Decline of feminism in the west

I have a question. When and why did feminism in the west from truly progressive movement turned into stupid abomination we have today? Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg would start spinning in their graves if they saw modern western "feminism"

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When the bourgies co-opted it.

It's just a marketable identity now. Does wonders for blue hair dye manufacturers.

The shitters in it got establishment backing.

I wish it actually would, I love women with blue hair and yet never see them

Probably sometime in the 60s/70s

Capitalism realised it could co-opt feminism and turn women into liberal consumerist drones who are happy to buy a feminist shirt made with sweatshop labour

When they fulfilled most of their goals so they had to move on to complaining about big tits in games.

It's fits so well I will consider this a joke post.


That image doesn't even make sense.

Women in 1979 Iran were protesting FOR the hijab (or chador, as it's called in Iran)
They were literally actually reactionary Islamists

Stereotypes have their basis in reality friendo

well who would have thought

internet anti-feminists somehow manage to be even dumber than the internet feminists.

Although it did have some truly progressive goals and achievements. It's always been kinda of a mixed bag with lots of reactionary strains. American feminism has been a complete dumpster fire since the 70s and it's been spreading rapidly acorss the world. It's hard to believe that men in Northern Europe enjoy greater parental rights and high rates of happinest due to feminists when you see the modern movements blatant misandry.

How does you guys feel about cheesecake or fanservice? For me a little eroticism always enhances a fantasy or sci-if setting to me. I would never watch a movie or play game or read a book based on sex appeal alone but I can't deny that it makes the general centerpiece enjoyable.


Islam shall inherit the earth, inshallah.

I googled this image on many sites, all of them were saying it was against hijab

A lot of them are okay. Sargon is an alt-right retard now. He started off is a left leaning liberal that supported Corbin and Sanders and became a complete reactionary is time went on. Sad really. it just shows how much anti-idpol left is needed.

Sargon is not alt-right, he is just либераст

He was always a twat

It was against. It's in 79, when the revolution was still in a liberal phase.

Always know your history.

He's not even alt-right deep down. He only ditched Corbyn and Sanders because his retarded fanbase he spent far too much pandering to jumped down his neck. Should probably have spent more time trying to get a classical liberal viewpoint across rather than pandering to them for clicks, but now he's just a sell out and he knows it.

Still though, I've never met someone on the internet who claimed to be a classical liberal that wasn't a smug cunt.

Is that some kind of slang for a libertarian ? It's an ultra right ideology.

As an oldfag I can say leftypol use to have a favorable opinion of him. People started to dislike him after he blew off an essay we wrote to him about communism,. You're right he was probably always a jerk though.

It certainly a red flag. It's basically code word for I'm the only sane guy left on earth and anyone to the right or left of me is an extremist.

The vast majority of Iranian student radicals in that era, even the more economically leftist/socialist groups, were proponents of the ISLAMIC Revolution

The "liberal phase" you
mention was never really a phase at all, if anything it was a dissenting opinion in a debate that it lost, basically an undercurrent on university campuses during the wider revolution.

It was a liberal phase in the sense that dissent was still allowed. You have to think in relative fashion.

The hijab was banned under the Shah, who was US-backed and tried to secularize (in a bad way) and westernize Iran. Women wore hijabs to protest and so it became a symbol of resistance to the dictatorial Shah and neocolonialism. I'm not sure if it still holds those connotations, but that was the context of the pro-hijab faction of the 1979 Iranian Revolution and years leading up to it (I'm unsure of what Iranian feminists thought, however). Now the hijab is mandatory, but I don't know what the majority public opinion is. It seems Iranians don't wholly trust their government and sometimes lie in support of their government on polls conducted by foreigners for fear it's a trap. It's worth nothing, however, that there have been protests in the past few years and some Iranian women's rights activists have requested female tourists reject the hijab to help them protest, since they believe it's safer for them to do so than native Iranians.

I've also heard from Iranians that women take them off inside the house when they're around people they trust, including non-family members. Cops don't show up at their houses looking for uncovered women in normal circumstances, but might come during weddings or other celebrations/gatherings to find hijab-less women to make them pay fines or use it as blackmail.

In my interpretation, it's largely about choice–to wear or to reject.

