You gotta admit, this is pretty funny

You gotta admit, this is pretty funny

The idea is funny, but the artstyle is not


Did the Clintons or Obamas actually say anything mean to or about him at the inoguration or what? Also Ben Garrison is annoying for the same reason South Park is: they think they're not another annoying media dingleberry chiming in with their unsolicited opinion.

Especially since there are labels everywhere because Ben Garrison apparently thinks that people won't be able to recognize what he drew

The CIA caricature is rather clever.

Yeah, it is pretty funny. Might help if he were a bit educated on what communism actually is and how Michael Moore is not a communist.


Excuse you, but don't you remember that Communism is anything to the left of Pinochet? It's like you dont even watch Prager U or something


I kinda wish Benny G was a furfag. We need another petulant retard lolbert with USI who is slowly unlearning how to draw to replace Jay Failor.

Obama seemed super chill throughout the whole thing tbh.

Why is Michael Moore a commie?
Why is Rosie O'Donnell in the picture?
Why is it apparently a big deal that Obama smokes?
What is Hillary's speech bubble supposed to convey?
Why are the swears all censored?
Why does he need to add swears to CIA and Wolf Blitzer?
Why is Melania sliding toward Trump?

Holla Forums desperate for approval

Garrison's picture is trying too hard to be offensive and edgy that it's actually a little wince worthy.

Is it me or is every fucking single one of his comics exactly the same? Right populist looking valiant and hero-worshippy while liberals/mainstream republicans are portrayed as petulant babies shouting at them? I mean literally the same every time?

He's an old man who somehow got big with teenage Holla Forumsyps after finding out he can stopped being bullied by giving them what they want.
It's pretty weird when you stop and think about it.

I dunno dude, the picture I got is that the media and the govt are mostly settled with Trump, they don't like that he's there but things are generally going pretty smoothly.
The ones sperging out are social media liberals and communists/anarchists trying to get the attention of those same liberals.

also this.

Man, I can't wait the day that Ben eats his own comics due to frustration of Trump's retardation.

He have the perfect recipe to milk Holla Forums's autismbucks. He would foolish to change it.

The liberal hyperbole was nice to watch for a while. Who else is pumped for liberals going all french revolution on Trump and his cabinet?

Just like the gook that draws that Christ chan comic for them. They rage night and day about Patreon princesses with purple hair but they don't seem to mind chipping in when it means gratifying their power fantasies with mediocre anime inspired art.

I remember when having a Patreon was an SJW stereotype, but now every post-GG Youtube hack has one these days.
Fucking Carl of Akkad feeds his family with Patreon dosh


Monsieur Robespierre would've considered such comparison sufficient to introduce you to Madame Guillotine.




If you push the right buttons, you get someone's bloodthirst going. The buttons depend on the person's ideals. A liberal mob cutting Trump and his cabinet's heads off would get me hard.

Ben Garrison has the subtelty of a sledgehammer.

That's like "CRONY capitalism".

Yes. Welcome to the world of political cartoons.

GG was all about turning the SJW playbook back on them. Boycotts, mailing campaigns, whining on Twitter and Tumblr, and whatnot. Well of fucking course eventually they just forgot they even pretended to have a high ground.

There's a lesson in this tale for every smashie.

south park is the epitome of huehuehue centrism. having strong political identification is gay huehuehue

And just like the average sexual fantasy, it ain't ever going to happen. It's just that. A fantasy

I wish we had some good cartoonists. Maybe it would inspire us to actually make good memes

Hey Holla Forums

Hi Holla Forums


Not only do Ben Garrison cartoons have more labels than a supermarket on Black Friday, every last of 'em is pretty much a low-effort rehash of the preceding one. I can barely think of one that doesn't feature a crying SJW — it's beyond obsessional at this point.

The only rally good political caricatures to ever exist were found in Belle Époque-era leftist magazines like L'Assiette au Beurre and Simplicissimus which featured artists like Henri-Gustave Joussot or Georg Grosz. Pretty much everything else done since is mediocre at best with only a few exceptions.

Does this guy know what subtlety is? He has the mentality of a little kid.

Because Benny G has drank the kool-aid and thinks that everything to the Left of Pinoshit is literally Stalin. Also South Park has been pushing this angle ever since they got bootyblasted that he made a cartoon in Bowling for Columbine that really vaguely resembled South Park because it looked like a Newgrounds vid. They said he was 'misrepresenting it as them agreeing with him' becaue they are Porky retards with USI who incorrectly believe they aren't part of the Hollywood elite.
Because rightards are obsessed with her, and aparently she had some bread n circuses feud with Doland Chimp back in the aughties (watched an old interview of him on Conan from like 2006 the other night where he bitched about it, shit was surreal and life is a joke and/or Perfect Blue). On his reality TV show. It fucking hurts to type this.
No fucking clue, I think they just want something to piss and moan about and it's been one of the go-to things they think are a dogwhistle but aren't.
Something about money? I honestly can't tell. Everything in politics is being pretty completely divorced from reality or actual political issues atp, so it's probably some shillcen-tier rumor or twatter thing nobody cares about but the two parties sports teams.
Because he thinks normalfags care about his autistic scribblings.
Because he's a hack?
No fucking clue. Fucking thing's a trainwreck.

I think it's time somebody made this.

holy shit lol

kill yourself

Yup that's about right

Would've been nice had he included some republicans/conservatives in there as well. There's plenty of them being hypocritical as well.
Partisanship sells better nowadays, I guess.


Here, have the gondola version
I thought I had the uncolored one, but I guess I don't

You're new here if you think we don't have good memes. Or just opposed ideologically.


Ben will make nothing but propaganda for the next 4 years

Anyone have more lefty edits of Ben?

Delete your post so the crappy version with Mollymeme doesn't spread.

Every Zyklon Ben cartoon looks the same to me.

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