Is homophobia prevalent because of capitalism ?

Is homophobia prevalent because of capitalism ?

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No, homosexuality is prevalent because of capitalism.

It predates it.


Anti-gay bigotry is probably the term you're looking for. You currently sound like an SJW.


Sexy Jamaican Woman?

Pol intensifies

Homophobia? No
Sexism? A tiny bit
Racism? Yes, from class immobility leading to more crime by poor minorities and fear of competition with immigrants.

Holla Forumspot has spoken

Yes, it is a non issue because very few are truly homophobic, capitalism though abused that to increase the amount to make this big LGBT/anti LGBT war to keep people distracted.

Even in Nigeria things weren't that bad until capitalists started pushing their homophobia there to make it look like a big thing.

Putin doesn't really care as much and the homophobia in Russia isn't as bad while homophobia in the us might be similar to Russia even after all the lgbt laws.

The whole homophobia and LGBT movement was created as a distraction

Question for Russians, what is the gay "propaganda" regulation about?

Like would I get arrested for talking about being gay with some friend publicly or watching a tv series on iPad while walking that had 2 men kissing ?

Communists used to be virulently homophobic, so you tell me.

I wish


Pol converts were a mistake

Fidel admitted he was wrong, sexuality plays no effect in communism, you are just another worker revolutionary,

Homosexuality existed long before the bourgeois class dominated.

Homosexuality and homophobia existed before capitalism my dude.

Pretty sure theyre arguing it perpetuates or worsens it not is the only cause of it. Which I dont agree with as I can't see why it would unless it has to do with how Porky wants to push population increase constantly to keep up with the ever decreasing dollar value and homosexuals and asexuals would be a hinderence to that.

try to disprove neoliberalism doesn't bank on gays
you keep mentioning Holla Forums as if he's under your bed

I don't agree with it either. It's like being confused about where all these fags come from if they don't reproduce. To fill in the gap of their knowledge here they would have to have something like a "gay agenda" which is just right-wing conspiracy, like the patriarchy.

Prove neoliberalism has anything to do with it. I can't see how increased financialization of the economy and trade deals leads to more gay people.

It was seen as woman hateric and connected to pederasty

Yes but modern LGBT is something different. You can get away with most things as long as you have progressive values like Obama or Trudeau

And neither Obama, nor Trudeau, both neoliberals, are homosexuals.

And you keep mentioning neo liberalism as if it created gays.

And the fact that the whole LGBT vs anti LGBT think exists profits only one, so neither right or current left is good for this, and pol just tries to put anything they don't like in the world to capitalism, just like Holla Forumstarts blame everything on le jews

I think capitalism seeks to promote sexual deviancy in order to have an audience to make a profit from. Not saying capitalism created homosex or that all gays are porky pawns or some shit though, but like most things, it'll find ways to make profit from it.

It's not just homos who are effected.
Everyone's sexuality can be commodified.

Yeah, plus it's actually easier to hide that you're gay than that you are non-white or a woman.

Also, when it finds something to make a profit from, it'll try to keep it going and going and going until it gets caught and forced to stop, or kills itself along with everything else

This is the porkiest shit I've ever seen holy fuck

Man do I wanna see how people 100 years from now react to seeing this shit.


Social in socialism actually means social conformity.
Being gay is not contributing to society so its a bad thing from a socialist or communist perspective.

Holla Forums doesn't even try at this point

I thought pol didnt like gays either?

Nice try, Holla Forums

Woah Holla Forums take it slow, you are being obvious

Well many of you guys hate that Milo fag just because hes gay.

Fear and extreme hatred of homophobia are tenets of capitalism and are very new in modern society. The only socially acceptable view in modern society is extreme prejudice of anybody holding homophobic tendencies, in fact, there's something of a homophilia that dominates modern culture, especially among straight people. Homophobia is a natural biological instinct, linked with reproduction and hygiene, that has occurred in people since the beginning of civilization, capitalism has found more profit in promoting homosexuality and using it as a tool to divide the working class than in being antagonistic towards it.

No, I hate him because he's an obnoxious attention whore.

Someone's gonna reply to this post seriously

OK think about it this way:

If capitalism didnt exist, would leftypol still be homophobic against Milo? Obviously yes.
If Socialism didnt exist would leftypol still be homophobic against Milo? Almost certainly not.

Nice logic, lol

Gays can be obnoxious pricks like anyone else. They're not special. People hate him for being alt-right, just like they hate all the straight alt-righters.


Shut up faggot.

The alt right isnt even a thing.

Its just something the alt left invented to confuse people.

Holla Forums go home, you sound like the DNC

epin meem

I think so, because look at all the products to make gays straight again. It's all a ruse, turning people gay and then making them pay. That's why we gotta RESIST CAPITALISM BAYBEE!

The only product I know of that makes gays straight again is Mike pences electric gay conversion therapy machines. IE a cattle prod.

Good then he deserves all the shit gets and then some for being a drama queen like lying about "BEING ATTACKED!!!1" while clutching his pearls
IIRC he's said he'd prefer to be straight
He's rejected the community and rightfully so, the community will reject right back

Is this a challenge? I take it.