I don't know. My dad was around during that era and things were really progressive. They had casual sex, went clubbing, and nobody gave a shit about following Islamic traditions. There are pictures of my dad walking around in their mothers clothing for fun. He said it was pretty common. None of my dads or his brothers even knew how to pray. Everyone within his generation became extremely reactionary and fundamentalists is they grew up however including him. I'd say it was similar to the hippie movement that happed in the united states.

Yep the people in Islamic countries want Islam. This is very obvious to any honest observer. After the Iranian revolution the vast majority voted to have an Islamic republic. The muslim brotherhood won democratically but Sisi (US lapdog) did a coup. Also Hamas in Gaza won democratically . Taliban in the begining had immense support. The western narrative of "liberal" muslims who want secular democracy is blatantly false.

It's russian slur slang for liberals, либераст = либерал + педераст (libfaggot).

Ah okay. I'd call him a liberal before he abandoned Corbin and started supporting Trump. Now I don't think so. He's a conservative at the least at this point.


Personally, I don't see contradiction why liberal can't support Trump.


That's interesting and it tracks a lot of what I've read about the popular culture there of the time

What does your dad think about the revolution/Iran now?

Dam sounds like he was a fag no wonder the islamic right shot up.
Always wondered why so many gay persians

OP's last image is smug AF

As someone who has no qualms mocking and completely rejecting many forms of feminism, most anti feminists are shit tier and retarded.

Like I said he's pretty religiously conservative now. So he supports mainstream Muslim theocracy. Most people from the Middle East from that era do. They grew up, used their parents money to get good degrees from the US and got married and settled down. After they did they became extreme conservative and reactionary. Tale is old as time. A lot of leftists really don't really have as deep of an understanding of the cultural dynamics of the middle east as they think they do. I laugh at how people here idolize the kurds for example.

Not really. If you research patriarchal societies the behavior is pretty common before western influences. My dad is kind of a horndog really. Shows like Three's company really influenced his desire to immigrate.

They're not any more cringe then most pop culture feminists are. None of them no how to debate or have any historical context for their position. H3H3 is still pretty funny and Thunderf00t kickstarter debunk videos are worth watching. I avoid his Anita stuff. He justs milking her a little to much.

This is very important and It's not just the middle east. western leftists dont understand "third" world cultures and people they try to impose the understanding of their society onto the world but it doesn't work . Kurds aren't that good anyway they are EXTREMELY nationalistic. Also kurds in Iran Iraq and Syria are all very different.


I thought the whole Rojava following was precisely because the Kurds there weren't fiercely nationalistic

It was a radical movement up until the 70s. It was a progressive movement in the 80s. It was common sense in the 90s. Its full retard in the 21st century

Gender is a spook so there's really no reason to support feminism.

Yeah pretty much. Time and time again. All these "leftist" anti-colonial efforts give way to the nationalist right wing tendencies of the supposed revolutionaries that western leftist idolize.

The other guy is right. Similar to Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution. The Kurds are nationalist first and foremost. They replicate whatever left-wing ideology will get them the most international support. The beautiful olive skinned warrior women that leftypol loves to fetishes aren't even a Kurdish idea for example. Kurds love their "Aryan" heritage and idolize Kurdish women with traits like red hair and blue eyes.

They also work fairly closely with the CIA and my dad knew a few prominent Kurds that were recruited during his college years. They will do anything to make a Kurdish national state regardless of how they have to work with. Oh and from some recent refugees my dad knows. Rojava is is quickly becoming more hierarchical as a Kurdish middle class forms and that it's a fairly miserable place to be if you don't have Kurdish blood. Similarly they're love of "feminism" is just a front for nationalist reverence of the ideal Kurdish woman.

feminisim = cia

Oh yeah. Theres no doubt that modern American feminism is a tool of imperialism and class collaboration.

Yep. Anyone against the "evil west" even in name only is good. To the kurds they are thinking Kurds first. It seems like the radical left is completely screwed. A leftist shouldn't support someone just because they fight someone who is bad when they are terrible themselves. I find it crazy how so called leftists can even support Assad who kills by far the most civillians. All these people do is drive people far from the left and very far from it they go straight to Islamists. Like the Sunnis in Iraq, they got slaughtered by Cia backed Shia death squads but now the militias are "good" to many.

anti-imperialist support of Assad and Russia,who are imperialists just not American ones so it's ok to these idiot, are all fucking tankies

Yeah a lot of leftists seem to think that theres some kind of inherit revolutionary potential within these nationalistic groups. Honestly, to a non-white person the whole thing is coming off like a bizarre form of "the noble savage".

not true btw

I haven't noticed anyone claiming they have an inherent revolutionary potential. I have seen, however, support for a project that is probably doomed to fail but is a noble and good cause regardless (Rojava)

wow this one person being tangentially connected to the CIA means the whole idea is bad lmao

This poster speaks sense I feel he is also a long time poster like me

Mainstream feminism a shit

Says who?

