How to solve all world problems

A global republic with a 10% tax on all financial transactions

Laws can't be changed unless there's a referendum and 90% of the voters agree

Politicians can only serve for 10 years and their only job is administering public resources

Death penalty immediate for the following:
- Tax evaders (no matter if rich or poor)
- Corruption (of any kind)
- Political extremism (no matter if left or right)
- Racists

Why could go wrong?

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also free education, free healthcare, free food and free housing

Also, the end of private property.
You sort of forgot about that part.

Term limits is the stupidest idea to come out of this election. You can actually need political careers to have people develop experience at the job and be capable of solving problems. Only idiots like Trump who have no idea what they are doing think that term limits are useful.

Political careers are an abomination. No man should have to endure the hellscape that is politics his entire life, even if he wants to.

No, I would have 10 classes or so of people

NEETS would be the lowest class, but they would still have the basics

Top class would be people effectively managing the production of resources, they would have some nice goodies, but nowhere near as much as the rich have nowadays

Nice ideology you got there. I'm sure there would be absolutely no hindrances in implementing this idealistic system.
Not going to go over what's wrong with your little description, because there are so many problems with the world unaddressed by what you propose that I'd have to write a fucking paper (such as alienation… you didn't write anything regarding the economic system at all).
Guess I'll ask, what do you mean by left-wing extremism?

Why does that matter? Pretty sure implementing communism is also hard as fuck and it stops nobody here.

Why are you even on this board?

That's because you don't understand a thing about politics. That's obvious by this

politics is more than administration. Politics is about negotiation between competing groups over resources, distribution and so on.

This is an extremely right wing idea that society is a harmonious whole that is butchered by a politicians. Leftists know that at the heart of society is class struggle. Go back to Holla Forums faggot.

What's wrong with making the poorest richer and keeping the richest more down to earth?

Nobody can seriously think a society can work without specialization and hierarchies to promote motivation, right?

Politics as negotiation / competition of ideas / resources is cancer. It is the cause of all evils.

Also, everything is owned by the government here, it's just administering by 10 classes of people, and people can rise by merit

The lowest class doesn't have to do anything and still gets the basics.

Spoiler alert: You can have negotiators that aren't lifetime politicians.
I bet you think that corruption is exclusive to capitalism, too.

pretty sure China had something like this for 1000 years

read marx


we don't divide people by income, we see class as the position of person in the mode of production.

Why? What makes him special? He was just a person. His ideas aren't infallible. He also never had the chance to assess modern technology.

The issue is you fail to consider how societies change and progress (if you dont like that word, think "next stage of history" or something, in terms of epochs like feudalism). The Socialist revolution is by no means an easy one, but it at least has theory grounded in material reality as far as how to get there. Your model doesn't acknowledge how the system will become like you describe, leaving me in the dark as to how it will be attained. I'm trying not to assume too much, but do you think your system could be "voted" in through the current system?

There isn't income. There's no money. There's just 10 fixed classes.


well, that makes you even dumber than I thought.

topkek m8

also you implied that having classes is a good thing. there is no such thing as a meritocracy, we're all equal comrade

In what sense are they "classes?" Why are 10 or so necessary?

There's no ruling class because you can't make rules unless you get 90% approval in a referendum

That's delusional. Some individuals are smarter than others


just please read the start of capitol
its very important


In the sense that you can choose 10 life styles

If you don't want to do anything, you are a NEET, and get the most basic stuff, including leisure like internet

And then depending on how much you want to do, and how skilled you are, you get another of the 9 or whatever positions

Why? It's a critique of capitalism. I am not capitalist.

Einstein was smarter than someone who's legit retarded.

Everybody is born equal legally. You can go from NEET to administrator any day.

Who votes, everyone? Is this a direct democracy?
what the fuck is this shit

what theory have you actually read
im guessing not a lot

The fever dream of an idiot or a badly disguised Holla Forumsack.

Ideally there's no politics because the system is unchangeable unless there's something really fucked up and everyone agrees it needs to change.

if you believe in "entrepreneurs" and "earners" as in the above diagram, then you are a capitalist, no matter how you may frame and dress your system

OP is truly the modern day Marx. He did it. He figured it all out. Pack it up boys we're done here.

yeah nah, that's not capitalism

Say your parents choose NEET class. They are less educated, correct, as they recieve a more basic one than the higher classes, no? Won't you, their child, simply adopt their class, as you receive a basic education and cannot elevate to higher classes as it is "meritocratic?"

