What is Holla Forums's thoughts on the cannabis plant, its uses and legality? Would you legalize...

What is Holla Forums's thoughts on the cannabis plant, its uses and legality? Would you legalize, decriminalize or ban and what products, separating recreational weed, medical weed and hemp as a raw material?

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there is literally no reason not to let people have weed

All drugs to be legalized, no ifs, ands or buts. Any "these are okay but those are too heavy" bullshit is tankie reactionarism.

Gotta love this meme

every terrorist smokes weed, yet islam is the scapegoat

I feel ya famalam

I don't buy into the 'weed is good for you' meme, although I'm willing to believe its a good painkiller.

I smoke every day. I work, I read, I do all the other shit a person does. I used to drink a lot and do a lot of ecstasy and coke and sometimes other trippy drugs like ket or 2cb

Drink is the worst of these in terms of how it makes people, or ket, but even then they are too out of it to be a problem.

Society would genuinely be a better place if people used more of these and less alcohol.

Would society be better if everyone was teetotal? Maybe, but you really can't underestimate the creative potential in social lubricants.

Not even 'weed makes me like, totally creative, man' I'm talking about the friendships that otherwise socially awkward people make while under the influence of whatever. Interactivity begets creativity.

Drugs have always been a good thing. It is said that one of the reasons the British empire flourished is because they drank a lot of tea and booze, which meant their water was either boiled or full of disinfectant, so they were less susceptible to disease.

The use of drugs literally only became a problem when it was generated by Nixon and Reagan.

When polled in the 50's nobody thought of drug use as a huge problem. The law and order thing was brought in as an election winner, fear was mongered.

It was only after that the gangs got so cutthroat. It was only after that that junkies roamed the streets on mass.

key figures have explicitly stated that the drug ban was not to get rid of drugs, it was to criminalize black people, draft dodgers and socialists in order to discredit various revolutionary movements.

I personally don't use it because it triggers the fuck out of my anxiety,but idgaf what other people do with it

Sobriety is oppression

Pretty much smoking anything is bad for you but vaping and edibles and tintures and whatnot wont do major harm if people dont do something stupid otherwise.

le ur using da wrong weed bruh meem

Regardless, in communism decrimbecomes legalization, because no sale to extract profit would be happening, much like prostitution becoming obsolete and essentially just sex.

I'm for the decriminalization of drug use to get drug use itself into the public eye to make sure the rights, safety and health of drug users are protected and to get drug users into society and away from societal exclusion, which'd turn them into lumpens.

I'm high right now!
Nothing helps energize me for cardio and lifting like a nice bowl. Sometimes I get so high that I zone out to music and come to 25 minutes later drenched in sweat. It's great.
It also helps me sleep like a baby.

I don't see why all drugs should be legal or at least decriminalised. The only time that they hurt other people is if you are doing it close enough to them so they could maybe inhale smoke or someshit but other than that you are only doing damage to yourself which you should be free to do.

Won't be legal in the uk until atleast the next election though which is a bit shit.

You lucky dawg, I live in the Nordics where everything is retarded

Won't happen in Finland ever

I'm being optimistic with that though but why is it so unlikely over there?

Here May is very anti-weed and even Corbyn is pretty apprehensive about it. I'm hoping Labour will run with legislation as a policy next election though.

We got one party explicitly pro-weed, which is outside the parliament and filled to the brim with libertards, guess which is it

Is there a far left group that's actually okay with drugs? Because historically they have bought into Porky's prohibitionism hook, line and sinker.

Try eurocom, anarchist and new left groups.

What's this comic, anyway?

Motivation against drugs in left circles was not born from liberal prohibitionism (legalism or moralism) but simply because drugs inhibit revolutionary discipline. As much as I'd love to see the Red Army on acid riding unicorns tackle the Wehrmacht, it's simply completely stupid.

What comes in Stalinism of course is pure moralism.

I think it's The Horde by Igor Baranko, looked it up myself after seeing it. Looks neat.

yeah but fr personal use the cops don't care and mostly just let you off with a warning.you have to have a large amount that is obviously for dealing or a grow house of they wont give a fuck

The 3rd Reich actually used a lot of amphetamines,especially on the eastern front.Hitler was off his ass on the stuff for most the war

The Horde, now renamed Jihad.


Lamaism, ayyliens, clones, Lenin, crazed Chechens, a drug-addled nazbol dictator and much more. It's a fucking blast.

Post-Marxism best Marxism.

Where does it stand ideologically? Is it well written where everyone's a shitter kind of thing, or does it get really preachy about Islam in particular?

That much is true for any would-be army tho. And still, every commie regime, no matter how close or far to Stalinism, hated drugs.

Not preachy at all. It's close to French comics in style: wild ideation at a fast pace.

tell that to Farc, nigga

I've heard it's great in certain circumstances for medical use. Legalizing drugs is not something I like (this goes for cigarettes/alcohol too). But the war on drugs is like watching a dog chase it's tail. So ultimately it should be legal. Perhaps if it were to become legal, less people would smoke it as the taboo of it being an illegal substance would be gone.
Smoking is bad. Drugs are bad. Mm'kay?

Cheers, I'm downloading it now because you've sold me on it.

There is not a single compelling argument in favour of prohibition IMO. I like the noncommercial "cannabis club"-model of portugal. With enough tact, the irrationality of cannabis laws and it's causes (pharma interests, political power through fearmongering etc.) can be a good lever to spread radical leftism among its casual users.


lumpens will be gassed, friend. Weed kills your intellectual spirit and your sperm

I don't know man, I've been tossing the idea around with some guys to all take a bunch of stimulants before direct action.

So instead of having more proles, we should just kill them. Nice Holla Forumsitics.

I cannot stand stoners, or addicts of any type, whether it's tobacco, alcohol, cannabis etc.

