I'm going to commit suicide i just cannot stomach the idea of 8 years of trump because i know the retards are going to...

i'm going to commit suicide i just cannot stomach the idea of 8 years of trump because i know the retards are going to vote him in again

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Don't do it comrade

Stay and fight.

We already have this thread.

I almost want to say good riddance but you have a duty to papa Marx to go out in a blaze. Get your ass to kurdistan and take some isis goatfuckers with you.

Give it time. Trump will fuck up the economy with his retardation and people will give up their support for him.

However, I cannot be sure about the alternative, If it's Hillary again, then fuck my life.

nobody make the mistake here and call for OP to take the president with him, this will get you arrested

Good riddence. If you cant handle fascism lite you wont survive in the future.

do it fgt

Assasinate trump plox.
t. EU

This can even get you investigated outside of the USA, by the way.

Let them come.

Who fucking cares. If im not already on a list they're not doing their job correctly.


Came here from the frontpage to tell you fags that you will eventually be put in the gulags you like so much.

Have fun!

Instead of kill self go and agitate

that's right

OP join the meme wars 8ch.net/leftypol/res/1290398.html

We have a frontpage on Holla Forums? Damn this site it turning into leddit.

kill your self please


Hes seen as a "virtuous" porky for now.
America LOVES "virtuous" porkies.
This situation can be used to further workers issues etc. Hes been meeting with union leaders for example.

Don't give up. Hillary has a way way better plan and 4 years to perfect it. Help her help you.

it's a good job this is all satire an nobody who is suicidal should take themselves and somebody,such as trump, down in a sacrificial blaze of glory.hypothetically however if one were to do this how would people suggest doing it? purely a hypothetical though experiment I will remind any FBI reading this thread

i want liberals to leave

Eight? Who said he was going to last for four? I'm almost sure he's going to be impeached since he's really going through with the wall of gimmickry and racism. Stay and fight brother.

I don't care if I get banned for this,


top kek



do what you want to do,full bodily autonomy is yours man.But don't kys over El Cheetorino being elected,this is great news.you see the triggered libbies? we can convert them,we can push them further and further left

cheeki breeki innawoods comrades, camping etc, smoke something good, you`ll find what you will need

Go choke on a glock liberal

Yup it was so awesome the people had a violent uprising

i feel you comrade, every day i wake up soaked in tears after dreaming about how easily we could have avoided disaster by voting in Hillary and every night i go to bed sobbing into old photographs of the glory days under Obama


Why the fuck aren't mods deleting threads like this?

Go fight for Rojava instead.
Die for a good cause


He lost the popular vote by 3 million. If he makes it to 2 years without pissing enough people off before the Republicans say "fuck it" and throw him out themselves, I'll be surprised.

He's already managed to throw enough metaphorical rocks at metaphorical killer wasp nests in the past four days to net him more massive protests than have been seen in a decade.

Reports coming from his aides say he's actually disturbed by how many people showed up at the women's march.

I mean, I don't think this is worth killing yourself over. The dude's going to get cardiac arrest from stress before he serves two terms if those reports are also to be believed.

Because they are clinically retarded and don't mind some plebbitor shitters making shitty threads about le cheeto man being Antichrist incarnate

lol what a load of bollocks

If you count Ivanka its gonna be at least 12 years of Trump.

caused by mere crowding and… guess what? Sensationalism by Lenin.

3 million is the same amount Clinton claimed to have won the primaries by, so that's doubtful. Nevertheless, Trump is clearly opposed by the majority of the country.

can you get more retarded?

Holla Forums seems to be rather keen on that meme

I mean fucking hell, do they even know how abysmally Russia did in WW1?

Did Soros forget to pay you?

Its also the low estimate of how many illegals voted.

Im just glad the government is FINALLY looking in to that. So we will settle the matter once and for all.

Better than Italy continually trying to cross the Isonzo river for like three years.

I don't think you can say that considering how retarded Tannenburg was.