Just spent my drunk time aruging with liberals for the first time Jesus Christ

Just spent my drunk time aruging with liberals for the first time Jesus Christ.

Having to prove facism, communism and socialism are not the same thing is harder then expected.

I don't care about convincing liberals to be gomrades just fucking put them on the wall already.

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Let me guess human nature, muh gorgillions, nice on paper, let's work with what we have, it's just not reasonable

Liberals are shit.

Not even that, that I can understand and argue with.


I am glad most most workers in areas of essentialness like farmers and electritions are hardly ever libtards be a shame to put them down if it was the case like grafic disginers and poet.

it's a bit strange isn't it that people genuinely enjoy discussing drunk politics. I know people who go out of their way to bring it up. Drunk me becomes a Stalinist, because that's easiest.

Drunk politics is a blast, but some people get personally offended by people they disagree with and always ruin the fun.

Protip: If your ideology fails unless everyone lives under it, or if it isn't executed absolutely perfectly and with no outside interference, it isn't a viable ideology.


Yeah let's just adopt this mindset towards everything, because people belonging to fringe political movements not "bothering" with converting others will totally make the revolution happen! We're like 5% of the population, let's just do a revolution against 95%!

I'm so tired of those annoyings "I had to talk to normal people today and it was awful" threads you guys keep making. No, people won't spontaneously undo a century of calculated propaganda and misinformation and develop a class-conscious worldview, and doing this for them is your job. You need to pay attention to the main political narratives people adhere to and the information that sustains those narratives, and then dedicate some of your time to studying ways to deconstruct them.

Real, actual revolutionaries died for your right to openly proclaim radical ideas and for you to have access to a (shitty as it is) system of education to develop those ideas, and free time to discuss them. Instead of fetishizing the violence they had to endure just read enough books until you can make a convincing case.

Population of Russia in 1919 was 185m, 200,000 fought for the Red Guards. '"(0.1%)'''

Only if you're a Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist because it is basically the same.

In the 1917 election revolutionary socialist parties altogether got more than 70% of the votes you fucking imbecile, almost a quarter went to the Bolsheviks alone.

We're talking about liberals. You know, the people who think they're already dedicated leftists? That's a small minority of the population, but one with an iron deathlock on leftism as an organized institution.

Good man.

Don't ever debate liberals in private. It's bad for your mental health and good for theirs. Only debate liberals when there's an audience you have a chance of partially winning over.


Try reading the top rated comments on this article, they're all liberals completely failing to get what the author is saying. It's so fucking frustrating.

Starfox Adventures is a bad Starfox game. It's a perfectly acceptable Zelda-like.

Compare to capitalism, which fucks up just about regardless if it's on the national or global level.

This was post >>1289791 before the mods deleted it, thus proving my point. If whatever shitbag reported the post could actually refute any of it, they wouldn't need to whine to the mods.

OP, the retardation you describe isn't exclusive to liberals, or even capitalists in general. I've had more than a few discussions here with some of the most uninformed twats in the world, whose stupidity was matched only by their arrogance. People in general can't argue for shit and they don't even realize that their arguments are terrible because their favorite media figures use those same shitty arguments. Even if you disprove them, which is almost invariably incredibly easy to do, they just don't fucking learn anything because their pride won't let them. It doesn't matter how thoroughly you debunk every article they throw at you, it doesn't matter if you list every fallacy they use off the top of your head, it doesn't matter if you show them a million and one instances of the exact opposite of what they said being true, it doesn't even matter if you show where their beliefs aren't even consistent with each other. It just doesn't matter. The very next time somebody creates a thread about that topic, they're right back at it using the same arguments that got rekt before like nothing ever happened. People basically just suck and for the most part deserve their chains.

Here's a brief list of truths various groups of people won't accept because they're completely fucking impervious to evidence and reasoning:

>The age of consent for both sex and filming sex should be no higher than 15 anywhere in the world, anyone who disagrees has the same level of understanding as a hysterical soccer mom who thinks videogames will make kids shoot up their schools, and they should be put up against the wall because my side conclusively won this debate a long-ass time ago and I'm sick of arguing about it

Don't waste your time if you're drunk. Just call them cunts and move on.

Hey mate, if you need some tips on how to be more convincing, this video helped my a lot:

So, what age did you get diagnosed?

It's piss easy. If you cannot even clearly explain this, you understand so little about any of the ideologies you mentioned that you're in no position to lecture liberals on anything.

Millennials, everyone.

No, insisting shit is an objective fact when it is not, and saying anyone who disagrees with you stupid and retarded - THAT is autistic

You're checking off basically every box laid out by that post.

I did you humongous faggot.

I even went down to such a basic level that fascism does not call for the workers to have the means of production while socialism does and they still ignore this and brush it off.

You can't say shit to them without "muh cut from the same cloth so it's the same" the point is they are unwilling to learn even when told to look up the basic deffination to show there is some difference.

Where the fuck did they get that from? What kind of idiot thinks socialist theorists ever had anything to do with fascists? The work of Marx and his contemporaries is much older than any fascist movement.