The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BPA) moved the minute hand of the symbolic Doomsday Clock from three minutes to...

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BPA) moved the minute hand of the symbolic Doomsday Clock from three minutes to two-and-a-half minutes to midnight.
It is second closest it has been.
It is the closest the clock has come to midnight since 1953, when the minute hand was moved to two minutes away following hydrogen bomb tests by the US and Russia.

I have the sudden urge to listen to some Iron Maiden.

I'm not gonna read that clickbait what's their actual reasoning?

Seems like more conveniently timed anti drumpf propaganda.

Is this related to climate change, or is nukes this time.


Holy shit fuck these technocratic morons.

fucking centrists

and the president/congress have always warped intelligence to support what they wanted to do anyway

Wait, did they turn the clock when the financial crash happen?

there's a chart in the article that shows all the times it's moved

Well I sure feel more afraid rn haha

Trump is officially ending the us propped up liberal world order, I think it's much more likely than Trump would use nukes, or put us in a situation to use them, than obama.


this is a thread for posadists thanks

They've kind of painted themselves into a corner here, what if the EU breaks up or something else happens to upset the liberal order? They can't exactly put the clock to 2 minutes to midnight again or further.


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Gondola is literally the deepest meme

they move it closer to midnight sometimes, but they also move it back when things deescalate

What do a bunch of scientists know about politics exactly? Sounds like a bunch of liberal horse shit to me. Especially that part about "not trusting intelligence agencies." Fuck the "expert class" and their shitty credentials. All they do is lie for porky.

you know that cartoon is making fun of you right?

I assume you're being sarcastic but it's really hard to tell in this day and age

They can absolutely move it closer to midnight. This isn't even the closest it's ever been, as the article states.

The real joke there is that liberals literally think governing is not about politics but about """expertise""" (because the facts are all settled and they show that neoliberalism is the best and only way to run everything apparently.)

So do you trust the CIA? Serious question here because apparently these enlightened minds do.

No, the joke is that there are plenty of anti-intellectual, Dunning-Krugery morons like you who legitimately believe you are qualified to dismiss out of hand what experts are telling you

I mean look at what you wrote
Oh, I guess it's wrong that a bunch of nuclear scientists state an opinion that goes against the U.S. President

Experts can be bought off just as easily as everyone else. Worshipping credentials is a great way to get suckered in to supporting porky.

It's wrong when they believe that refusing to trust a spy agency that has lied to the American public numerous times in the past is a bad thing. Are you saying that's a good thing? Because it isn't.

The doomsday clock is meme-tier.

They are coming.

It has been so long, but they did not abandon us.

How the fuck can they honestly justify that when 2 minutes to midnight is the Wild West years where there were no nuclear treaties and the US and Soviets were inches away from fucking nuking each other over Korea? I don't think Trump poses as much of a threat as that to be honest.

The climate stuff makes more sense to me, but they forgot to add ocean acidification I think.

I get the climate thing but it's not like that's gotten any more imminent in the last decade or whatever, I'm not even sure if the metaphor works, nuclear war is midnight sure but climate change will probably be more like a slow decline into barbarism, it's not really one event.

The longer it goes on the less reversible it is.

oh god my sides

True. But I mean in ten years what will the clock be at at this rate? 10 seconds to midnight?

TBH it the clock is a fucking stupid metaphor. If we're past the point of no return on climate change, where does the clock go? It can't be midnight because shit's still here. If it's not at midnight it doesn't represent that the situation is unrecoverable. It's just a bad metaphor.

Ironic, given your knee-jerk inclination to defend King Porky himself, Trump, at all times.

It's not a bad thing, necessarily, but the man has foreign policy experience. Slapping your name on a hotel in Jeddah is not substantive foreign policymaking on the level of the presidency. He needs to be able to listen to analysts and consider it all, without dismissing it out of hand even if his ego is bruised.

BTW, you ignore the other two factors that went into this decision: a) his goal of increasing America's nuclear arsenal (seems like the biggest issue) and b) the admin's denial of and minimization of climate change

Agreed, every time I hear about it I like it a bit less, at first I thought it was a great idea and now it just seems openly political. But I guess I should be happy it's mentioning climate change at all, I made myself sad in the other topic. : (

It wasn't designed for climate change. Maybe they'll eventually need to switch to an hourglass.

It doesn't just talk about Trump, it also talks about Russia standing at odds with the US in Syria, Ukraine and along the NATO border, Russia also increasing nuclear capability, North Korea conducting tests, the heightening tensions in Kashmir between Pakistan and India and both of them expanding their nuclear capabilities, with China helping Pakistan build nuclear submarines, the Iran deal and the Trump administration, emerging technologies like autonomous machine systems, synthetic biology like the Crispr gene-editing tool which can be used to create bioweapons, etc.

Politics essentially determine our fate, wouldn't it be political? I'm not sure what you mean.