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Seriously guys, when are we properly adressing the fact that the proletariat class has no revolutionary potential? Are we going to wait another full year just to see an increase in the right wing force, and no movement from the left?

No don't you see user

Kids smashing trash cans is a display of that potential

Sure, but when are they doing a sarin gas attack on the next bourgy meeting? Like davos and whatnot?

They're not, ever, because they have no revolutionary potential and I was being sarcastic obviously

I'm not sure, officer.

WTF I hate smashies now

Its been addressed, accelerationism is the rational way forward. Celebrate Trump and Brexit, hope for Le Pen and agitation with China and Iran. Pray that Trump listens to Right wing deep-state spooks and stops caring at all about humane warfare or muh humanitarian aid or the environment. let proles see vicious, totally unleashed corporate fascism. Umbrella corp, weylan-khulani corp, Tyrell corp shit. Seriously hope with all your heart that the worst evils befall the entire global population and that Porky gets everything it dreamed of. Then when it seems like everything is lost, it happens. The last happening and we hit the reset. Kali Yuga has a lot of time on the clock left user

weyland yutani lol

Do ya think if someone sniped "black bloc" kids in the next liberal march for whatever and got the blame set on the cops you could radicalize their parents

But black bloc kids hate their parents.

False flag is best flag.

A kid hating their parents doesn't mean the parents hate the kid.

So why is it you guys oppose a vanguard again?

I distrust centralization. Seems easier to corrupt. I also haven't read Lenin (yet)

Never, that would be like jehovah's witnesses addressing that the rapture probably isn't going to happen.

Well at least read State and Revolution.

A vanguard that leads the dictatorship of the intelligentsia class sounds ok

Because the vanguard is the next bourgeois

Ideally I'd want a horizontal rather than vertical structure, but I guess I'm having a hard time picturing how to pull that off personally.

A vanguard as in a single proletarian political party that coordinates and organizes action is fine, but none of this intellectual elite inner cadre shit.

Im actually curious about this: why would you not want the most qualified and intelligent people leading a prol part? Im not saying they have to be elites, bit I do want to know how to seize the means of production if the people seizing it don't know how to use the means of production. Forgive me for asking a naive question, I'm not that good at theory, but I'd like to know more if something has addressed this issue in anarchist thought.

I'm glad all the anarchist agree.