Daily New Thread 1/26

Seizing the Memes of Production: Meet the army of young leftists fighting a surreal war of ideas on the Internet

By weaponizing their memes, berating their targets with aggressive rhetorical strategies, and generally acting as outrageously as possible, the so-called alt-right gained the acknowledgement of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, hijacked the mainstream media, and dragged the national Overton Window toward their extremist views in the process—all from the safely removed distance of their crusty keyboards. They may have won the battle, but according to their opposition—some of which is located in the Northwest—the Great Meme Wars are far from over.

Jeremy Corbyn facing shadow cabinet split after issuing three-line whip on Article 50

The Labour leader has previously said he will not seek to block the triggering of the EU exit clause - and will now demand his MPs follow suit.

Theresa May refuses to rule out private US firms taking over NHS services

Prime Minister faces repeated questions over the potential threats to public services and food standards, ahead of her talks with President Trump later this week

Trump looks to cut federal funding to sanctuary cities

President Trump on Wednesday issued executive orders cracking down on undocumented immigrants across the United States and moving to strip federal funding from the sanctuary cities that protect them, including Boston, Somerville, Lawrence, and hundreds more nationwide.

Trump Prepares Orders Aiming at Global Funding and Treaties

The Trump administration is preparing executive orders that would clear the way to drastically reduce the United States’ role in the United Nations and other international organizations, as well as begin a process to review and potentially abrogate certain forms of multilateral treaties. Criteria include organizations that give full membership to the Palestinian Authority or Palestine Liberation Organization, or support programs that fund abortion.

Chicago’s Brutal Example

A new Department of Justice report shows that Chicago police have proven immune to reform.

France’s Valls, Hamon Clash Over Basic Income in Primary Debate

The two remaining candidates in the French Socialist Party’s primary expressed dramatically different views of the country’s economic future as they clashed in their only debate ahead of Sunday’s vote.

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Oh Jesus Christ

we're coming buckos
PURGE THE FUCKING BLAIRITES ALREADY.for real though Corbyn is an old lefty,he want us out of the EU.Not to mention he can win ovedr some of the Euro sceptic working class with his pro brexit stance.holding up article 50 is just going to paint Labour as an enemy,the way people see the SNP here in England
worrying,but she didn't answer any of the questions peopled asked her about her upcoming meeting with Trump.she just said she would protect our interests. Not that I trust may as far as I can throw the cow

with Breix problems right now Tories can't really attack the NHS like that,the way they'll do it is via cuts from the economic fallout over brexit

But our memes are fucking shit and don't catch on in the normiesphere. What can we do about this? Are we doomed?

the memes in that SeattleWeekly article are all shit

Holla Forums has better memes

I don't get it, the writer obviously knew about 4chan and the alt-right memes but decided to go to facebook for "leftist" memes. When you have shit like this representing leftist ideas out in the normiesphere, yeah, we're doomed. This is the equivalent of a Ben "Label Everything" Garrison cartoon

So why is the president able to rule the country like a fucking king through executive orders?

Why does the left have such little influence on board culture these days? Maybe that's why the writer went to Facebook? Doesn't know we exist.

Didn't the previous president make way or this kind of power in hope of Hillary getting the position?


They're Stirner-tier in how fantastic they are.

They spell their (and our) problem right there in the article.

That's it. That's the roadblock. Yes, we're funnier here, but it's only because and only when we're laughing at ourselves. An uninspired propaganda never works, in MSPaint image form or otherwise. There needs to be genuine fun behind it.

Catgirls just boosted our poster count by hundreds. As long as we can keep on having a good time like that, things will keep happening organically, and eventually we will come through.

Mainstream liberals are so disgusted by anonymous culture, they won't come to chans anymore. We're the left's only remaining hope.


I really dont find them funny, sorry. In fact most of the memes here I don't find funny. I just come here to talk, however the more I come here for that do I realize I start to question my beliefs.

Because Congress lets him, I guess.

These people must have known Corbyn's stance on the matter when he was re-elected last year. Smells like another excuse for resignations and infighting.

The issue is with our meme's is that they tend to need at least a small base of knowledge on the subject. Whereas everyone can understand a meme about gassing kikes.

Not true. We have lots of normie-friendly memes.

maybe too text heavy for a meme

You won't tell me that gulaging porkies is conceptually any more difficult that gassing kikes.

they aren't too theory heavy sure, but is right

Yeah no stop what you're doing and get help

Trump to create "safe zones" inside Syria

get ready for more fun in the middle east

Get ready for escalation. US soldiers are always prime targets for lots of groups in the region.

well well well

I fucking told you this would happen. But no

You kept saying

Over and over and over, and I just kept replying, just wait and understand.