I think the majority of the board will agree with me:
You can form an opinion, you can grow to like or dislike someone independently from their identity group. That means being gay is not a reason to be either hated nor appreciated.
I dislike Milo for enabling the alt-right shit, not because he's gay. Just like i dislike Soros for subverting leftism and engaging in capitalistic exploitation, not because he's jew.

thats the joke. the question is dumb as shit.

I am gay and and still hate milo for being a capitalistic cuck who simply wastes his time dividing people

But strangely you dont have a problem with any straight people enabling the alt right.

Gays can be homophobic too.

Sexuality is irrelevant on our comrades, the only thing that matters is being a communist worker for the sake of our mutual profit.

Milo isn't hated for being gay, he is hated for being wrong and a capitalistic alt right diversionary, o. The other hand the right likes milo cuz "my token gay, I are so tolerant"

Are you retarded

Its irrelevant but you are obsessed by it?

Back to reddit, my dude.

Your really need to gain some reading comprehension

Neither you or I can even name anyone in the alt right except Milo.

Because I'm going to fuck you in the ass without lube

Because we are discussing the subject of homophobia being spread on purpose by porky in order to produce another divisive tactic while also selling shit for being pro gay.

Uganda became ultra homophobic only after white capitalists went and spread it here, it was a non issue before.

Even Putin has said he has no problem with gays and that he even awarded some

Punched man Spencer.

That faggot Ghost
Mike Enoch who got doxxed lol
I honestly don't really pay attention to alt right faggots but yeah the point stands

Capitalism creates the framework for homophobia as well as other forms of discrimination.

Same thing. No reason to not use a valid term just because liberals use it.

Yes i do.

None of those people are alt right.

Alt right means alternative. So if your gay or a tranny or something and part of the right then you are alt right.

Does the alt-right suck lots of cocks so that they can call the left homophobes?

What a bunch of SJWs.

How to test if your thread is infected by Holla Forumstards
1)post an idpol meme
2)Holla Forumstard will take it seriously believe communism cares about idpol diversions
3)laugh at the capitalist's slaves who think they are revolutionaries while falling for idpol

This isn't your last (you) from me


Or if your a lesbian woman who is a conservative then you are alt right but instead of sucking cock you would lick pussy.


Excellent post my fellow old-altrightfag

Have a [you] : o )

Bigotry in general is prevalent because people feel vulnerable and under threat. They feel this way because of the inequality inherent to capitalism.
If you're not sure whether you're going to have enough money to feed your family, you get stressed. Stressed people (and animals) tend to exhibit lower empathy, lower generosity, and a tendency to make emotional judgments rather than rational ones.

If poverty was eliminated it would go a hell of a long way to eliminating bigotry. It's certainly far more effective than holding pride marches, slut walks, fat sits or whatever the latest trend is.

Back to >>>/reddit/ faggot

alt-right is a synonym for reactionary, personal identity has nothing to do with it

But now the president is center right, the reactionaries would be the alt left? Correct?

Nah, just because he's a faggot with his own lovely safe space

So if he retracted his statement about censorship you would have no problem with him?

It isn't. Homophobia is an involuntary reaction. A homophobe can be for gay rights.

Yes OP I hate the queers because apple, facebook twitter whole foods etc etc etc etc tells me to gas the fags

No hatred of fags comes from their debased nature, they are only worthy of a bullet
And if you pay any level of attention it is the upper class that pushes it's acceptance the most with only the working class and middle class putting up any resistance

they saw the chance to get more money and create diversion,

I've heard arguments about that before. Namely, that labels like "heterosexual" and "homosexual" shouldn't even exist in the first place, but Porky used old scientific terms in order to create a whole """""culture""""" from the ground up.

Nothing more hilarious than delusional buttmad people shouting "I are not mad, i just want to angrily hurt you because muh feelings"

I'm sorry I speak English, could you repeat what you said in my native language

Homophobia is prevalent because americans are retarded and make up most of the online community.


The problem with that comparison is we need men for a plethra of reasons, fags provide nothing

I'm arguing from a perspective that you would agree with more likely then (fags must die for the Nazi masturbation fantasy)

Oh boy, Holla Forums is unscientific. Who knew.

If you are about to tell me that gay dudes aren't men then you are going straight down the same path as 'they are whatever I identify them as' which would be some twisted and turnt reflection of the SJW 'I am whatever I identify as' and it would make me laugh

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Justify killing Röhm.

Really? Try and think a bit.

Wait, are you saying if a guy molests a guy he's not gay?


now send in the based syrian refugees mama merkel

Straight men can fuck straight men and still be straight.

Is not giving a quarter of a fuck for gay rights considered homophobic?


Nazi delusional rationalizations over trying to justify their petty feelings is hilarious.

What is more hilarious is them acting manly and tough when a literal cuck punched their public face and now a woman punched him again.

I wonder who will punch him next, i hope he gets punched to the point of becoming a living meme

Special rights arent required under communism because the proletariat just lives and enjoys our lives thus there is no need to segregate, divide and whine about each other, like someone suggested bigotry in general exists because of bad conditions.

I wouldnt mind if leftism became a meme that simply means mindless violence.