On armed revolution

I never thought I'd say this but the left has more balls then the right, I have been on Holla Forums for a while now (started on 4chan now Holla Forums) and I have begun to notice a trend, the cowardice of my "compatriots"

You see there is a meme that is very common within the right wing, from your average neo cohn, to libertard, to fascist, that if the left and right wing where to try US civil war 2.0 the right wing would beat the left.

I have come to disagree with this assumption…
You see I have seen a few calls for violence against the commie protesters that are throwing a bitch fit over trumps win, and all are answered with either anger that someone would dare call to attack the left, or fear that they would get punished by the big mean government in what amounts to adult timeout.

You fags on the otherhand have no problem attacking cops and causing chaos, chaos needed to start a civil war.

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Well chears possible FBI agent m8.

Time to de-cuck yourself.

Honestly just look at the pearl clutching about Spencer getting punched
Holla Forums are a bunch of pussies

Communist boipussy feels so good.

The left would fall alart in a Civil War, seeing as we're less than 1% of the population. Besides Leftcoms would not leave their armchairs, Leninists would form parties that spent more time calling each other revisionist than fighting, Anarchists would get targeted and crushed, and Socdems would join the right.

What I'm trying to convey here is that the right wing hasn't the guts to actually fight back against you, preferring "daddy" trump and the liberal democracy, which I, and a few others wish to collapse, handle the riots.

And you see this everywhere else, websites like TRS go through hoops of fire to say "we don't condone violence even if it is necessary just wait until the feds don't have a problem with it and be a cuck to ZOG Occupied Government.

As much as it pains me to say it, we need the left to start the fire (ergh I cringed)

Any true fascist would laugh at Spencer cucking out and running from a faggot that literally eats shit

Then prepare for one

Can you people explain this to me, is there an infectious disease among antifa members that eats muscle?

How many leftist skulls have you bashed in?

If push really comes to shove fascists will get the support of security services and that will be that. It is not as if the American deep state does not have extensive connections to the Nazis and that isn't flooded with far-right sympathizers who are fanatical anticommunists.

He just used his fist lol

Rule one of getting away with a crime, never say you did it, ever

We're not likely to overcome crippling sectarianism to mount a united front. Chances are if we make headway there will be a split and a backstabing that causes the left to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Like that doesn't exist in the far right

You're all LARPers. There will never be a revolution or street to street violence. The deep state is too entrenched and will start nuclear false flags the moment the shit really starts to hit the fan. The races will mix into a global Brazil and a tiny elite will preside over the deracinated masses and capitalism will rule eternal.


The Right would win unless the Libs and Soc Dems came over to the left and formed a coalition against Fascists in which case through sheer numbers and amount of resources available the Left would win. But, as it stands as elucidated by another post in this thread: right wing would mop the floor with the left, soc dems would side with the right and would join in with leo's and military in crushing whatever militant dissent there was


He had a wrench up his sleeve. He charged in, gave a full swing sucker punch with a wrench, to the side of the face, and couldn't get a knock out.

This isn't normal, an adult isn't supposed to have such a lack of upper body strength. My grandmother is stronger than your guy and you are treating it like the best thing that happened since the holodomor. It's like a person with down syndrome being the hero of the village for managing to write his own name.

Not even behind seven proxies on a place that regularly calls for genocide without any consequences whatsoever?

But you fags are a lot more likely to work together than we are.

I like how each tranny is raping the opposite corner beta, that's a nice touch.

They're probably good enough at mass manipulation that it'll never come to that.


Yeah, also, he was this guy who was dead for over a year that you recognized from your scat porn collection.



Cucks, they all look alike.

Are you saying you look like that?



No, I'm saying that it's unsurprising that an antifa member has the same face and muscle mass as someone who spends his days as a human porta potty.

That guy looks fatter than the puncher and the guy who hit Spencer used his right hand. You cucks are really stupid.

Memes aside there's no such thing as an antifa member.

And after seeing that I'm out

I agree with you OP for most of it, but this is where you are wrong

You fags referring to who? Certainly not to the posters of Holla Forums, more obsessed with theoretical than practical. They would probably advocate for violence, but not in the degree that we see with the left today.

The identity politics obsessed progressivist left, who riot and cause chaos as if it were instinct to them, never resulting in anything more but mindless vandalism and the thought that "WE ARE TOUGH", is that what you really want the right to be - a paper tiger? Violence, as with doing anything to achieve a wider end goal, has to be purposeful and thought out beforehand. Neither should you subscribe to this LARPing belief of some massive class/race or political war between the left and right breaking out in the future, with one side being stronger than the other one, because the west is far too neutered to resort to those things.


Stop injecting into your eye-balls. Choose vision, choose health, choose more muscle than my grandmother has.

I know, there's just a bunch of people who failed at life coming together into opportunistic spectacles. I didn't think that needed mentioning beyond calling members.

Found him.

I also don't think the guy in the video is the guy in cuck porn.


Sam Hyde doesn't suffer from a muscle eating bacterial infection.

antifa memes

Thanks for the high-res version of this, Nazi poster.

The man in the video doesn't either. If you look at the second, he's an average side dude and his voice sounds like he's young.

Then why didn't he get a knock out?

Where's the sauce for the wrench picture?

