So Richard Can't we just genocide blacks? Spencer got glocked again

So Richard Can't we just genocide blacks? Spencer got glocked again.

Post yfw.

Where da vid @?

Punching Spencer will be the greatest leftist meme of all


At this rate, nigga gon look like Elephant Man before the year is out.

I hope this happens literally every time he leaves the house from now on.

Okay, this is getting pretty funny. You narchos may be good for something after all.

Remember lads - serious violence like bombs or whatever will make us look scary, but punching a faggot in the face makes them look like a douchebag.

I hope someone bakes him a "get well" cake with one of those spring-boxing gloves in it that come out and hits him in the face when he tries to eat it like in some bugs bunny cartoon.

Oh God the same fucking "White Lives Matter Too Much" sign in the background. You should have known, Spencer, you walked right into our trap!

The fuck does the "White Lives Matyter Too Much" sign supposed to mean? That the police need to be larger and fucking white people just as much?

Peak liberalism.

It means, essentially, "Fuck white people."

very spooky


That we should hate white people for their muh privilege instead of the capitalist system and bourgeois government which is responsible for the terrible conditions faced by poor blacks and Latinos.

No, it's obviously saying that white lives are given more importance than black lives.
If you can't tell that, you must be pretty autistic.

inb4 all lives matter

Yes obviously you fucking moron
I'm questioning the implications behind that wording

does that mean we can make SJW's look like douchebags too by punching them in the face?

u wot m8

I'm not sure how the media in other countries covered the initial punch but the response here in Ireland was fucking depressing. Just a bunch of useless liberals circlejerking over their supposed pacifism and clearly only able to have that opinion because Nazis would never target their fat porky arses.

I wouldn't worry about these people, they're all talk. They're so conflict averse they're pretty much life's spectators.

If it's anything like the UK press they purged all the intellectuals from the comments section by integrating it with social media, and journos are largely hacks and interns..


Yes, keep believing that that is helping your cause. It's clearly working out great for you. After all, everyone hates white people.
t. Holla Forumsyp

Please do not encourage the redditors, Holla Forums

Sorry, you're right. Some things we can all agree on, I suppose.

you realize this will only justify violence on their side, right?

Although, violence is their final aim regardless. All this musing about "peaceful removal of non-whites" is daydreaming nonesense as if people who were born and raised in the USA would leave because some fag decided it's now an ethnostateACCELERATE, LET'S GET THIS CIVIL WAR GOING


Good. Smash them with the utmost force.

No, you're a retard. They're turning an issue of economics and disenfranchisement into an issue of hatred for white people. This isn't even "Black Lives Matter" - a positive statement - but an entirely negative proclamation towards a perceived racial enemy. It's pure COIDPOL.

Even though I dislike liberal SJWs, no:
SJWs - Don't want to genocide people
Nazis - Want to genocide people

It's always okay to punch a Nazi. Anyone who disagrees with this is a Fash/Nazi sympathizer.

Oops, meant to reply to


I can respect a Nazi more than an SJW, because at least a Nazi realises there is something deeply wrong with the world even though he has misdiagnosed it. Would fight.
SJWs are irritating liberals with no real world experience of anything, they're a pathetic and irritating noise. Would ignore and hope someone gets bored enough to slap.



Not gonna happen with Trump in charge.

I asked about it's effectiveness in making people look like douchebags. Does this apply to SJW's too?

What do you mean? SJW's have their own version of what's wrong with the world, usually patriarchy et c. Seriously, if they didn't think there was something wrong they wouldn't be called social justice warriors.

They're pretty much a moronic mouthpiece for the establishment, I don't get much of an impression they really give a shit outside of opportunities to grandstand either.

Nazis realize liberals are the problem. SJWs are the liberals.

Yes, I realize that's not what he said, I'm not defending his post. I'm pointing out there exists an actual qualitative difference.

I don't think most intend to be establishment mouthpieces, they just fail to see the importance of economics in society

Just like fascists.

I'm not saying there isn't. I'm just saying that it works both ways. There's no reason to favour one over the other, unless you're merely an opportunist.

In this case, it would be:
Liberals realize Nazis are the problem. Nazis are the SJWs.


Is there a video? pls be a video

rip pupper

RIP Gabe the doggo

Absolutely this. I want to do it too.

I actually wish I was American so that I could do it

even better
fascists who regularly gloat about how weak women are, getting punched out by stronger women. Like this example.

Karma has its ways

make him hide his fashie ass inside scared of commies bashing him everywhere he goes.

In the proper circumstances, maybe.
If a woman slapped Chanty Binx across her stupid face, I'd cheer.

This isn't FULLCOMMUNISM you meme spouting cunts.


This is so based, please keep it up, people should keep punching Spenceras a meme

There's no reason to favor SJWs over Nazis? Are you fucking insane?

One makes your vidya annoying and might make you uncomfortable online or on a college campus.

The other wants to literally genocide people.


This, let's be honest sjws are children, nazis are really dangerous delusional adults

when ur so triggered by sjws you start thinking nazis are heroic or getting to the root of the problem. two sides of the same coin for the most part.

the right controls the military and the police in America, and most private gun owners are conservative white men

we will be slaughtered in a violent struggle so I can't see why we should seek one out

SJWs are slowly destroying Western science and civilization with their insane motivated reasoning and censorship. they are ten millions times more dangerous than Spencer, who has almost no followers

There are more gun owners here than on 8/pol/ I'm fairly certain. Don't rely on stereotypes.

Holla Forums has threads talking about global warming being false and the world being a hyper torus and not actually a sphere

Nazis are children as well. Neither has any real power, and both work for the establishment. The only difference between Nazis and SJWs is ideological, and even in that they are only the inverse of one another.

I'm european. Stop americansplaning.



like pottery

Hey Holla Forums, next time make it less obvious.


They're very similar to Nazis in some ways, so yes, if the context is right. Bonus points if it's a compadre punching.

nazis form violent gangs all around the world, and have parliament seats in many european countries

if you're misinformed about something don't write bullshit


Good fuck him
hes a jewish globalist shill controlled opponent


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