Our heroes fighting back the police ! Look at how the people are booing the law enforcement! :O


Our heroes fighting back the police ! Look at how the people are booing the law enforcement! :O

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This kind of shit happened a the time under Obama why are you all so delusional?

Alternative angle: periscope.tv/w/1ynJONZvbeZGR

Any more vids like these?


I dont get it
everyone in the video cheered the cops
Also whats the fucking point in blocking trams/busses
It literally doesnt affect the rich and only fucks over working people trying to get to work or to drive their kids to school etc
If you burn down a bank, good
If you block working people, No.

It gets apolitical proles to pay attention.

Pay attention to what. I'm not a leftcom but that was a fucking retarded protest.

It makes apolitical people dislike you for fucking up their day.
I understand protesting the capitalist system we live under but A) You're not hurting the capitalists and B) You're hurting the working class

Any good protest is going to interrupt someone's day. Otherwise you can be easily ignored. It's unavoidable. Trying to make sure that you don't annoy or offend is a fool's errand. People are going to hate you for even trying to buck the status quo.

cops are professional murderers
people need to start organising in order to defend themselves.

It's a bad protest because it only disrupts the working people but doesnt affect porky

T. retarded antifa
Some cops are corrupt and serve porky but some actually help the community and are working class

t. clueless liberal
The very nature of police is antagonistic to the working class. Fuck off with cop apologia.

How about we just get rid of the bad/bought for police and only have ones that have the working classes interests
Fucking hell you're retarded if you think EVERY police officier is out to get you or is working for porky

I honestly didnt have an issue with how the police handled this incident. not a single person was shot, struck, tazed, struck with a baton, or otherwise harmed past a swift tackle and hold.
And I didnt hear as much booing as I heard people saying 'good job', 'let them do their job', 'take em all down', and an old lady giving a thumbs up to the officers

By definition all cops are working for porky. There are no good cops. They are all willing participants in a corrupt and oppressive institution. If you're a "good" cop you wouldn't be a cop anymore.

T. ideologue
Police are just people trying to make ends meet - except for a small percent of them who are corrupt power thirsty lunatics
I think police benefit the community when they are accountable and serve the interests of the people

been a killer is not a job
denying the people the right to protest isn't one either
they should find better jobs

You can make ends-meet in a hundred other professions. Nobody is forcing them to be police.
Well seeing as how they've never been accountable and have always served the interests of capital I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion but ok.


Yes, this is true.
I dont believe this. there are cops who started policing with the intent to earnestly help people. Take cops in Japan for example. Cops in japan regularly give directions to people and are all-in-all friendly people.
Im not sure I agree with this. Many police, especially in America I would agree are authoritarian, but this is not always the case, there are exceptions to the norm…

also, heres another video I found with different angles and footage of the same incident (and an annoying narrator, whom i mostly edited out to fit 8ch filesize rules)..
seems like the people around this were pretty upset that traffic was being blocked. people have work and shit

oh, original source btw

I see it as cops, by the nature of their job, antagonistic to the working class. Does that make everyone each a bad individual? Not necessarily. But they are still antagonistic to the left, which is currently built in the definition of a police officer.

Whether they are aware or not is irrelevant. Their function is the same.

While that may be true they are complicit in the corruption and abuse that goes in their own departments. There is a code of conduct that states officers don't rat on other officers. This builds a toxic culture that each individual officer is responsible for.
Honestly I'm not really worried about the few exceptions. The institution itself is beyond the pale and completely adversarial to the left.

This is sadly true… But it does put one in a precarious position when their livliehod could be destroyed if they speak out. Granted, speaking out, or leaving all together, may be the right thing to, but is it really pragmatic to an individual who has a family he needs to feed?
institutions themselves are adversarial to the left

"Hm? What's happening over there? Hey, why are those people making working people late to work? Isn't capitalism hell enough? What assholes."

It's not like police work has the majority of these guys rolling in cash. They can find another job and then quit the force. Go be a fucking firefighter if you want to help your community.
Agreed but not every institution is made up entirely of the literal foot soldiers of capital.

I agree.

Beating and macing people who they think are a threat to a society they like
Beating strikers and forcing them back to work is not strike breaking. Still, agreed.
Rarely where I'm from.
Disproportianally targeting what they see as criminals.

Nigga, they are literally normies with weapons and monopoly on violence. Awareness of class struggle is shit everywhere.

Agreed. Doesn't mean all cops are irredeemable and never deserves pity, or that none are potential comrades.

Well yeah, if you're going to make the proles' lives more difficult in stead of better, they will not like you.


That's not what I meant. Strikebreaking is always accompanied by a police escort to beat back the striking workers so scabs can get to work.
Strongly disagree. Even if they left the force I wouldn't trust them.

Gotcha, agree.

Fair enough.