is your bias speaking. All signs suggest that it will be built.

I'm not saying that these things are actually good. It is just what I think likely to happen. Basically, Trump will probably in fact attempt to "fix" unemployment through even more massive military spending, which will probably fuck the economy up. I mean, he froze federal hiring in everything but the military, and has said that he can't default because he can print money.


Don't be too hard on her. It's hard to see with those slant eyes.

A wall will be built half way than they'll realize that building an entire fucking wall across the entire southern boarder is a waste of time, money, resources, and effort.

do you know how fucking stupidly large that would be.

It'll start off a wall, merge into a fence, then once the scale of the project is realized it will melt down into an indefinite placeholder.

I don't see congress moving to build that wall. Which congressman wants to be the fucking idiot that voted to raise taxes and fuck the economy? Only Trump and his supporters think this is a good idea.

No problem, just print money!
t. Donald Trump

yeah i'm sure that won't have massive negative repercussions on their economy and increase the underlying motivation to migrate north :^)

Paul Ryan and McConnell are already saying they will approve funds for it. Yes, it's a bad idea but it's going to happen.

A portion is going to be built, the rest will be placeholder. There is no possible way to make a wall that stretches from one coast to the other, in just a matter of four years, that is fucking stupid as shit. There is so much bureaucratic red tape and logistical issues and every possible issue to such a stupid pointless idea that I'm certain that they see this and are just building a portion to boost morale to say they did a part of it, and a pathetic attempt to "create jobs".

The border wall is going to be remembered like the Salton Sea.

you can go back to your spooked board anytime faggot

They aren't the only two that this depends on.

You sound like an angry liberal in denial. It's just a wall, of course it can be built.

We need a Burger politics thread back.

Don't talk to anfem like that.

What would I be in denial about

There is no actual way a project of this scale can get greenlit, start production, and get constructed all in a scale of less than four years, you would need eight.

You underestimate the United States' ability to never fucking get shit done.

If they managed highway construction for over a decade I am highly fucking dubious they'll manage a god damn coast to coast spanning wall in less than 3

you should care. Racial differences between population will cause distrusts and are easily divided.

The cool thing about communism is that it isn't based on trust. Trust is what you do when you vote for porky and then expect him to act in your interests.

The wall will fix that I'm sure

what he said hoochie minh is like the only alright tripfag,maybe catgrill as well

I said you sound like a liberal because they always go on about things like red tape and costs like it makes any political action impossible when in reality with enough popular support you can build pretty much anything

Nah just the NEET males are

I'm sorry but I'm afraid a coast spanning wall is in fact, not political action, but from the mind of someone who is as good at real estate as they are in feasible construction projects .

All tripfags deserve to be shot

Communism failed

The wall is just begining

How did something that was never implemented fail?

What the fuck, you think building a giant gate from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 3 years is improbable? Some kind of fucking liberal……have faith in our president…….

You're right, building a wall is far easirer

Are you telling me Communism in Eastern europe and Russia was fake communism.

If your social darwinist societal model is terrible traffic from construction of a useless unfinished mound of ugly grey concrete in construction through multiple administrations

I think I'll pass and actually trust the genocidal ones to get things done.

What do you plan on constructing this wall out of to finish it from coast to coast in 3 years time? Adobe brick?

I'm saying you don't know what communism is so you think there is such thing as a "communist country." You're a retard. And no, that wasn't communism. Go ahead and tell me what you think communism is.

I dont understand even a single word from you son. Write like human and not like retard please.


I'm telling you that you have never been in construction traffic and you really are a stupid, simple boy

Ignore posts this low level.we have a fucking pinned Q&A thread that hashes shit like this out

I'll refer you to the second graph in the second pic here:

As you can see, racial division won't be an issue when the majority is mixed.

It's actually pretty embarrassing to see that America needs to be completely mixed before overcoming race obsession and reaching class consciousness.

Oh well, it's the future YOU chose, since this worker migration is directly caused by capitalism and it's insatiable need for bigger profits and cheaper wages.

I don't know I'm not Trump but he's got the popular support and soon he will have the money as well. Naysayers said he wouldn't become president and now they are saying he won't build the wall, I think there is a good chance he will prove them wrong once again.

So you are saying real communism wasnt real and communism in eastern europe and russia was what kind of communims? The fake one or the real one? Because to me it looks like communism will never come back after the fake one failed.

So what if i wasnt in construction traffic what difference does it make?

We have a logistical architectural political genius

Tell me more, how do you accomplish this in such a short span of time? This is an unprecedented project, a concrete wall spanning coast to coast

Surely, you must have more to iron it through so fast and easy then, "walls are simple", no?

