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forgot link

The victim complex is everywhere

huh, respect

According to people on Holla Forums, he tried to punch someone.

What if he was the one who punched Spencer all along?

Nope, different one.


Wtf I love Shia LaBeouf now.

Seriously I'm going to have a hard time hating him if this is true. Which sucks because I really want to because I hate basically all his movies except Holes.

I'd laugh if jail turned him into a commie

Shia just got me a shitload of respect my dudes

Fuckin champ

If he goes to jail Holla Forums should send him leftist books to read

He got arrested for assaulting a trolling Holla Forumsack.

I bet the Holla Forums guy will get a nice big check.

Video of the Nazi guy he """""punched"""""

He called the cops over that? What a faggot.

Was he /ourguy/ all along?

I'm really getting sick of that meme.

is obama /ourguy/?

Man, righties feel offended by the slightest disrespect.

Heh poor Shila LaBeef, you can see the pain in his eyes as he the other guy says Hitler did nothing wrong. Tbh the other guy has a nosering and is therefore a degenerate and should be gassed tbh

This is what he got arrested for? Holla Forums apparently can't handle a weak shove without crying to the police. How alpha male of them.

they are suburban children fueled by impotent rage because they can't get their dicks wet

It's good to know that even limp-wristed, hollywood liberals can cause Holla Forumsacks to run crying to the feds.

I guess. He pardoned that women working with Snowden. That should be enough for the jerkoffs on here to call him /ourguy/ or whatever.

Holla Forums are far worse than SJWs

he is a commie

lel Holla Forums are such pussies

I say they're about the same. It's pretty similar to the average response most SJWs have to someone getting in their way. Just replace Hitler with some vague talk about patriarchy. Neither group is very threating in person.

This is getting weird.

No. It is all par for the course really

Based Shia. Holla Forums deserves to get nuked.

I'm sure you're the peak example of masculinity and non-degeneracy then?

not the real Shia
he'd have put him into a coma
like the true Marxist Leninist warrior he is

Just a few days ago Kek resurrected a dead scat fetishist from the grave to punch Richard "Red Skull" Spencer
And now this

Webm version here

a kike is a commie?
no way!

battxept ^🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀))

Kikes also love your Nazi masturbation fantasy/struggle idea. Maybe you're not so different after all, goy man.

rac­­e wa­r*

Please do not correct the wordfilters, it is bad luck.

Some of the wordfilters make it hard to have conversation. Like the one for Str­ass­er.

Make up your mind, man. Either Jews are rich and powerful and want to keep us poor goy down or Jews are for the working class seizing the means of production from the goy.

/ourguy/ CONFIRMED

He punched a Nazi, that's more than most of Holla Forums have done

I don't know if twatter's video is just shitty or if it's my PC.

They're just attention whores, straight out of College feminists' playbook.

seriously? I missed that one, links pls?

That wordfilter needs to go. the Sanders one should've stayed.

They think Jews plan this all so they can end up on top in communism, which doesn't make sense either because if they're already so rich and powerful, they would be the first to go once the revolution hits

Meant for

They truly are right-wing SJWs.

look at those eyes he's fucken crying like a bitch.

I can't post on halfchan, someone please post this

being a slimy kike at the top = slithering there by 🍀🍀🍀any🍀🍀🍀 means necessary

no communist evolution was instigated by a jew on top.

I should visit your containment board more often, you faggots are easy to debate.


I gotcha comrade.

Was Winston Churchill /ourguy/? What about Eisenhower? Fuck off with that shit. The enemy of our enemy isn't our friend.

I with the nazi on this one.

Lenin and Trotsky whose 12% jewishness you so often remind us of weren't "on top" but were among the urban petty-bougeois.
Are you claiming that the Jew's end goal is not Satanist Totalitalitarian World Communism (the Stalinist kind, not the utopian kind) but Liberal Capitalism? That's a new one around here really.

And yet you worship ideologies backed by jews.


You aren't debating or making any coherent points. What makes you think Jews are any more in power in comparison to any other religious or ethnic identity? The vast majority of people that hold political power in the US are white Christians.

