Comrade Bernie Sanders Documentary

11mins into it thus far. So far, so good. It's nice to see old footage of Bernie from the 80s. I think it's clear that Bernie is actually a socialist, he just doesn't want to reveal his powerlevel. Or at the very least he was a socialist at one point in his youth and he softened and is now just a socdem.

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Why does age ruin everyone?

Is the ideological weakening with age why only old fucks get to be major politicians in burgerland? Or do you all just have a disgusting wrinkly dick fetish?

The older the get the less dividends you will receive for risk.

More vintage Bernie Sanders material

It's old people whom I've heard saying the most radical things in person.


Haha yea I think it's doubtful that Bernie runs in 2020. Isn't he gonna be like 77 then?

The real question is why did he bend over so fast? Does he know that Trump's plan is far worse than hillary's long term or was he forced

American politics is a clusterfuck. It was a lose-lose situation no matter what.

Either you support Hillary Clinton and you get some positive change maybe
you don't vote or vote Jill Stein and gift-wrap the election to Donald Trump and the Republicans. Who then go on to destroy the fucking world economy.

We need direct democracy. This representative democracy shit isn't working out

Funny thing is we got the technology for direct democracy and the digital infrastructure with transparency stopping lies and corruption

Direct democracy under capitalism would only lead to a mediaocracy.

Literally everyone would vote against big company interests because even movies and media shut on them to look not capitalistic .

It won't happen because they would never give you the means to their own destruction.

But it might work after a revolution

Exactly. Look at bitcoin (it's a lolbert invention but cryptographic blockchain tech can be used for voting). Bitcoin uses cryptographic encryption. As a result, it's virtually impossible to hack bitcoins on the blockchain (bitcoin exchanges have been hacked but that is another issue). And the data of each transaction is recorded on a public ledger while still being anonymous. You can easily implement the same technology for voting as we do crypto-currency.

The representative democracy thing was a necessary evil back in the days where communication from one part of the nation to another was cumbersome. You voted for a representative in your district to go live in the capital and vote on your behalf.

But now that we have the internet and blockchain cryptographic technology (it would take a computer a very long time to brute-force their way through cryptographic encryption. That shit is rock solid secure), this is no longer necessary.

And these days these fucking representatives are basically just party cronies and receive bribes from bourgeoisie scum anyway.

But also the less you actually risk.

The more I read about him in Vermont, the more I find out that the socialists here don't like him much. He apparently burned a lot of bridges here, especially with the Liberty Union.


We could’ve had Bernie but now we have to deal with Trump just so goddamn liberals could have their muh glass ceiling shattered.

The 2016 Dem convention is really one of the few lasting, vivid political memories in my life. Always disliked liberals but that was the moment it turned to hate.

I'd be surprised if he's alive in 2020 let alone runs

What I've heard is that the Liberty Union are sectarian fucks that don't actually want to get anything done, they want to virtue signal and don't understand entryism or making themselves palatable to normies. The complaints about him in Vermont are same as everywhere, people not understanding politics.

He's in great health. He got a hernia surgery and the next day he filibustered on the Senate floor. How old is McCain?

Four years should be enough to mentor someone and raise him up on the progressive shield.

When people get old their memory goes to the wayside. They forget the important facts that are needed to uphold ideological consistency.

Also forgot to mention, you can't really blame an old person for this fact. The fact that their mind starts to go makes me feel kind of bad for them.

they make a good point though, that security of their system, and security of all the endpoints that would be needed to implement it (home computers, OSs, etc etc) are two different things