Children are raised by government, not parents.

They get a stress-free education where they get to try out everything.

If people like raising children, then they can be the class that raises children.


pick 1

also, there's no politics in the sense of people arguing ideologies, political parties, and all that crap

there's just individuals that administer public works like roads, houses, schools

This is insanely vague. Probably even more vague than my thread.

if you have classes there will be politics.

I thought term limits were the stupidest idea to come out of this election?

You can't change the laws without 90% approval, so no

That wasn't my post

It is. It was made a meme by marketers of Trump to make it seem that he was somehow better than people who spent their entire lives in public service.

Who is the "government?" How do you prevent them from indoctrinating children?

nobody would care about laws when there's a struggle for class domination.

Everyone is the government.

What struggle? Worst case scenario, you are a NEET with a comfy life. Best case scenario, you get to manage a factory but your wage is barely above that of workers

this is already hierarchy. google murray bookchin

also, wage isn't money, it's a lifestyle (a house, certain items, etc., it's all standardized)

Hierarchies are good

I didn't know that Trump's marketers worked for fucking George Washington.


re-appropriation of history is what marketers do

What? Be more coherent.

make that coherent first

wage is the retribution for your work

instead of getting a pile of green paper, you get a lifestyle

there's only so many lifestyles, and they don't differ too much (no people starving, and no porky with yachts)

this is so dumb it had to have been made by a soc dem

Not to end the thread, but end your discussion. Unless you have compiled a book for us that your waiting to unleash to the world and revolutionize the fields of sociology, political science, and so on, what your saying means absolutely nothing to us. As already demonstrated by other anons, your proposed system is full of holes and poses more problems than it apparently solves.
I'm going to just suggest readings and post some pdfs, because it makes me sad to see dumb people every day - not to mention talking to them. I'll do my best to keep them short, because I know how I was first getting into studying this stuff and finding large books intimidating.

90% will never agree

that's good, constant change is bad

stable life makes people happier

Why would I do that? Your "works" are as useless and futile as my thread. Nice appeal to authority though, so much for no hierarchies.

what's stopping everyone from wanting a certain lifestyle because it's a fad


just read capital

the social arrangements of feudalism lasted for hundreds of years. Are you suggesting that peasants/serfs were happier than if they could have changed the system/social arrangements?

Do Marxists really believe this? This is not how history went… at all

Yeah, totally comparable to feudalism

Under feudalism

Under Capitalism

Feudalism was way better than vanilla capitalism. That's why they had to force the proles to adopt it.

Slavery, as in Slave-Empires. I don't think that's too contested. Feudalism? Well, it did follow the fall of the Roman Empire, so there's that… what about capitalism? Oh right, that took off after the French revolution after fostering from the Italian city states.
What's your stance on history, then?

My stance is that perhaps you should read an actual history book. That summary is complete garbage.

The point wasn't comparing it to feudalism in terms of quality, but in the sense that you just said that stability made people happier. I was saying that feudalism lasted for a fucking while

But what book should he read, user?
You can post pdfs here.

Funny enough, I am. Look up William H. McNeill "The Pursuit of Power"

Something by a historian, not an ideologue

Read an actual history book, not someone rewriting history to fit a narrative




this is a non-statement

I dont like either, but geez…

I'm reading this to learn about the development of weapons systems and the tendency for violence to be prompted by market impulses. What is an actual history book, the 10th grade social studies textbook your reading?

OC cus inspired

Most work isn't worth doing. People don't need to be whipped when the work is worth doing, that is, obviously meaningful and relevant to basic human needs. Snapping some else's widget into someone else's thingamajig is not, in general, meaningful labor.

So you don't actually know, and just want it to be wrong. Cool.

More pdfs because you didn't like the last ones. the one named "The accumulation of capital" is essentially a summary of Das Kapital. I'd go with "Wage labor and Capital" first though, just cus its shorter and might be easier to soak in.
That is, if you're still in this thread :^(

Limp. Critique it or point to something that does.