Why would any leftist whos against fascism support gun restrictions on the working class

Why would any leftist whos against fascism support gun restrictions on the working class

I don't think unless the "leftist" is a liberal

Guns degrade the quality of life among the proles.

sounds more liberal than leftist to me, and also like you should consider lurking moar.

How so?

why the fuck is there liberals on this board. go back to betraying leftist

You're just trying to disarm us so you can kill us like Rosa.

Sure, but you can't go back in time an un-invent weaponry, so the question you are left with is "How do we distribute the weaponry?". Any answer other than "to all of the working class" is bourgie shit.

It's about as safe as everyone having their own car.

I'm pretty sure he's a strawman, lads.

If someone has a gun they can make someone else do whatever they want.You cant use a gu while you're sleeping or in the shower. Only way to stop it is not let any psycho or retard have a gun.

You're a gun

Are we going to ban knives too? You can kill people in their sleep and showers with it too.

Why are you sleeping outside the safety of your bunker?

The Social Democrat shows his true liberal colors.

Go to fucking Chicago and then tell me gun violence isn't a problem for the working class.

Why am I not surprised?

ok ill bite

Chicago's gun violence is entirely due to deindustrialisation and liberalization. In a socialist society this wouldn't be a problem.

only cops and soldiers should be armed.
but all citizens should by duty be soldiers for a period of time, and there should be a citizen police force (everyone has to work as an officer for a period of the year)

your fascism is showing.

So we should go disarm the proles and leave them to the mercy of Trump and CPD? If we disarm people or pass further gun control all that does is put more power in the hands of the state. A state which is rotting milltary empire that is way beyond the point of reform.

You wanna reduce gun violence? Eliminate poverty and provide good education which can only be accomplished under socialism.