What's the offical anime of Holla Forums ?

what's the offical anime of Holla Forums ?

i'd say it'd be gurren lagann

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Psycho Pass

I would say that Planetes is a strong contender.

Cowboy Bebop (English dub).

Undialectical haters will say I'm wrong.

Boku No Pico




Berserk has some delightfully anti-authoritarian elements to it, Code Geass has insurrection with giant robots(also futility of working within the system towards change), and Kill la Kill has some vaguely anarchic symbolism to it as well.

Spirited Away. It's a critique of capitalism made by Miyazaki when he was still a Marxist.


Cowboy Bebop is a rare animu with a dub that's not only tolerable but arguably better than the original.

Reminder preferring initials versions purely through an idealization and fetishism of muh original authenticity is not only undialectical but a succinct form of idpol (>muh superior Japanese voice actings, muh trudishuns).

>initials* versions




It is actually Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, which delivers a truly avant-garde critique of capitalism by showing us what happens to those who are left behind by the system. Our formerly muh privileged protagonists find themselves banished to poverty and marginalization the moment they cease to provide the necessary labor value whilst being ruthlessly manipulated by their employer who is tellingly also the main villain.

Or it's because more often than not the subs are better and I'm not going to check if there is a dub, and if that dub is better than the sub, for every new anime I watch.

Planetes is good. It's "Tales of a space-garbageman".

Kaiba is a great critique of commodification. (Bodies and even memories have been turned into commodities, and proles sell (and have stolen) their memories/bodies).

Kill la Kill sucks

Milky Holmes is my shit.

Also stop by >>>/leftyweebpol/
Things are slow around there.

How can you tell if

Truly, you are bribed by crypto-idealization of muh original version, which ultimately deprives you of potentially discovering a much more authentic experience.

Protip: Big-O, Cromartie and Space Dandy are all superior in English. I have gone through this effort for you, thank me later.

Cromartie is good in english as long as you switch back to japanese for wakamotorcycle

To be fair most dubs are not as good as the original voice acting. It's a lot easier to do an accurate sub leaving the emotion to the original voice acting than to capture both the emotion and the content in a dub while conforming to the pacing of a completely different language.

Pff, I guess I can hand you that one.

Monster in English also much better catches the emotional drift of the protagonists.

Because /a/ told me so.

You're right.
It is.

Comrade, there are times when the original Japanese is superior. The dub of Fist Of The North Star is a crime against reality itself.
Alternatively, sometimes the english dub of a series can be better than the original. Ghost Stories is probably the best example of this.

Ghost Stories would be totally unremarkable but for the English dub being half reverse engineered and half improvised from not having a translation of the original.

/a/ is only good for shitposting and constant gay ERP in /ghost/, and the latter basically died for the most part when the old archive went down.

I think fist of the north star represents best what the world will look like when we are actually able to create communism

How can you tell, if
is your only point of reference? /a/, a board inhabited by hapless classcucks and oriental fetishists with shit taste? Dare you not dialecticize your own emancipatory taste in Chinese cartoons?

I would agree that most Japanese original VA is generally better, but that is after actually seeing for myself and finding out that this is still nto majority the case.

Without a doubt, tovarisch. All I stress is the need to discover whatever localization does to a piece, for better or for worse, if not by Yanks or others (French Dragon Ball is top tier, and so is Italian Lupin). The point is to categorically reject imperatives of originality and to truly subject oneself to new experiences.

I didn't post that. I've seen plenty of anime, both dubbed and subbed. I've seen some in both versions. Subbed is almost always better, and most of the time the dubs are cringe-inducing.

What about Berserk? Pretty anti feudalism at least, and it seems rather anarchist in a sense.

Might Gaine

No one else here has probably watched that though….

Yuru Yuri

I like it because it's cute

The apostles seem to largely be drawn from the ranks of the nobility and clergy, they look upon everybody else as food, and they revel in cruelty. Egg Of The King opens with a brief argument between Guts and his employer over working conditions and related hazard pay. Considering all the spooky shit Guts has dealt with, I daresay he is a Spookbuster extraordinaire.

Well Miura has mentioned the Rwandan genocide


Rurouni Kenshin. It's literally a story about revolutionaries destroying fascism and nationalism.

Fucking Kaiji

Even the composer of Cowboy Bebop said she admired Spike's English voice

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

What are Miyazaki's current political views?

Goddamn I love halo.

He's mostly disillusioned with politics and Japanese people in general, but it seems he's a liberal now. Note that Japanese liberals are different from American ones, but still.


Fashy's claimed this already


TLDR he cares about anti-imperialism, the pro-environmental policies, preserving pacifism and opposing the nationalists but really hasn't said anything about labour, economics or socialism lately.

They have?

disillusioned with politics describes most people unfortunately, especially in Asia. It's so sad because in Korea and Japan they have such rich histories of left-wing resistance. Watching some of the recent protests in Korea have been great and a while ago the Japanese mobilized big crowds in favor the pacifist constitution but people for the most part feel hopeless that right-wing nationalists are just taking over like everywhere else.

big time