Who /suicidal/ here?

Who /suicidal/ here?

I should have just fucking stayed a liberal so I don't have to deal with this shit

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Take a nap, comrade.

Sometimes I wish I would have od a couple of years ago. Instead I got fit and got read but I'm still alone and fucking some girl I get matched with doesn't kill the lonliness.

See if you can get a psychologist/group therapy, OP.

To answer your question: I was suicidal a few years ago, but CBT greatly improved my life.

Also, being anxious and distracted by depression feeds into "being bad at reading" as I noticed a massive increase in my reading comprehension when I felt excited and engaged about life.

if you're actually suicidal please see a doctor. don't wait.

don't worry about understanding theory. you will come to understand it later. try a reading group on discord or google hangouts or irl

And finally it's okay to be an "embarrassment to the cause" on this particular board. A third of the fucking posts here are "an embarrassment to the cause" because we're on fucking Holla Forums, we're anonymous, and we attract a lot of newfags.

Don't do it

Also some people aren't good at learning only through reading. Try watching videos and listening to video lectures on theory too. There are tons out there.

Embarassment to the cause in real life i mean. I can't perform well even against basic liberal shit arguments.

True, i think its similar with my conversational performance.

If you're depressed just try to calm down and go do whatever you like. Watch a movie, play a video game or something. Maybe take a shower or nap just chill out. Therapy and reading books have helped me. Not a popular answer here but religion sometimes helps. I don't know if you have a lot of friends but spending a lot of time by yourself can be harmful, if you can go have some fun with friends or go to some lefty meeting and try to make some new ones.

It's true not everyone learns the same way. I'm a terrible visual learner.

get therapy

I used to be suicidal and still suffer from ptsd and anxiety. You really shouldn't worry about being an 'embarrassment'. Most people really aren't as smart as they seem, and you probably as dumb as you think you are. A lot of leftist literature isn't exactly trivial to read either. 19th century German philosophy isn't most people's cup of tea.

If Leftist activities are making you feel this anxious or depressed, it may also be worth just backing away from it for a while to just enjoy yourself. Play a video game, watch some anime, knit a sweater, ride a bike. Just do something to have fun.

Just read then?
Why the fuck do you feel the need to argue if you don't know shit?

When i started with Marxism and later Leninism, i never argued and tried to promote a cause i don't grasp yet.
I asked questions. And i read to find my answers and check those given me by others.

Calm your fucking tits and just take a step back until you feel confident in your education.

I don't want to be rude, but can we keep this board from turning into /lefty/r9k?

Like I have problems too,but I don't come on here to talk about that. I come on here because this is a leftist board where I can talk about leftist causes and theory. Do you think the anarchist in Catalonia brought up their personal problems when they were fighting fascist?

Do you want advice, or is this just a sympathy session? Why don't you try expressing what you've learned in leftism through a medium, maybe just write essays and put them on a blog. If you've read a lot, it shouldn't be too hard. You don't need to be smart to read, you can write essays without being smart as well.

Read books dude. You'll benefit so much from them and also it's a great way to get your mind off of things that are bringing you down. If you're really interested in ancom, try reading Mutual Aid by Kropotkin. It's really not that long of a book by any means, and it gives you a pretty clear argument against capitalism that's hard to argue. Things will get better for you, user. Just let time do its thing.

But his problems are likely caused by capitalism.
Also fuck we should totally have a lefty/r9k I guess not here though. If you go to r9k to talk about your problems everyone just blames women/immigrants/whatever not capitalism.

Outside of actual combat they probably did tbh

Just because you're good at refuting them on the internet doesn't mean you'd be good at it in conversation. IRL, in western countries (especially America), people have a lot more hostility to socialism and communism because of various things they were taught while growing up during the Cold War. Anxiety and depression fuck up your perception of things and the peer pressure from those around you doesn't help. These things combine to make it so you'll be more likely to trip over arguments even if liberals are using the most fallacious ones.

I have trouble articulating the basics of value theory to people, partly because I speak very fast and partly because I realize how foreign the concepts are to most people.

Speaking in conversation with someone is a very different game than speaking on the internet.

Literally anyone and everyone who participated in some sort of combat has had to do this.

Wow, nothing helps a literally suicidal person more than

when fighting fascist
I understand: this is an imageboard and not a battlefield. That was a poor metaphor, but the point is I'd like to keep this board on topic. I don't see an issue with bringing up personal problems when its related to a bigger discussion, but allowing threads like this when combined with the influx of newfags could severely hurt board quality. I mean, am I really being controversial here? Don't we have a couple generals for stuff like this already?

Join the nihilists

Suicide is a pretty weak way out, I'd rather have someone shoot me or murder me.

