Live in neonazi society like I always dreamed


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10/10, Holla Forums would approve.

Holla Forums in a nutshell

Holla Forums likes saying we're the ones that will be killed in an actual communist uprising, yet I think it's more accurate to say they'd be among the first to be thrown into the gas chamber by actual Nazis if they came to power.

10/10 post

Chinese food is shit, prove me wrong.

Pro tip: you cant

ma-po tofu. there, you're wrong

good OC tbh you deserve immortality

They way they fry Broccoli is amazing though.

Only we can save them.

What are you

Should've had Indonesia as a colony tbqhwy fam

This is why I don't understand why autists fantasize of a fascist society so much. It would be hell for them (if they don't get executed).

I'm me, Satan.

Enough internet for today

All they need is a hug. But no one is willing to give them some.
This is why I hope for sex bots becoming a thing. And lets hope they arrive first, before they become militant.

>Implying they aren't completely justified

To punish the normalfags who mistreated them. They're already suffering, so they figure they might as well make the people they hate suffer too. Truthfully, it's hard to blame them. Normalfags are pretty shit. If that wasn't so, we wouldn't have the alienating society we currently live in.

Too late. They wouldn't be Holla Forumsacks if they weren't militant. A lot of the /r9k/ types are starting to turn away from Holla Forums because they can sense that it's full of normalscum, but they're not becoming less militant in the process. If anything the opposite is happening.

Both leftypol and pol would be killed immediately and without mercy TBH.

Romance countries are the only source of good food on the planet tbh.

Still more sex than any Holla Forumsacks will ever get in the current world order.

What are you doing on the computer, citizen? Looking at Jewish mind manipulation rather then doing your part for your people? Please, come outside and greet the officer who is waiting for you right now for processing. He was sent when we found your illegal connection on an forbidden website which we are not approve to disclose with you. Please come peacefully within 5 minutes or we will send a pacification team to extract you from your home.

That is why everyone should own a firearm.

Of course you may, if you meet the minimum requirement to own a weapon.

I would just say they have to be white and not have a criminal record.

When you make these things too complicated people just ignore them.

Why too complicated? A white can perfectly handles these and follow them. It's non-whites that would have issues with it as to why they are excluded. Also we can not have individuals that may have been subject to subversion to own weapons as they may cause harm to themselves and others.

People might just ignore the rules out of convenience.

If your a bad ass who owns a gun the government are going to have difficulty making you do what they want. So its important to make it easy I think.

You literally have no plan other than anuddah shoah and transhumanism

Oh man it can't even communicate coherently anymore. I think you broke it OP.

Nonsense, whatever non-whites can do whites can do better, whites can do anything better then Jews.

Hit A nerve so transition into cogdis

What about asians? Like Chinks and Japs?

Those are white.
Also Russians aren't white.
Yes they really believe this.

Honorary Aryans that are kept in their nations like good pe..I mean friends.


Yes user.. niggers are more intelligent. Your meme is correct



When your revolution fails so you ally with 2 major kapitalist nations to have revenge


Ah that makes sense.

Still I think my point still stands that we shouldnt put too many beurocratic barriers in front of armed people because they might just say fuck off.

Btw 6'3 8 inch With acces to pure upperClass rich girls during high school who are not into niggers because not american lol

Ur main argument broken, dont use it makes u look weak

Illusion of Freedom, Citizen

When you never adress why u want to humiliate poor white people enmass

Its because my dad was white and he made me do my homework and eat my vegetables.

I'm more for destroying racial pride then people. Race is a spook, fuck "muh purity"

OK so u agree hwhyte genocide is real,intheworks.

He was talking about you. You want a small minority of white people to be in charge so badly, that you're willing to let all the other white people be exploited, and live in suffering.

Their is no race, pal. Treat yourself to the dark skin chick that's been wanting to blow you for the longest.

No Im against immigration.
That should have been really clear.

Why do you let your petty obsessions hurt you and your race? Why do you hate yourself? Why do you hate your race?
Pls watch, shortish plus good sounds

Its not About killing niggers. But about reason for even being alive other then cummies,signaling virtue

The refugee crisis is manufactured neoliberal shit to fuck over everyone in Europe but the political and ruling class. You are strawmanning.


Signalling is literally yout culture, except white people, fuck them

It's also intended to fuck over everyone in the countries being lit on fire.

What's your point?

Autocorrect cancer. OK so lets say all spooks are removed, how would this end product look? Just unlimited the walking dead VR and loli close harems?