Read the FAQ, fag. It's clear you're fucking ignorant.

Even if america will be mixed there will still be major differences. It wont be all brown mush like you imagine genetic dont work like this. And if you wish to be America like this then get the fuck out this instan.

I'm going to spray paint a bunch of dicks on the thing for wasting my time building up traffic

if Holla Forums is so useful because its white why don't they have use to anyone

I wont read any FAQ communist lost and it will never come back. Real or fake communism who cares it was shit ideology based on shit principles.

As you wish

What do you mean

I'm not asking for your permission or your opinion. It's inevitable and it's a consequence of Capitalism.
White people ain't worth all that money, simple as that.

So why should anyone talk to you? You're just shitposting at this point.

White people made capitalism so they are worth all the money in the world

I was just telling you communism is shit you dont need to talk to me.

Nope, anchor babies are next after the wall.

Think of all the jobs it's going to create though fam

That's my prediction.

I mean Holla Forums does not meet the standard they set for "success" of any sort and likely in their infantile dream world they would be first to be turned into oil grease.

how come? Do you have any historic fact to support your claim or theory?


Agreed, I miss that thread. Was nice for just a random smattering of news and shit


You're NEETs and don't get up to higher education let's be serious. Stop playing dumb.

That's laughable. But you don't have to convince me, you should try convincing all the companies that use migrant labour. Go on, try.

Yup this

A sovereign issuer of currency can never go bankrupt. Moldbug goldbug Holla Forumsbug bedbugs back to your cage.

Just kill yourself, bourgie.


not argument

That's pretty stupid even neets can be trained educated or helpful in many ways.

Who owns those companies? White people

Not argument

not even once

According to a US Fish and Wildlife Service provisional report released last year, a Trump wall covering the entire 2,000-mile border, with approximately 1,000 feet of developed space on either side,would potentially impact 111 endangered species, 108 species of migratory birds, four wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries, and an unknown number of protected wetlands. All in all, possibly resulting in the extinction of multiple critically endangered southern fauna.

So much for sustaining the beautiful American preserve lmao

Drape it all in a hideous upkeep heavy concrete moat that doesn't do anything to curb illegal immigration

Yeah, and for decades they've been willing to import tons of Mexicans to work cheaper for them. Just like I said:
white people ain't worth all that money


If Holla Forums wanted to be helpful at this point, to others and themselves, they'd just shut up and move on with the fantasy

Absolutely cannot wait lads

Fuck life though, it offends the rich dentists

Lmao americlaps

No shit. That's the problem. Fascists are going to start looking awfully good to workers if they can generate as many military jobs as they want through money printing with no risk of default since it is the fucking US doing the printing.

anchor babies and anyone else born on American soil

great job conservacucks

I keep trying to explain this to Holla Forums, but it's already too late to reverse the demographic tide short of stripping groups of citizens of their citizenship or balkanizing the country
Whites are already a minority status in births back in like 2008

hilariously enough, the company getting contracted to work on it is probably going to be an Israeli company


Debt is expected to skyrocket due to reduced taxes

When can we expect your paper, professor?

Why is America the only country that isn't allowed to put tariffs on anyone?


Who needs protective tariffs when you write protectionism in to your trade deals?

The biggest Keynesian program is actually right under our noses and we never realized it. The Department of Defense is the single largest employer in the US.

Capitalism isn't about merit, it's about possession.
It doesn't matter if you made Capitalism, other races (Asians) are much better at it than you.

Now you're thinking like a fascist.

A sovereign issuer of currency can go bankrupt if their debt is denominated in a foreign currency.

This doesn't apply to the US, obv.

we aint gonna pay for shit.

Chinga a tu puta madre Trump.

por un Mundo sin Banderas y sin Fronteras!

I don't think the same numbers are possible on boats and through tunnels. Especially with the state now intensifying guarding of the borders. Nobody thinks they will all be kept out, but to pretend they can come in the same hordes that they could have by just walking across some arid land sounds like wishful thinking on your part.

And that's how WWIII began


Odd how the government has bottomless pockets for the wall but none for education
Schrödinger's Budget

You dont believe that bullshit do you?

Government spends a fortune on education. How much more do you want them to throw away on a failed capitalist system?


Tell me more about how throwing money at a problem fixes everything

Rly maks u thin

So how much more money should the US spend and how exactly should it be used?

