Thoughts on Italian Fascism?

Thoughts on Italian Fascism?

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Did it give the means of production to the workers?
If not, then shit ideology


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Corporate plutocracy with a lot of fanfare around it to make it seem like it wasn't.

It was good early. Like really early, inception period. Then it quickly became a shitshow. Marinetti and Ambris not Mussolini and Franco OK

Personally I think early Italian (and Spanish) fascism is really interesting. They were originally democratic basically radical socdem with patriotic rhetoric

I agree. Stuff like national syndicalism sounds interesting too.

Ever read Sorel? Thoughts on that guy? 3spooky5me though.

I keep thinking about ways to try and rework it as a way to convert polacks to libertarian socialism.

The story is actually strikingly similar to what happened on the left, an originally democratic movement is co-opted by authoritarians and loses touch with it popular roots.

I keep thinking about what if it went the other way. If Lenin had actually carried out the devolution to the soviets, let Ukraine break off, what if Marinetti had staid in power in Fascist Italy instead of Mussolini, what if the Assers had been the most influential part of the Nazi Party, if Hitler had never violated the none aggression back and they had agreed between USSR and the Facists to split Spain between syndicalists and national syndicalists

Obviously the revolutionary fever has spread to Britain and by now INGSOC is firmly in place.

>TFW the environment was never fucked up


Franco wasn't even a fascist, just a conservative authoritarian.

you think if lenin had lived longer he might have been able to do more? I don't like Lenin personally,but I do think he could have had a less authoritarian regime if he had lived longer and that the situation he was in forced his hand in many places

If the USSR had been what he said it would be in State and Revolution it would probably be FALC now IMO.

Ultimately, I can get behind 99% of Leninism, its just when, as you say, the revolutionary fervour dies, lets say symbolically like with the death Lenin, you have to trust that the new autocrat is as good as the old and has the intentions and strategy, but this is not always the case, so that by the time you get to Krushchev and Gorbacunt they have forgotten what the revolution was about in the first place and you regress back to capitalism only now with a crushing state apparatus.

This couldn't have happened if the Soviets had had control, because these cunts could never have Liberalised because they wouldn't have had the power. Democratic power is the ultimate insurance against backsliding post revolution. When you have to take the factories directly back out of their hands, send in your own managers and such, people respond. When you changed the owners of the factories and the nothing on the floor changes people couldn't really give a shit.

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No because he would have to steal it off other workers.

That would be a theft.

I have a massive boner for fascist aesthetics but fascism is painfully retarded.

I never saw the aesthetic appeal of fascism.

Fascist aesthetics were just lazy.

Dunno, I don't care about fascist aesthetics, but I like that. Visually yeah it's lazy, but conceptually it's brilliant.

fascism is aesthetic made policy and mythology made ideology

You're using a bad example.

This! Imagine an alliance between Riverist/Falangist Spain, Nazbol France, Nazbol/Strasserist Germany and NazSyn Italy….

user please, you're making me depressed that I don't live in this alternate universe.

I've visited this timeline and can confirm: it's lit.


Then you should join them, kys fascist sympathizer

Fun fact: Walter would go work for big oil.

It's a dead mass movement, like so many before it and after it.

Good on theory, like communism but shit in practice.

Has Holla Forums already turned into Holla Forums? Fascists were and always will be just puppets of the bourgeoisie, class conciliatory scum.

Stop it man, you're proving MLs' social fascist theory


I don't think that someone still has to prove something that has been proven.



Post-fascism is salvageable ideology, same goes for sorelianism so fuck (you).

United We Are Stronger!

Crushed in short order by imperialist and fascist powers.