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What mod is this? Should I just buy the damn expansion pass for the game?

Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod.


The game and mod seems interesting. I have an Intel integrated GPU laptop. Can I run this game? I don't want to pay $44CAD for it on Steam only to find out I can't run it.

Is democracy 3 any good?

What are your specific system specs? With that said, it's not too demanding.

I didn't like it.

It's funny to be a complete tyrant and watch everything go to shit. SocDem is the way to win the game though.


does Russia have the nazbol party?

Is that Jill Stein as president? LOL

Windows 10
Intel Core i5-3320M 2.6GHZ Dual-Core
Intel Integrated GPU

Might work. My main concern would be that GPU. You should try downloading it from the pirate bay to see if it works before spending money on it. If it works, maybe buy it off steam so you have access to the Steam workshop.

Not sure. Closest might be the "Nationalist" faction. I know Syria has the SSNP.

Prepare to get hacked kiddo

lol why Windows 10 is not secure?

what i have seen from screenshots the Ba'athists are considered the nationalist faction in Syria.
to what faction does SSNP belong?

I think you're right. SSNP might be the fascist faction.

Literally everything you do on the device is shared with Microsoft and the NSA.

lol I must be on some sort of watchlist then posting on Holla Forums

We pretty much all are at this point. The government generally doesn't give a shit so long as they don't see you as a credible threat.

Grand Theft Auto is pretty left.

Are the Followers of the Apocalyps /our guys/?

Yes, and their supposed split with the NCR was a ruse to distract from their ongoing slick march through it's institutions.

Hell yeah. Shame about Arcade, he doesn't get a good ending no matter how you play the game, except maybe if you consider working for a public clinic as a family doc for 20 years and then dying in his sleep to be a good end.

Also don't forget;
His intention was good anyway, actually the water is contaminated and it will kill the farms unless you shut it off during the quest Hard Luck Blues, and also save a trapped family while you're at it

Yeah, they're fucking dope. Only it's actually Arcade who tells you to divert power to Freeside. Rivas tells you to spread it equally. Both options will give you some rep with the followers, though.


there's a server running with 70 players, this makes 35 for each team, but it's full. and the game mode is shit anyways. seriously, fuck king of the hill and its idiotic adaption of ranking system from pleb shooters.


It's still good enough fun because there's so much stuff you can do. Run ended with tanks moving into the villages center rather than patroulling and holding the position with a nice view down the road from one end to the other of the villageā€¦ getting us blown up one after another. Stupid move but that's what the commander wanted.

Strategy game and some soviet nostalgia. It's nice.

At this rate when Squad releases its modding kit it will blow ARMA out the water.

Depends on how you play it, game modes like King of the Hill will probably move, but you can't play things like Patrol Ops, Insurgency, Invade & Annex etc., anything that's a larger scale coop or TvT.
From what i've seen Squad is still a very much faster paced game and doesn't play out much of logistics and advanced planning out of missions.

Not talking down on Squad but it's in a niche between the big arcade heavy shooters and the borderline milsim that is Arma.

Has to prove itself first and then will fill that place. It's not really a competition as they're delivering for different gameplay.
Despite all the flaws Arma has, most tend to jump on the bandwagon of either hating or loving it, and not seeing of what it does right and does so uniquely.

Long story short, i really don't appreciate any games hype and fantastic claims of one of them "blowing out" the competition.

No, the only way I was able to get good policies was by being a tax haven for foreign capital


You can just grab a gun, grab some explosives, and terrorize people who have millions of dollars and murder cops.

It's boring tbh fam. It's basically an ancient browser game or a DOS numbers game, like DrugWar, with prettier graphics and with more sliders.


Holla Forums Red Orchestra would be fun

HoI 4 is quite a shit game (when compared to HoI 3 and DH), but I like how chaotic it is
And Axis Berlin-Moscow is fun

It was alright, only problem is that everything goes to shit after 4-5 terms and the politics is pretty simplistic.

pirate the dlcs like a commie
only buy base game

This. If you don't invoke concrete violence, it's fine. If you say, I'll kill so and so on this or that day, prepare for a knock on the door.

Started playing Daggerfall recently.
So far it's fun, and being able to play a Elder Scrolls game without needing to mod it to hell and back is something new.



Zelda is quite reactionary, painting feudalism as virtually eternal. Is WW an exception?

Anyone tried this?


I'd say so. Wind Waker is a gem.

How do I get gud? I'm probably fucked anyway because my headset broke.

What did you dew to peru OP!

what do you mean lol.

WW is the only good Aonuma Zelda.
I'm still pissed off at the whole "Ganon, Link, and Zelda are just reincarnations" thing from SS.
The best Zelda games are the ones who don't have Ganon, Zelda or the Triforce, anyways.

This is a pretty Trotskyist game

My sides have become Trots and split as well.

Fix your headset, don't let yourself cast an outline on the horizon (skylining) and if you see someone else doing it either tell them or don't join them in death.

I got separated from my squad on it once and found some other guys who were getting routed, we were in some sand dunes and I just went fucking ham. I killed like three guys and held off their attack and I was so into it I started demanding their surrender. You can't even surrender but I wanted to capture them all.

Thanks for the advice

Anyone playing wildstar? want to retry it

Ate it.