How did the Black Panthers manage to pull together a better leftist organisation in a racist time period like 60s...

How did the Black Panthers manage to pull together a better leftist organisation in a racist time period like 60s America than the modern American left which is so ineffectual?

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Probably didn't have as many black FBI agents.

my sides this might actually be the most logical explanation

Because back then people still believed in alternatives to capitalism. The kids these days with the hair and the clothes don't want an end to the current economic system they want to change it cosmetically.

Honestly it was due to intersectionality. They managed to link the the North Vietnamese resistance, the black struggle, and the anti-war student movement, which was predominantly white, by recognizing their individual issues and tying it into broader anti-capitalist struggle. The book Black Against Empire goes into this if you're interested.

People still believed in Leninism. If you were to hand out Mao's red book these days, people would rightfully point out that Mao was a retard who accomplished nothing except strike a deadly blow against the sparrow menace. Back then people still believed something based on Lenin or one of his fanboys could legitimately provide a better alternative to capitalism.

The Bolsheviks were demonized back then as well. I think you're overestimating the populace's love of Lenin.

They actually read books and expanded their knowledge on things.

Shit my shitposting flag was on

pretty much. BLM is a bunch of liberals, even the ones who call themselves maoists, they are filled with idpol rhetoric and ignore the central points in class struggle

Why is idpol so dominant in BLM?

Because idpol is dominant in America.

read Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Some black people feel entitled due to history they were never a part of and so would use it as grounds that they are more deserving then others for suffering their ancestors endured.

Wish we had the Black Panther flag on here

Better than the PRC flag for Maoist

It's the black power flag, silly.

not intersectionality, internationalist solidarity.

Yeah but the clenched fist is a general left wing symbol

Exactly because they weren't cucked on race and a had a strong sense of kinship, unlike Marxists, Trotskyists and other limp wristed, deracinated faggots. There is no socialism without nationalism and "international" socialism is in fact just Jewish socialism.

The Black Panthers were internationalist you spooked faggot.

Because its an astro-turf movement run by George Soros and the Ford Foundation:
The idea that the bourgeoisie promote idpol pseudo-radicalism isn't just a meme its literally true.

Because they couldn't shitpost on the internet.

Because Marxism was alive in 60`s. Most social democratic parties still adhered to Marxist theory(although it was considered revisionist by most M-L`s and communists alike).