Ayy lmao the polyps keep on getting triggered due to impotence, now that they can call him a cuck because they got proved wrong, they are trying to imply he is a weakling kek

Delicious polyp salt


Don't know what that is.



Fucking yea thats my shit

I'd like to throw in that leftists at that protest were being arrested and teargassed by cops but the only reported incidents of violence was them punching this guy and smashing up a few McDonalds. As a Nazi I'm sure you can understand that degenerate filth like Mcdonalds needs to be opposed with force?

its called book reading and who needs to be stronk when you have Kalashnikov comrade?


thats because the actual alt-right is dead and has no impact on the World

Trump is a neoliberal with weird protectionist trade stances who makes use of neofascist language and methods (like most neoliberals do btw) and yet Holla Forums sucks his dick

admit that your movement is dead, your ideology flawed and join the only movement that actually seeks to abolish the capitalist, liberal order

The enemy of my enemy kinda thing I have no problem with watching you guys get rekt but I also have no problem with you attacking my enemies

You act like that was a thing

Good luck finding a legit nazi in the streets we are a rare breed unfortunately

I've met individuals who identify as alt-right.

The capitalists are the only enemies

And I've met individuals that identify as transgender it doesn't mean its a thing

There are far more enemies then just the capitalists, at least for a Nazi. Fags, kikes, the dregs of society, subhumans, race traitors, subhumans that refuse to leave our countries,

Yes it does. Transgenderism is a thing, even if you think they're all mentally ill.

Stop bullying Röhm.

Literally not a problem

All the problems they caused are covered by capitalism

created by capitalism

I know white people are not as smart as japs or jews but I believe we are important anyway

you mean, those who would leave the human race to the whim of a capitalist elite such as yourself?


got your name on it does it? Seems a bit selfish to want an entire country all for yourself

That's some quality shit right there. My only complaint is the depiction of Anarchists as Tumblr liberals.

The capitalists are your masters, not your enemies. Didn't Hitler teach you that when he murdered Röhm and Gregor Straßer?

Woah, a wrench up his left sleeve which he used to strike with his right? I've only ever seen people do that trick with coins.

You're underestimating the abilities of the scat litch.

The cutest pairing in this image is the boy on the top left x the boy on the bottom right.

Little did Holla Forums and Holla Forums know, when you eat a person's shit you absorb their power!
Slave Ray for God Emperor 2020

That is becoming fairly obvious, isn't it? The lie is put to claims that they are anti-establishment when they bend over backwards to justify the actions of a real estate speculator cum president of the United States who surrounds himself with bankers and lobbyists. Even they cannot help but see how their ideology supports the status quo now, no matter how offensive their language is.

You would know. You faggots are the only people who actually watch cuck porn.

nazis are certainly the epitome of manliness

The only good thing a nazi ha ever posted

I almost killed a "nazi" once in 08 with a bicycle lock, dude was really fucked up, hit em on the head with it like 5 times

funny thing is im kinda right wing now except for economic/finance stuff, antifa is state sponsored cancerNPD is as well, so yeah

its APs all the way down folks





these are some unprecedented levels of anarchy right here

Truly the master race, I am in awe of such pure ayran beauty.

I fixed that spelling mistake before it posted. Fuck you infinitychan.

Actually I bet she was a qt 40 years and 100lbs ago.

a girl worth fighting for

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why are you replying to me nigger, this is dumb but it doesnt compare to insurrectionary trash can liberation, is this supposed to be some kind of counter to defend j20 tards?

shes kinda cute if she lost some pounds tbh


How can your standards be so low?

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this one would be a bit of a toughy though, even for me, maybe i could get off on the stupid hat

When you have to deke and feint past people trying to obstruct you and can't develop a full head of direct momentum, sometimes a glancing blow is the best you can land?

Why are you bragging about sticking it in some 2/10? This isn't Holla Forums. Nobody will be impressed by your desperation here.

nothing to see here lel

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They are mentally ill freaks

Rohm was purged for a reason, may he rot in hell

He wasn't following orders

He was a fag

I can't tell which one I feel more sorry for…

Also means of reproduction when tran commie puts his cock in stefan molynex's fan's ass that is not reproduction

Also chimney boy and college grad are weird ways to represent the authoritarian left and right……


wtf when do I get my paycheck?

Where the fuck do you idiots get this shit from?

Yeah, orders to suck capitalist dick and make sure to swallow.


sadly the bottom left is trash, anarcho dick girl should rape a statist

The futa should be an antifa or ypg, otherwise it's good.

"I don't think I could go out to an inauguration event without bodyguards or a protest or a conference, I am more worried about going out to dinner on an average Tuesday because these kind of people are roaming around" - Spencer


ayy lmao

most anarchists are tumblr liberals

Most socialists are tumblr liberals

The internet was a mistake

most socialists are trots, and most trots are shot through with idpol, so yeah

this is really weird since Spencer isn't actually a white nationalist but more towards a civic nationalists who wants a mostly white state. He's never really spoken about what kind of economic system he wants (well he probably had but I never looked) and is totally cool with jews, chinks, and fags. Holla Forums in general has had disdain for him even before the implicit comment. I have no idea why anyone would meltdown over the lack of a response on Holla Forums to tricky dicky getting a wrench in his face. Honestly it's funny as fuck.

What do you get out of doing this?

Holla Forums propaganda

I'm not even a foot fetishist but I'm disappointed by the lack of reference to bootlicking.