"Market" socialism is a bankrupt trend just like when they all were calling themselves Marxist to get those USSR bucks. It's just a front that appeals to westerns with negative attidues towards the former USSR like your average green party supporter.

There's nothing to suggest that the direct democracy structure in Rojava has been subverted and by all accounts the minorities in Rojava enjoy a degree of freedom to practice their own cultures, languages and faith that is probably among the best in the whole Middle East, not just Syria. This is why Rojava's minorities have volunteered in large numbers to fight and potentially die for Rojava, because they see it as something to preserve.

This apparently new burgeoning middle class also confuses me since Rojava is still a very poor country and policies like agrarian reforms and price controls have been implemented to specifically prevent wealth ballooning on any level of society.

[Citation Needed]
Don't put things from themselves. Independent accounts. I can find any group in Syria saying the say stuff comr8. Arabic or english is good

It's refugees from Iraq and Syria telling my dad that it's pretty hierarchical and Kurds are favored by the government. When it comes to job creation and agriculture distribution. Like he said if you have some independent accounts. I'd read them. I know the stuff about nationalism is true from first hand experience. They're obsessed with their "Aryan" bloodlines and take great pride in not being smites. I'm telling you they're nothing like what you think they are.

It makes me a bit uncomfortable, it's too often shoehorned in.

I do enjoy romances in games though.

wew satan

Tho to be honest, every single political organization in America is crawling with snitches. I wouldn't be surprised if some groups have more plants than real members. I wonder how the numbers compare to Stasi's.

cool my>>1292016

I am also very confused by this. "Burgeoning middle class" wtf

dude they're fighting a war and setting up ag co-ops

YPG went out of their way to literally save them from genocide.

After the liberation YPG engaged in an extensive arming and training operation to help the Yezidis keep themselves safe and practice their religion without fear.



Not to mention the vast array of polyethnic representation at every level of the political ladder in Rojava

Goes far deeper than that obv but you can comb through the TEV DEM representatives ethnicies yourself.

I'd also challenge you to find a constitution a constitution as progressive in the Middle East if apparently everyone claims to be the protector of minorities

You wont find such pluralism in them Syrian ARAB republic's constitution for sure.

Sargon isn't alt-right or a progressive. He's this guy. I once heard him come right out and say "On every issue, the extremes are always these crazy people and the right answer is somewhere in the middle." I'm still kicking myself for not webming it when I remembered which video it was (he churns out new ones constantly).

This. I've been calling him a radical centrist (mockingly of course) for a year now. He uses a lot of alt-right-esque talking points (mainly "fuck feminism") but I think by now, he's what I'd call "alt-light".


I don't think Feminism is automatically the worst thing on the planet but the current movement has been co-opted by people trying to make a quick buck instead of targeting the actual issue.

The anti-feminists are seriously much, much more annoying than whatever "pop-feminism head of the week" would say.

That is why Islamism gives me a reactionary boner.

It was form the start about Bourgeois interests. Expansion of property rights to women, giving them political rights and doubling the workforce overnight in favor of the capitalists while bringing relative wages down creating families where both parrents have to work.

Nothing wrong here.

Years ago I would call you an SJW for saying this, but it's true. It's practically the same story, critiquing feminists became popular so every youtuber started doing it and opening up a patreon account


You're arguing in bad faith.
Just look at Occupy. Look at /r/socialism. Look at any socialist organization which opens its doors to feminism.
In every single case they get sidetracked and become completely ineffective at promoting actual socialist theory.

Your mistake is paying attention to Youtube.
I hope you realize that you're looking at the world through a filter bubble based on your browsing habits.

So that's why the USSR fell…

Feminism was from the start, from first to third wave, a liberal movement, never about class except as a form of socialism. The only decent feminists out there are for class struggle and denounce libfems and radfems.

this. leftypol is just grasping at straws as is typical whenever someone brings up feminism here.