Well the idea is that the own the banks right? So with all that money they get to buy up everything as the country goes to shit. Then bam they own the country, which is now a shithole.

See: Russia


fucking Holla Forums this always happens istg

I had to look who the fuck this was. He's not even a B-list actor, just another rich muh privileged bourgeois individual of the Jewish Question trying to virtue signal.

I really hope that roughing up fascists turns into a trend.

non even stevens watching faggot

shamefur dispray

I wouldn't worry too much about this. He is rich guy and the lawyers would advice him to counter sue the guy for saying "hitler did nothing wrong". That would be a hate crime since he's jewish.

No it is not a hatecrime, it's freedom of speech. You obviously have no knowledge of judicial matters and should stop posting.

Good luck suing a Jew for shoving you away when you have your armed wrapped round him and proudly declare Hitler did nothing wrong.

That's not even the "assault" that is a police matter, mate. You lefties are so deluded here in your little /safespace/.

Unwanted physical contact is battery my dude.

It was obviously not unwanted, can't just regret yourself halway through and shove someone.

Tf yes I fucking can
And what is up with the spacing

It can become unwanted while it's ongoing, same as sex. If you're balls deep in someone and she goes "I have AIDS" are you saying you don't get to remove consent and your penis from the situation?

Ofcourse he can remove himself, but he cannot shove him, just like when having sex with someone and you discover a a pepe-tattoo on them does not entitle you to punch them in the face. Quite easy to understand really.

It looks stupid without spacing, you should learn from a betterposter such as me.

Okay reddit whatever you say

You are the reddit, mate. This entire board is reddit.

Yes they can. They can shove the person away and not have sex with them.

Okay little buddy

You sound like Holla Forums getting their understanding of human behavior from video games. People incrementally escalate levels of force all the time to assert their dignity. Someone fucks with you, you fuck with them right back so they know you won't take that from them. See related video where a normal person explains how autistic you are:

You fucking triple-spaced here you mong.

I'm starting to think you are the one that doesn't understand judicial matters


This, it's straight out of reddit.

Where's the evidence that Shia supported Hillary?


He's protesting the election because he doesn't like the results of it. He's literally calling it a "4 year protest of Trump." If he was doing this for reasons of the evils of capitalism or for the corruption in our political system he would have started this long ago under Obama. Something tells me we wouldn't be seeing a "4 year protest of Hillary Clinton" from him, it's 100% because the corrupt porky he wanted to win lost to the corrupt porky that people in the countryside wanted to win.

A museum exhibit is not a protest.

If having your protests papers filed with the local authorities is a protest, that's a protest.

Proof of protest papers. The only people Shia needs confirmation from is the one's who own the venue, i.e. the museum, not society at large.

Way to completely miss the point for the sack of pedantry.

There's no point to be made here. The 'wouldn't have been protesting if Hillary won' is a tired meme. And it wouldn't matter anyway. There is still no proof of 'on behalf of' anyone, only against, yet you have to use your own pedantry to make it seem so.

Just write Straßerism; it's what he would have done.

Oh, you should have said it was a tired meme earlier. I guess it's completely irrelevant if that's the case.

Strasser is the only one I would remove tbh, the rest only ruin shitty conversations that autists would post every day otherwise.

It would matter if Hillary actually won. Since she didn't, there are bound to be opportunists from all sides.

Fuck I just realised the Asser filter has been removed. What a time to be alive!

Oh, it's doing that thing again.

I love it when they go all

just testing anuddah shoah

I would like to believe that he is genuine about this protest. I don't think he is though. I wouldn't be surprised if people just show up to virtue signal and hang out with a celebrity.

That video is still not the video that he was arrested for, my little snowflake.

That video proves me right you lefttarded moron, Shia is the one responding with agression to someone saying a few trollish words.

The word filters are great. They out newfags and polyps and tend to annoy the latter to no end.

He responded with force, not aggression, idiot. The origin of aggression is clearly with the troll, though I know it chaps your sphincter.

Nick Spencer got punched. Again. This time by a GIRL.

