Is he right?

Is he right?

Maybe read the book and find out?

Im still reading harry potter

It's more a criticism of Stalinism than fascism but not communism either way.

Yes. The book is a criticism of Stalin not of socialism/communism.
Orwell: 'In my opinion, nothing has contributed so much to the corruption of the original idea of socialism as the belief that Russia is a socialist country and that every act of its rulers must be excused, if not imitated.'

Daily reminder that Orwell was a snitch for porky

It's a critique of the Bolshevik party elite, not fascism.

daily reminder that the reason why anarchists care so deeply for Orwell or Chomsky is because of how triggered tankies get at the mere mention of their names

They're both liberals in old age but I'll defend them just to witness your online anal anguish

It's a fucking short story. If you can't get through it in one sitting you should probably give up on reading tbh.

Nothing to do with anarchists not being represented by anyone serious in the last century, then.

I can see the merit in that and I agree, it's hilarious.

I'm sure there're better choices for that than Orwell or Chomsky, like Bookchin.

Just read the book


No, Animal Farm is trotskyite propaganda, it's just in the nature of trotskyism to then subsequently become a tool of imperialist propaganda..

As a comment on those non academics following this ideology it's 100 % accurate. It doesn't attract anyone who ever worked in his life.

Read the book and come up with you're own opinion faggot, it's only 100 pages, you can read it in an afternoon.

no, it's about Stalinism, Orwell was quite clear about that. He despised tankies for what they did to Catalonia.

Pretty much why I stated in the last century, should have added in an inb4 bookchin too to really drive the point home.

Neither Chomsky, nor Orwell were/are liberals.

Huh? How comes their glorious revolution was dependent on actions of the Soviet Union and its alliance with the Popular Front?

And i thought they had things figured out and managed so well on their own, but yet again anarkiddyism is genuinly "gibmidats" adressed at the meany commies that wouldn't share resources for their autistic causes.

Good one.


Good one.

you anarkiddies really make it easy to look down on you

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