Anyways, just abandon the feeling that you need to absolutely argue or respond to everybody on the internet, or just nap it off if that sounds like asking too much. The quality of life improves a little either way.

You're not being controversial, no.. I just was pointing out something I felt was a misconception about people who fight in military battles.

Basically I think these points should be emphasized for the OP:

1) It's okay to make mistakes IRL when arguing. No one is mad at you here. Not like you were on national television or some shit.

2) If you're not good at reading theory, try watching videos, looking at powerpoint presentations, etc. There are plenty of ways to learn theory and reading is just the most traditional way, not the only way.

3) Yeah I actually have to agree with Garl Margs flag here. I think we need a general megathread for mental health stuff, but should not be a topic that crops up on this board repeatedly if we can help it. Again, not mad at OP for this or angry or anything, but we need to make it clear what the focus of this board is.

4) see if you can find therapy IRL

Reading books doesn't make you smart, it makes you educated - If you're smart enough to understand them in the first place.

You have to go back >>>/suicidal/

this tbh

just stop arguing with people, life's too short
have some fun

It would've been more appropriate for me to say "do you think anarchist in Catalonia brought up their personal problems when discussing politics".

Personally? I think most of the depression and suicidal thoughts that infest the current generation are actually the result of a capitalistic society which tells a person that they are only worth what is in their wallet. So in a way, yeah I think it's sort of related to politics.

That being said, I agree that a general mental health thread is better because this board needs to be mainly focused on other things.

The world has accelerated to a pace that is unhealthy.
One of the biggest correlators with good mental health is sitting round the table and eating together as a family…..

Here, m8.

Go for it, one less shitlib. :^)

Go home Holla Forums.

Take a break, drink some tea, and watch some mothafucking Bananya:


Fuck off, Holla Forums.

Every night before going to sleep, OP. I think of spilling my guts everywhere with a kitchen knife.

Our society is the one that is making so many people depressed. I think you should try exercising, I heard it works well against depression.
Intelligence is a spook, you can't reduce the capabilities of your mind down to one number. Maybe you are good in something that you haven't discovered yet, maybe you'll figure out the theory eventually.
Still, if you are discouraged, why not train yourselves. A revolution will need fighters more than intellectuals, you can't be an embarrassment to the cause when you can bash the fash.

If you're smart enough to realize that you're stupid then you're smart enough to fix your stupidity

You don't need to read. Only do. If you have nothing to lose, why not join a revolutionary cause?

If you are already a doomed man, then it will not be so hard a change to become revolutionary.

Trust me comrade, all of us who aren't in YPG or in Naxalite India aren't doing any better.

If need be, and traditional treatment isn't an option, you should look into dissociative drugs (O-PCE seems like the best choice from what little I know, tho ketamine is the only academically proven to work, even if in just 75-80% of cases) or microdosing LSD. Doissos' potential for psychological addiction aside, both are cheaper, safer and more effective than πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€medsπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€.

Also: slatestarcodex.com/2014/06/16/things-that-sometimes-help-if-youre-depressed/

Pathological loneliness?

I know it gets a bit grating, but it's usually only one thread in the entire board. I can live with it.

Dear Lord, this so much.

nihilism made me even more depressed,putting hope into the idea of a better tomorrow through the struggles of today is what helped

Should I take this as an insult against my production value?

I was a few months back

Got out of it by taking antidepressants, sleeping better and getting outside more

I know that sounds generic but it's true

I'm still very shy and anxious though

That's the unintended glass-half-empty interpretation, I suppose.

Op, don't mind it.

Being a socialist isnt about being able to know Marx quotes by heart or prove why Venezuela isn't actually socialist. Intelligence doesnt have much to do with it. If you can stand in a protest with a cardboard sign that says "capitalism is bad", that's helpful. Hell, even without the sign, merely existing helps the movement by making us bigger.

And by that logic, opting out of life hurts the movement by making us smaller.

If you feel like youre not contributing, there are so many ways to help. Donate a little money, make memes, shitpost on social media. Something is better than nothing. The alt-right got big largely because of shitposters on twitter, Holla Forums, and reddit, it just takes people.

Btw, being good at arguing IRL is hard, senpai. I personally hate it, because I can't think fast enough to come up with good responses in real time. Online, you have time to think and analyse and reread the argument, but irl all the spaghetti falls out of my pocket, and I can't do it.

If you really are hung up on defending your ideas against liberals IRL, I would make a list of like the 10-20 most common arguments against socialism, find/come up with retorts for those questions, and study em like flashcards until you can repeat em on the fly.

That probably won't save you from particularly eloquent liberals, but the average normie is also kinda bad at arguing, and that ought to be enough to shut them up.