Which country has the most revolutionary potential?


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Equatorial Guinea.

Which one is the most fucked up and angry?
That one.


I would list

Some of the poorer south American/central countries

Sounds about right honestly.


What's going on with India?

The problem is India is probably discouraged by china.

100% pure exploitive capitalism. Same thing in China but its already "communist" so its doubtful anyone will fight for communism.

Tbh it depends what you mean by "revolutionary." If you just want a violent transfer of power then most developing countries have it; Pakistan has military coups all the time, for example.

If you want FULL COMMUNISM then you're going to have to wait for global revolution.

If you'll settle for left-wing revolution that ultimately helps the working class but doesn't end their suffering altogether then see

This seems extremely unlikely



Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention the majority of the employees in this company are… Indians. Over 60% of the employees, in fact! They don't get paid more than $11,000 a year over there. How fortunate for our benevolent job creators to help out those poor, poor Indians.




>Under the government of the Indian National Congress party of Jawaharlal Nehru, independent India developed close relations and a strategic partnership with the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.). The Soviet government consequently wished that the Indian communists moderate their criticism towards the Indian state and assume a supportive role towards the Congress governments. However, large sections of the CPI claimed that India remained a semi-feudal country, and that class struggle could not be put on the back-burner for the sake of guarding the interests of Soviet trade and foreign policy.
Uh, what the fuck?





How is any modern country semi-feudal?


Yes but they still have capitalism right?

Yes, and?
They've got the worst of both worlds.

Why, for the love of god, are people naming so many Third World shitholes as "revolutionary potential?" Isn't there enough evidence that vanguard parties don't work? Places where there is likely to be broad-based popular support for a communist revolution is almost always based around desire for land reform among the peasantry, as opposed to there actually being the conditions necessary to build socialism effectively. Trying to undertake ideological shock therapy and create class consciousness where it does not exist is is always doomed to failure. Socialism can only be created in a society where class consciousness has reached a fever pitch prior to revolution, which then INSPIRES revolution, that is, a nation in the throes of end-stage capitalism.

literally every single word in this text is a spook

Daily reminder that impoverished people aren't going to embrace true communism and will always end up supporter chauvinist nationalist movements instead .

Come back with a coherent argument next time bub


The world must revolt.

Saudi Arabia

I'm reasonably confident this isn't what leftcoms actually believe.

Just like the Communist Parties did here in the past, then. Great, looking forward to it.

Live in the 1850's porky is strong but not self aware. Workers ideology naturally arises out of the work place. Your grandma and children in the street know the importance of revolution. Mass media isn't distracting millions with false dreams. Literally every industrial nation has the potential for revolution.

Live today. Porky is stronger than ever. Business and government have basically merged, but capitalist ideology is so strong that people think a "free market" is possible. Western society is militarily dependent on large corporations, sovereign western nations have to suck off the teet of the euro and Nato for protection like whores. The third world is clogged with financial and military imperialism. US is a second rate service empire with a first world military. Russia is just fucked. Capitals dead hand literally wont let us go even with the threat of extinction of all life on the planet. The only remaining alternative people are willing to entertain to capitalist democracy is capitalist dictatorships. Everyone you know over the age of 50 is distracted by mass media and a forever narrowing overton window of myopia. Children are lost in video games, social media and ironic fascism. Instead of dealing with this people of relevant ages retreat into Idpol cosmetic changes of the system to the extent that they do fucking anything at all.

Is this truly the nightmare timeline? I cant imagine things going worse than this. The only potential for revolution will come from either an end to the US's ability to determine the economic fate of the rest of the globe or posadism at this point. I like to think I'm just being cynically humorous but I'm not sure we will turn this around in time to make a difference for the environment anymore.



Name one that didn't

I wish

Too bad all those countries were literal failed states

Better than their preexistingnconidtions tho, ill give you that


there are a bunch of red army japanese members buried in palestine today.

true martyrs


South Africa


Stalin himself supported the ROC over the PRC. Realpolitik was hardly invented by Khrushchev.

as somebody here yeeeah I'm gonna say no to that.We are at fever pitch reactionary right now and when Brexit fucks the proles they sure as fuck ain't gonna blame capitalism but they'll blame brown people or say that the EU deliberately fucked us over.
Furthest left you get here in any major capacity is Corbyn who is a fucking democratic socialist at most

I fuckin wish. We're barely in our first evolution of proto-fascism surveillance state.


Why is the left in Britain so fucking shit

concerning the way China rules, where political opponents to the party are executed etc, is this to keep the facade of the party being Communist intact or simply to maintain authority? Ideally both I'm assuming from their point of view.. I hear elder members of the party are actually still hardcore maoists..nevertheless would communist states in the future have to rule as brutally towards those in opposition - which has been seen in the past..I guess I'm just raising the debate as to whether a communist regime will ultimately have to turn authoritarian to an extent?

Largely crushed in the 80's, finished off by Blair in the 90's with his "We're all middle class now" shit.

Stupid cunts let themselves be led astray by the media after the financial crash too. Met a sane person on the street years ago and that's probably it since 2008, still remember my conversation with him and it was probably less than five minutes. I was trying to sell him a contract in the street. Somehow he realised I wasn't reactionary as fuck and after we both laughed at how ridiculous my job was he said "Can't believe they got away with it, surreal isn't it?".

A land of atheists believing in the magic of conviction over facts.

Firstly we need to look at where the left has come from in this modern day and why it is so different than the militant tendency days.Thatcher,that fucking she devil cunt, destroyed the left.Thacher was able to destroy the left because cold war propaganda made smashing dem commies in the mines much easier,and considering the near civil war it gave us it's clear she was able to avert the tipping point, than confronting an unified rebelion would have been.

Blair finished it with 'new Labour' where he re branded them all to centrists who would embrace the 'end of history' narrative that existed in the 90's.Then neo liberalism crashed in '08 and people turned to the 'smart' more 'economically responsible' tories,didn't help Brown has the charisma of a fucking brick.

This is my secret hope against all odds.

Try being the US asshole

what about greece

The US. It is where everything will be happening. Donnie Tinyhands is merely an accelerator.

It's where all the capital, all the technology, all the theory, all the intellectuals, all the cultural elites, etc. are.


also has a fucking huge amount of reactionaries and the worlds largest armed forces.US revolts would be crushed

The officers in the US army are largely hated and resented by the enlisted. If the officers order the troops to turn on their fellow Americans, they will switch sides.

unless people fall for 'the godless commies are ruining pure america' meme.which they probably will

Post your best Corbyns!

Au contraire. They only provide more revolutionary kindling, mostly in the form of disaffected veterans.


The working class. Re-read Marx.

I want to believe to. But its not going to happen.

Nah classes are a spook silly. The revolution will encompass all


They think angry = rev
But it's another thing a commie rev that will install a commie government.

Rev sans theory = useless glorious uprising