Million faces of Donald Trump

Liberal Press is hillarious






Sweet Jews for Jesus… the clickbait is real.



It's totally unnecessary to compare Trump to anyone else to demonstrate how shit his ideas are.

Why are you promoting capitalistic clickbait media?
Have they paid you to post those?

I'm not promoting all this media, it was just funny to see that so many journalists in USA are total morons

A maoist-marxist-stalinist-caligulan-chavezist-ayattolah-chimpanzee-sexist..

People know to much history, it's not healthy.

>the problem is these liberals know too much

Is there anyone he doesn't have startling parallels with?



I want to murder whoever wrote this. How can americans be this deep in liberal ideology?

wtf, this cannot be real

I do love how they associate him with every possible ideology except conservative protectionist capitalism.

They've got to associate Trump with as many things they aren't capitalism as possible so that when capitalism fails again it will be because of his socialism or whatever bullshit instead of the fact that he's another porky in a long list of porkies

Khomeini did nothing wrong

The internet is a big place there's probably hundreds of these shitty articles being made every hour

I think Mussolini is a good analogy TBH.

And Im a yuge supporter of Trump.

As an italian the Berlusconi comparison is one that holds together on some levels (especially rethoric style), but the fundamental difference is that Trump won despite having all the "reputable" news sources against him wereas Berlusconi would have never won an election without owning most of the private tv networks of Italy and making them blast out propaganda day and night.

This is one spicy political compass.

wtf I love trump now

Donald confirmed Radical centralist


Cant wait to see when Trump is Tito

dont you dare user

Makes sense seeing how Tito was defined by his complete repression of ethnic nationalist sentiments and so is Trump