Not even a fucking week.

what about Trump x Putin ,OTP if you ask me, is Putin going to let Trump stick his fingers in the pie?Especially considering if they create safe zones for those fleeing Gov forces.
also this al nusra gonna have a field day,further US imperialist measures will just help radical Islamist paint the picture of us vs them with the US.maybe ISIS will see this as the fulfilment of the prophecy for the end of days,with he armies of 'rome' at Dabiq

Go check out the Holla Forums thread on it, it's hilarious levels of cogitative dissonance

Europoors are some real desperate cucks if they're looking to America to save them.

will the YPG and this handsome son-of-a-bitch be ok?

t. concerned

he's a populist president, he needs the people more than anything, why would he not just go for restoring of relations with Russia and countering Russian influence at the same time?

as for YPG,does Trump even know the Rojava exists?I would be surprised if he did tbh

America doesn't "save" other nations on purpose, it is just blissfully incompetent at saving anything that isn't bougie and doesn't smuggle bank accounts into some safe island.

It could literally not save a cat that climbed up a tree without ten layers of bureaucracy protecting the resources that go to the metaphorical cat going to the asshole with twelve hundred cats.

I just read through it. The contortions they go through to defend Daddy at all times…

i think syria is right now writing a federal constitution which might give them more autonomy, but still not the status of an independent nation

not federal but still autonomous to a large extent, sorry.


I think they will be perfectly fine.

Thanks. Doesn't seem too good, tbh, Neither federalism nor full autonomy seem to be mentioned in that draft constitution. IIRC, that meeting fell apart anyway with the Syrians walking out.

They'll likely be de facto autonomous, the SAA really doesn't have the manpower to fight another hard war right after the current civil war is over
that said they probably won't stop the Turks from taking a crack at them

So basically its some kids who are many steps behind what pol is doing trying to copy their ideas?

These memes are shit.

Thanks for the shit memes you fucking cabbage mammal.


Hardcore idpol is a gateway drug to anticapitalism. Don't hate on it too much.

Holy fuck - a parody of itself. This is why you are a joke, leftypol.

Quality meme there guys, now don't pretend like he isn't a poster on here. He admitted to being a channer and left wing progressive tranny faggot.

Leftypol isn't on 4chan.

No, it isn't. 99% of the people who engage in it remain happily liberal, and even the ones who do go anti-capitalist tend to turn into Reddit style socialists. We're a super tiny minority here on this board.

Thats because if your a lefty you can just post on facebook or twitter and nobody will ban you.

No, but if he visited 4chan back then he most likely knows about cripplechan and as a no-life nerd visits this board to fill the empty voids in his life.

99% of the people who engage in it never get educated about Marxist theory either. I was an idpol liberal retard before I got educated and I am sure many others, especially those who grew up in or are part of the working class would be very open to socialism

Well yeah. No one likes Nazis and their enablers. Not even liberals do (at least until the commies are at the gate.)

Most dank memes pages are alt right though what is the journalist on about…


Ok guys, obviously I am fascist but for the love of god, do not let this cunt get away with this. This tranny liberal fagget has literally dragged your name as left wing memetards through the dust.

You need to gulag this guy, anyone have an icehack?

If people simply didnt like them they could still post there.

Its a bit more than that.

Normie """leftists""" have the shittiest memes, my god.

They actually think they are the new bohemians don't they?

The "normie" leftists of today are mentally ill trannies who overdosed on 4chan and become a girl because they could not get a gf. Also tumblrtards, I am sorry but you are fucked.

Decent liberals would have carried this battle, but tumblrtards would lose if they had no opponent but themselves.

this is how I a became /woke/ commie

These memes have made me anxious, I feel a great uncertainty about the future and I don't know why.

I am unsettled.

The Hades memes are pretty good IMO.

Hipsters being hipsters, basically.

gulag is le scary russian word. proles have been taught to identify with porky. "if u work hard enough, you can be an owner too."

this is how i began to resist porky. people celebrating corporations for putting rainbow flags on products made by third world laborers did not sit right with me.

she will get gulag, you will get wall

can someone explain hades meme for me?

When did I say they were funny? I said they kick fucking ass, user.

One caveat though. It works the best on non-white people. Whites often do just become extremely annoying SJW-style liberals who blame lack of "opportunity" /racism for brown and black poverty (because there are no poor white workers lol right.)

yea im a non hwhite so makes sense. also found that working class non whites are very open to discussing the problems with porky. and they are not idpolled to hell yet either because they often interact with working class whites.

I'm actually in an area that is overwhelming white proles and I'm trying to figure out a way to convince them that they have more in common with black and brown proles than porky, any advice?

white SJWs are fine with proles being downtrodden as long as there are a few gay and minority CEOs. Its gross. But i cant fucking stand minority SJWs who are muh muh privilege muh white people don't know what poverty is like.

it can be, most times it's not though

Yes, things woud have definitely turned out differently if the other candidate won. :^)


That's just Hades. What else there is to add?

Obama actually had a below average number of executive orders, something like half that of Bush.




They're not leftypol memes you disingenuous fag, they're liberal memes taken from the article in the OP. We're mocking them.

God I hate chicanos.

sounds like Holla Forums to me

They defending it quite vigorously
26th dimensional backgammon with a side of parcheesi after all

he admitted to being a 4channer and a proto-altright kiddo

Sounds like everyone that moved to 8pol to me.

COINTELPOL strikes again! Do these people know no bounds? They'd turn themselves into an unfunny tranny just to attempt to slander our good name.

It's funny because I hear 4cuck faggots complain about you guys all the time. You know what that means don't ya?