It's only possible because of nations and capitalism. Your obsession with arbitrary plots of dirt created this problem. It's racial self harm in a way :^)

Make a point or go back to reddit, you don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Fuckin legend

In my country we cleaned up the dirt.

But the way I look at it, immigration hurts people from dirty countries too. Because they need the people to stay there to clean up their dirty countries. Rather than shirking their responsibilities coming to my clean country.

We know Islam is already the most porky religion out there fam.

probably so they can get their underage japanese waifu while still keeping their master race pure

also russians == commies == jews


Well let's be honest, it's the Jews isn't it.

America has really fucked Islam up though.

not when it comes to Autism Level tests, evidently

Woah I thought Mudslimes hated pork?

Literally running as an intellectual argument

Nice spooks faggot

Where I come from spook is a racial epithet describing a black person but I presume you are using it in some other context?


lurk moar


Newfags gonna new

Also while I'm asking what is a porkys?

No, the southern US. Holla Forums wants to reclaim the term.

A bourgeois, or the personification of bourgeois values.

It's from Stirner, and refers to arbitrary fixed concepts like nations, race, gender, religion, or other "higher causes" that have no basis in reality. We try to avoid them.

Of course, that's implying that any of us have a serious grip on reality in the first place. ;^D

Of course pol would think like that.

TBH reactionary is a better word for it.

Thanks for the helpful information.

What a fucking awful example. A firearm would do literally nothing for you in this situation except maybe allow you to take one of 'em with you before you die. The use of the gun would be to prevent such a regime from ever coming about in the first place through armed mass resistance.

haha neonazis are soo retarded, they better watch out when we bring back communism!

Good on you, OP.

lurk more faggot


At least we are self aware

The projection to post-ratio on leftypoll is scary tbhf


I'm back, I was doing something.
Basically, flag related your entire ideology is suicide.

But If as I said EVERYONE had a firearm and everyone took one of the porky spooks out before they died, then everyone wins.

Do you Guys actually care about anything? What is it


this is as retarded as /pol trying to explain "cultural marxism"

There it is again. there is one prevalent ideology on both /pol and /leftypol, you will shout and scream that it is not true, but it is. You are all western liberals

the most offensive thing ive read on h8chan in weeks, you deserve aids

World Domination.

Maximizing utility.

pick one

Since this appears to be a general newfag thread, how do I choose a flag flair?

Show post options.

Also, don't trust anyone who mentions "State Capitalism" when he isn't talking about NEP or China.

Dead Kulaks

so OP you're basically saying authoritarianism is bad huh

1945/1945, nice work OP.

Oh boy it's this asshole again

You don't know what you're missing user

back to r/the_cuckold, autismus maximus.

Are you implying normalfags aren't shit?

How am I implying that?


Utility to do what?
This sounds like minimising the individual exactly how OP was describing


Utility as in personal happiness. What else is there to do when God is dead?

Small price to pay to not be surrounded by vile brown people jealous of my white skin and blue eyes and hate me because of imperialism of 200 years ago tbh

Yeah, now you'll just be surrounded by people who want to kick your cowardly Nazi teeth in.

Aids Skrillex and Carl the cuck are your allies.. think about it

If that's the price to be paid for establishing a white ethnostate, I'm willing to pay it. Race before everything


Liberals are our most vicious opponents tough.


0/10 trolling

gas yourself.

As usual ull try to argue in A circle but ok, whats even the difference?


feels bad

just cap a pic and post it, then

Mass-movements are lead by self-hating individuals, I thought you guys knew this? Maybe not, considering the fact most here are members of mass-movements.


Imagine if pewdiepie would suddenly start producing exclusively communist propaganda and indoctrinate a whole generation of teenagers. It would be glorious.

Not really looking likely from 50m subs porkiepie though is it.

They refuse to understand their enemies and themselves, that is why their defeat is assured.

But the thing is … there are no actual nazis that are the caliber of past nazis. The current equivalent of nazis aren't even that good. I don't know why people here are worried about them when the Holla Forums retards larping as them aren't even on their level. Majority of them don't have military training ("muh ZOG Occupied Government"), they have no monetary backing from rich individuals, they lack widespread organization beside easily v& localized militias, they aren't as smart as the early fascists.

Also they lack the utter desire to destroy everything around themselves, including themselves. Like forget being willing to be drafted and fed into a Stalingrad-like meatgrinder, Nazi larpers wouldn't even be able to handle rationing and food/electricity/water shortages sitting around at home.


most of this shit sounds based

Dumb nazbol


that actually made me feel