What job would you have in your ideal socialist society and why? What would your main responsibilities be?

What job would you have in your ideal socialist society and why? What would your main responsibilities be?

I'll start:

I'd want to help fix up cars and without the profit motive spend the extra time and effort to make sure jobs are done right.

Pot farmer/chef.
Yes, all of my food does have weed in it.

I would volunteer for colonization of arctic when it melts and have fun playing with confused caribou and smoking weed on giant icebreakers. I would stay as far away from other people as possible and try to maintain contact only by internet. kind of like right now

Same job I have just working a lot less. Not really my favorite thing to do ever but some things need to get done. I'm an HVAC tech

I'd like to work in the firing squad killing porkies and bootlickers

I'd like to make films.

But or some electrical work would be more likely.

Either a scientist or a welder. Cool with either

If creative outlets were considered "jobs" because of effective full automation and post-scarcity, I'd make games with artsy/stylish themes and complex systems, write books, and try to be a full on draw/paintfag.

Assuming I actually have to work… historian of some kind I would think.

Honestly I'd be fine with just basic bitch stuff like janatorial or yard work, maintenence or ideally farming, maybe fishing or public works construction. Maybe work/train my way up to more skilled work in a few years if people think I'm good at it. Absolute dream job would be designing stuff for public use, like civil engineer, vexilologist or software designer (or whatever you call the guy who designs a program interface that is not a clusterfuck, not for babbies, and not tethered to [insert Porky's useless forced meme interface device/surveillance device here], rather than the guy who figures out how to enter in the 1s and 0s to make it do that). As for where I lived, I'd love a nice cottage or the top half of a house in Maine, Washington or maybe down South.

I would like to be an urban planner or civil engineer of some kind.

I'd like to be a history teacher or libraryman

Psychology. As in advancing the science. I have a natural grasp of the subject and it's essential to building a successful society. In order to organize people in a way that benefits them, you have to understand how they work. You have to master yourself before you master the world around you (on the species scale). If I were to get specific, definitely the psychology of learning.

In the rest of my time I'd brew beer, grow a garden (including weed and shrooms), and make experimental art trying to fuck with the boundaries between mediums.

Government bureaucrat. ANARCHISTS GET OUT REEEEEE

whatever, just wanted to have a ton of free time to make memes and travel with gf instead of being a slave

Probably fix people's electronic shit, same as I do now since I enjoy the work. Hopefully under a socialist system there would less planned obsolescence and lowest-bidder components, so it would be more rewarding and meaningful than fixing something knowing it will break again or be replaced in 6 months because of wasteful production and marketing methods.

Would be nice to spice that up with some manual labour to benefit my community if it's needed. Maintaining public spaces like parks or squares is quite rewarding already, and probably moreso without the constant drive to profit and competition. Good exercise too.

Right now, the fashion in tech industries, software in particular, is give out stupid titles like "User Experience Ninja" or "Use Case Story Hero"

i wanna work in a factory where my labor isn't exploited and the goods are going to be used by people in the name of socialism

i seriously just want to work in a factory

I could be a politician in some form, grow weed or wash dishes, but I want to study more to expand my possible choices.

Booger hook off the bang switch, comrades!

I would be constructing situations with my friends.

Setting up and working in urban farming collectives

always wanted to be a train driver, currently an amazon worker tho lol

first time posting here btw whatsup

Hopefully free and open source software instead of garbage that only exists to facilitate other worthless jobs

Welcome, comrade