Mexico president wont pay for the wall

Who is ready for nationalism causing a new WW?

Sad! The tariff just went up by 10%!

How long will Trump be president for if he keeps behaving like this? Tbh, I think the seasoned politicians in Washington are probably cooking up a plan to have him impeached as soon as possible.

It was revealed recently that Mexico is in dire position compared to Canada for example.(this was an article regarding NAFTA somewhere).
Its IRRELEVANT what their posture is, they have to have an agreement with USA. So they`ll pay for the wall once the negotiations over NAFTA start i assume or take the hit for a while and think it over and come around.
After all would this be any other country… this would simply be about securing borders, the fucking idiots keep sensationalizing these issues.

No they don't

The people hate "seasoned politicians," they have zero power right now. And, to answer your first question, 4-8 years.

This is why theres stagnation in socialist economies. If you can`t make atleast bi-lateral trade deals might as well give up. You won`t survive entirely isolated. "Autarky" that for example nazis wanted, isn`t achievable without big compromises.

Literally no nation has to do this that's not in war time and bittering of relations between your border nation is about as stupid as it sounds.

They could just say


And there's nothing legally stopping them from doing so because it is not Mexico's job to act on a proposed infrastructure plan by another country entirely.

Mexico is corrupted drug-fueled country run by president whos under the influence of the cartels that survives because of sweatshops sent there by big business.
Stop fantasizing.

The US is corrupted drug-fueled country run by president whos under the influence of the cartels that survives because of sweatshops sent there by big business. Stop fantasizing.

I really don't think the cartels are anything but laughing at Trump's plan when they are regularly digging tunnels, and not just tunnels, but also other means of transportation that is not literally border hopping. You have cars, you put people in cars. You have fraudulent visas and IDs.

A wall is perhaps the most illogical and straight forward elementary school way of dealing with illegal immigration that is not deportation.

Besides which America deserves all the Hispanic immigrants from Cold War rocked Central America it receives.

See the thing with these conservatives is they don't have the mental capacity to process this and will blindly listen to the rich and authority figures.

Mexico long ago moved to diversifying exports to Europe and now the UK over the US. Believe it or not, some people would rather take an economic hit than be humiliated by being forced to pay for infrastructure they don't want. EPN would be lynched in the streets if he agrees to pay for anything.

I knew this was coming.

And they still have no reason to pay for a wall…

No matter what, in the end we and they have to find the solutions to dealing with their PRIVATE ARMIES running DRUG CARTELS.(ex-military/pmc/security etc)
It doesn`t have to be bad blood.

end prohibition, cheap legal drugs would slaughter cartels faster than any number of guns

1) Trump is least popular incoming president since polling began.

2) When have seasoned politicians ever given a fuck about what the people want in the first place?

Your post is bad and you should feel bad.

Remember the last guy, who wanted Mexico to pay for something?
Everything turned out well for him, didn't it?

The faces in that picture.
I'm starting to hate white people from the united states.

Eight years


the hardcore trumpfags won't care as long as their new oligarchs are American citizens.

Trump has decided to pay for border wall with a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico, Spicer told press pool.

America, as a whole, should just get nuked.