Shia LeBouf could overthrow the government right now and Holla Forums would still sit at home, complaining about how he is a dirty liberal because ´´this wouldn't have happened with Shillary´´

This is glorious. I wish I was American right now

liberals sure are tolerant and peaceful of all people regardless of their political and religious views!

fuck off Holla Forums, we're not liberals and would put you to the wall the moment we could

Oh no! hH pushed a poor Nazi! WHY WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE NAZIS?

this is the real ass salt
it happened off camera but a friend of the guy who got punched got it on camera


Fixed that for you

We're not liberals and we want to see many hang before it's all over. We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.

Despite him being a standard liberal I at least like how assertive Richbeardedman is. Some other guy would have just stayed there going 'You can't say that! Go away! ;_;'. He however just immediatly shoved the cunt when he realised he was being duped.

what a pathetic fucking child

race war


Oh fuck off with that shit

What difference does that make? Girls can punch.

Do you not think it's funny that someone for traditional gender roles gets socked by a woman?

No, because it's been done to death by mainstream culture.

What, like on the TV?

Everywhere, including TV, but also real life.

I get more abuse from windy days than that pussy got from that shove

Like what?

A man says or does something sexist (or something that appears sexist) and he gets punched, shoved, a drink thrown in his face, etc. There's not really anything subversive about it at this point, especially since most people are on board with equality. I've seen it plenty in real life and in the media.

It's the same sort of thing where liberals are smug because their ideology is in power and they'll go after old demons that are pretty much dead at this point, like KKK-tier racists. There are other matters that are actually relevant now, but it's a lot easier to stomp around on territory that's been conquered than fight a real fight. Most people don't have a problem with women punching men, especially not overt sexists.

I've never seen so many people in the general public celebrating a literal Fascist getting socked in real life. Bullshit that this is just run of the mill
This is something new because its showing the Alt Right who constantly hide around tactics that negate their accountability that there is repercussions out there for them

Did you read the context? I'm replying to this idea specifically

I think it's great that fascists are getting punched. I was annoyed someone brought gender into it.

Then I really don't your issue at all here.


You can put on any flag you like, you're painfully obvious the moment you post, Holla Forums. Should've at least equipped the LeftCom flag to make an attempt to derail the discussion to armchair activism.

Bashing a fascist should be about bashing a fascist. This stuff:
reframes what happened to fit into the current liberal narrative. It makes it about grrl powerr instead of fighting fascism. Hell, it overwrites the fact that the guy getting punched even is a fascist. Hitler knew (and said) that he wouldn't have gotten nearly as far if his opponents had recognized him as a fascist instead of pretending he was business as usual.

Holy shit how bitch made are Holla Forumstards lmao

Damn son

Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're trolling; having good faith is assuming that's not the case.

Just because I don't believe in violence when it's not necessary or putting myself on the same level as my opponents doesn't mean I'm a Holla Forumstard.

This is some Heaven's Gate tier shit

Half that, half the "I like to play with my friends" liberals.webm.

Either way, it reaches levels of cringiness that shouldn't be humanly possible.

Lecuck didn't get arrested for the Hitler did nothing wrong incident, that guy didn't give a shit, he went back and trolled Shia again on the camera telling him he needed a red pill on the Holocaust.
Shia is a hothead who when he comes back from a pill break starts shit with people, there was no provocation when he was arrested, and he's is the only person to put his hands on people, he's done it about 5 times and followed people and chased them lel.
He's a retard and his stream is Holla Forums every night, and he can't show up for a week say the cops while Nazis larp and spew memes on him.

The cops had been parked near to the protest for most of the day in case something like this happened.

The cops are pro Trump

Anyone got the actual quote? I tried searching for it a few days ago but couldn't find it.

What a bunch of fags.

Daily reminder that these guys want to live in a fascist society, yet can't even handle a slight shove.

The shooter wasn't a Holla Forumsack, both shooter and shootee thought the other were nazis. It was blue-on-blue.

The shooter claims that but was absolutely there to antagonize lefties.

It was literally liberals liberaling liberals

What are you talking about? Stop spreading lies.

Which one of you big guys did this

Eh, okay, I was wrong, he's alt-right.