I certainly would not want all drugs legal even under socialism.

I wouldn't want you, some cunt who thinks him not liking something is justification for banning it, to have any power in this socialist society.


t. drinkers

This would be supported by the fact that the US government took no issues with the CIA collaborating with known drug traffickers around the world. For people who wanted to wage a "War on Drugs", they certainly got along well with cocaine pushers.

Someone tell Holla Forums that the Nazi masturbation fantasy is already happening and they're missing out on it.


that is,
r a c e
w a r
great word filter btw, I had a giggle

This was a fucking beast!

End yourself. Adults like drugs.

I use it for ptsd.
It's saved my life.
I barely even use these days, too.

Legalize. Reintroduce back in various forms to break corn and paper monopolies.

On this issue Hitchens looses his mind.

Can somebody with strong anti-drug leanings explain their reasoning?

Something the media and CIA are pushing into society and dressing up as "cool" because of how it keeps the masses pacified and lazy.

Hello Jan Irvin. I think you'll find that they already have alcohol for that.

They'd never treat a psychedelic like that, mild or not. Mind openers are dangerous for the current mindset, attitudes, morals, opinions, what have you.


Tough luck, part of the price for a stable society is giving up some precious freedom to poison your body and mind.

Stop giving us your feels. Explain your reasoning.

Drugs are bad.

I know, right? Reminds me of Grant Morrison's work. I had a feeling that the bald occult expert agent was a nod to him, but it seems Baranko never mentioned him.

Nonetheless, if you want more mindfucks, Morrison is your man.

Violent crime over them is worse.

Does Varg think this? What about the Finnish mushroom shamans?

I agree

but imo people take drugs to escape from the alienation of capitalism

no wonder drug use among poor white americans is rising

I agree, drugs should be taken in celebration rather than suffering. Despite that I smoke, drink and masturbate to forget.

leaning on bud for entertainment/distraction purposes makes me much less dependent on other forms of entertainment/distraction


gunja is kind of unique in that a competent small operation can easily keep up with a large op in terms of quality and even surpass said. Becoming relatively capable in cannabis horticulture is a matter of a few months, its a small investment and relatively low risk(depending on location obv) that can potentially yield a very solid ROI, I know many people that have used a few grows to elevate themelves out of poverty,

Its feels really good to grow too, you are actually putting in the work and making something of your own for which you can then reap the rewards, its almost a character building exercise especially for whacked out urmenschen like myself that have never really had that experience outside of a forced mandate like prison/mil etc. also classical music actually works, Indicas like bach

All drugs should be provided for by the state, with dissuasion and paperwork for the socially harmful ones.

Well yeah, that's part of what Marx meant by "religion is the opiate of the masses". Our interpretation of that statement is tainted by the drug war, so everyone just thinks he was shitting on religion.

I smoke weed every day. Any left opposition to weed legalization would cost us the support of the youth, and is generally just moralistic garbage. Alcohol is a much more dangerous substance, yet is of course celebrated by all.

Yesterday night, I ate a cannabis cookie and it was awesome. I listened to Beethoven, and even though I normally see classical music just as a bourgeois tool for their social standing, I felt like for the first time I was getting why he is always hailed as the greatest of the greatest.
It makes me way less prone to do stupid stuff than the alcohol I consume daily. Of course it doesn't help with laziness and procrastination, it can make you paranoid, withdrawn and it can triggers panic attacks, but it is still less dangerous than alcohol and a more interesting drug.
So, yeah it should be legalized. And for those concerned about a rise in consumption, the UK and France have a higher percentage of cannabis smokers than the Dutch, despites the more repressive approach to the issue of the formers and the quasi-legality of weed in the Netherlands.

Also, psychedelics like psilocybin should be more studied and maybe more widely (but carefully) used

Completely illegal, and degenerate. If caught with it = Gulag 15 years.


Weed is shit, LSD is the best thing to ever exist though

Sperm replenishes itself you retard. You cum better when you're high as fuck, try having sex on it. Also I find myself most creative stoned.

Peter Hitchens is like Christopher Hitchens except wrong 99% of the time instead of wrong 40% of the time, and without any of the charm.

he unironically believes that anyone attempting to claim that vikings uses mushrooms are liars and n-not muh ancestors, fun, etc


this video alone proves how fucking stupid and wrong varg is at literally all times

He has a warped vision of what mushrooms do. He's also triggered.

Disappointing in Varg.

Psychoactive drugs have been entangled with human culture since there's been human culture and no society has ever really been serious about eliminating them.

Prohibition efforts have almost always been based around making the Other's drug illegal and immoral while praising or quietly ignoring your own culture's preferred substances.

This, but I'll add that usually people will use "drugs" to refer to the other's drugs and refer to their drugs as something else. See, "drugs and alcohol." I laugh my ass off when I see people who get drunk regularly shy away from even considering other drugs, even party drugs.

And weed

LSd is infinitely better, but that only speaks volumes for the goodness of weed.

Should we replace many products we get from wood by hemp, which'd be more resource-efficient? Like paper?

That's a given. The regular paper we use is nothing short of garbage.

Some drugs are legitimately damaging though and will fuck you up

Just don't see the appeal really.

Its lovely to see dumb statist trying to ban something "for the good of the masses", all they arendoing is accelerationg the inevitability of market anarchism

Cheka > Markets

Sorry fam

25i-nBome is the real shit. Doesn't mess with your head and shit gets trippy.

That's a big pizza pie!

Like alcohol and tobacco.

What a waste of resources.

Is that Murray Bookchin?

Which why the cheka still exist today and russia and other ex-soviet states arent one of the biggest black markets in history

Oh wait…

By far the worst overused plot of the series.

Delicious statist tears

anarkiddie logic