How often do you ask stupidly broad questions on a Kazakh Quilting site and walk away feeling like you won when no one wants to type a response for 3 hours
I was saying the main flaw was Obama just handed the schools money without any supervision and expected problems to solve themselves

Are you discounting Mexican ingenuity?
Chapo Guzman "phased through concrete" (escaped a friggin prison, arguably a tougher feet than going around a wall) twice already.

I don't care about having an argument or expect you to type out a detailed response. Just pointing out how juvenile and emotion based your criticism of government policy is. You're no different from the average Trump voter.

is this at trick question?
I dont think there is a way to accurately draw a line and say "Spending must be at this level" for anything

Maybe it is not a question of spending. Money doesnt make people smart. Money doesnt make schools perform better. Money doesnt fix most problems

The mere fact the you think this means you need to go back and rethink your presuppositions

Describes every conversation about government spending really

Well, when your bourg you expect your money to fix everything for you

A substantial portion of illegal immigrants come in through airports and just let their visas expire without leaving. And drug dealers were flying Cessnas in the '80s - though I guess we're talking about people and not coke, so it would be impractical to run a human trafficking business with personal aircraft.

Hey,gringos,pay your people $15 an hr to pick tomatoes and then they can afford to buy them at $5 a pound

I'm almost certain when you posted this you thought you were being incredibly smart - not realising how utterly fucking stupid your comment really was.



What is up with """"POCs"""" and the nobleness in suffering complex? It seems to some people no amount of suffering inflicted by porky is too much to bear as long as it hurts le whitey usually the workers and not anyone in actual power in someway.


So for Mexico it would be more profitable to trade with China now?

Yes, the problem is china wants dollars not pesos


[several credible citations needed]

Here's multiple then: turn on your TV, open a newspaper, visit a news site. It's the fucking zeitgeist.

Porky has completely bought the "left" out with talks of diversity… as well as quite literally buying off entire organizations, in Soros' case.

The wall will be 3D printed, on time, under budget.

Wow. What is wrong with you? Do you seriously think border hoppers think this way while their families starve? Do you think black people were thinking about this when they were brought in chains from Africa?

They never had a choice. Next time exercise some empathy before trying to claim the browns are out to get you.

so do nothing right

But come on guys, I thought le wall is not real xDD

I don't see a wall anywhere. Do you?

It won't be. Congress won't find the money for it.

he hasn't built it yet genius.

I tend to agree with this.

Once you work in the ridiculous tax break companies will already be receiving they will basically break even tax-wise

Kek. a plastic wall
In all honesty tho, this would serve to drive down the price of large 3d printers and 3d print material even more.. small 3d printers are inexpensive but the get expensive, quick… a 30x30x45 3d printer costs around $7000 while a 6x6x6 can be purchased for around $300

Fuck Drumpf


Holy shit, I got it.
Contract with lego.
no concrete, costs less money, the manufacturing facilities are already in place, and it could literally be built by children to save money.
hell, we could even model it after the great wall of china and use the bones of the deceased (child) workers as a sort of mortar to fortify the interior of the wall.

But will the cartel let mexican politicians use the tunnel?

the cartels sell their drugs in America too, that's why they're so against the US legalizing pot-they don't want legal competition for their drugs.

No! First you come for our wordfilters, now you help idiots comprehend!

Weak minds have weak, plastic thoughts.

The wall will be 3D printed, it will be built on time, to proper spec, and it will be built under budget.

Now be a good goy and go play with your toys.

And our taxes will go up for no good fucking reason other than to appease a bunch of elitist dumbshits who can't seem to understand a wall won't do shit when such things like ladders and ropes exist. No to mention people who will come over via any normal means of transportation and just overstay their visas. Fucking retards costing everyone money.

*with holes

I'm ok with the wall, though

Internationalism =/= Globalism.

That's the point. Porky muddied the waters.

Reread the post I was responding to and then reread mine and see if it had anything to do with the economic motivations that lead people to hop fences. All the post that I was responding to had to do was celebrating the fact that Mexican workers are used as scabs to undermine the American working class and to increase the profits of the capitalists. Celebrating the fact that porky will pay you less then someone else and even break the law to bring you in cause you "work harder" is class-cucking hard.

Personally I like Mexican people but you can go guilt-trip someone else. Opening the borders isn't really helping anyone what Mexico needs is revolution.

You don't understand, the wall will be built during the day, and will be sabotaged during night by evil mexican shouting "ay caramba" and scratching Zs in the wall (that will never be captured).
That should give us enough jobs for the whole 8 years.

If the smashies constantly sabotage the wall I may die of laughter from the ensuing butthurt.