Revolution against Trump

How are you fat neckbeards going to have a revolution against Trump? The highly republican U.S. military will crush you losers and it will be fun to watch.

Every cause needs a martyr op. Those first bodies will be the fuel.

noone wants a revolution against trump we just think he is a product of late capitalism and want a revolution against global capitalism. calm down your masturbation fantasy isn't happening


Holla Forums you should be very concerned about Trump taking away your autismbux and NEETbux. You're fucked when your parents kick the bucket/kick you out of the house (whichever comes first).


Communalists don't seek a military confrontation with the state through a civil war, like anarchists and marxists do. We utilize a strategy of dual-power.

are you saying its not Holla Forums posting then.

$10 its Holla Forums

Its not I'm an intellectual centrist and you radicals must be crushed.

So you're a useless faggot who can't do anything right?

yeah, nice try Holla Forums
can't even stand behind your "god emporer" after being exposed to be the cucks you are, kek

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Now you're embarrassing yourself


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'centrist' ahaha you liberals make me laugh. Hows that economy going you've been in control of? Oh its tanking, it crashes every 10 years? That one? Right.

W centrists control most nations in the world while you fat losers jack off to Japanese cartoons.


either commit to an ideology or actually kill yourself, because your no use to anyone.

Shut up radical.


You are the same as the "white people built civilization" people.

I'm shaking in my boots thinking about the wrath Merkel, Clinton and Blair are gonna unleash. Too bad thier political careers are over and centrist neoliberalism is collapsing globally.

yeh and what a great fucking job you are doing you dumb fuck. ALL OF THIS CHAOS IS YOUR FAULT. Yes, I know you're in charge, very well. Its what you have done with the place that I care about.

Barber gimme that mass immigration, environmental catastrophe, wage frozen, gang violence, drug cartel, widespread starvation, planet please


Only Nazis oppose mass immigration

If your position can be reflexively described as an arithmetic mean between 2 arbitrary sets, you don't have an ideology, you have autism.

your a neo-liberal shitstain, dont come here and tell us were wrong about politics, i bet you believe if we do economics right, society will be fine dont you.

are you dumb

Radical scum like you are

I don't support mass immigration. I don't hate the immigrants, but it isn't good for them or us. In order to stop it I wouldn't build a wall though, I'd stop demolishing homes with hellfire missiles and stop leeching their economies with debt peonage and protectionism designed to favour the west. I'd make it so they didn't want to come here, not so they just can't.

You are literal fucking moron

We are liberating the people from oppressive Nazi and communist dictators.

provide one coherent point or fuck off and kill yourself

If you really think it's going to be or at least start out like traditional warfare with the American military on one side and a rag-tag revolutionary army on the other and they both just duke it out I think I'm going to have to disagree.

Where are you doing this

you are actually autistic.

OP doesnt understand how warfare works. Little does he know, modern armies dotn go 1v1 progressively in boxing matches till the last man.

tfw you are a centrist

Thank you for understanding how intellectual I am

Centerist opinions:

um… well, yeh I guess like… do what you were doing already? Yeh. Do that



I mean, it seems to me like thinking about it for any amount of appreciable time you can see why such a prospect would terrify the American bourgeois. Modern American military doctrine relies on "surgical" drone strikes which still level multiple city blocks and special forces to kick in doors and perforate select skulls.

That shit might fly in Kandahar but I think even the most Patriotic (tm) ( ;~;)7 American would blink at the Pentagon leveling several city blocks of Dallas or Sacramento or Richmond just to get one or two Revolutionary-Americans. People are already burning shit over cops killing people. Imagine the shit show there would be if hi-res videos of Seal Team 6 clearing a neighbor's house in some quiet suburb would go. Shit would fly off the chain so fast it would make Trump's toupe spin.

>or their loathsome descendants

What country do you consider to be civilized?

oh good lord im getting hard thinking about urban revoloution. Any action the US army would take would undoubtedly result in collatoral damage, and martyr anyone dead, which would help the cause. Especially if those who die are POC or trans or some shit. its like Red Dawn but instead of Russia its martial law from the fed.

remember half the people here are spics and niggers

Pretty much all peoples have built civilization. "Whites built civilization" is stupid because it's exclusionary and self-congratulatory not because it's technically incorrect.

No one thinks of Trump as establishment though. They perceive him as an entirely new order. They'll just see the difference as either "growing pains" or a sign that the old guard weren't so bad.

That is, assuming that things don't improve marginally under Trump, which is entirely possible considering the reintroduction of American manufacturing jobs.

t. sub human

So much for you being a "centrist"

Nigger, when you suggest that white people didn't build civilization people assume you're talking about the country you live in, not the universal concept of civilization. Clowns like you need to learn to keep your mouth shut and not make us all look like edgy teenagers.

that's not me I'm still he radical scum


When the memes hit so hard you get knocked out of reality

I never suggested that whites didn't build civilization. I explained this in the post you're replying to.

Everybody itt responding to that guy should be sterilized.


You implied that the idea that white people built civilization was absurd and worthy of contempt. If you can't recognize the greater implications of your statements, and you assume people will always know exactly what you mean, then you're an idiot.

Clarity is important. Without clarity there is ambiguity, with ambiguity there is misunderstanding, with misunderstanding there can be no real discourse.

Go away NSA

is she fucking that fence?that seems like it might be painful.Is this what pure autism looks like?


Global nuclear war


In context that people claim "whites built civilization," it is to imply or explicitly assert that whites exclusively built civilization, you fucking mong.


this is surely a discourse of farce heretofore conveyed by a plebian methinks, as only the most unequivocally pretentious or the most earnest of buffons earnestly postulate such

Whites did exclusively build, England's civilization, America's (the states) civilization, and the civilizations of the majority of the countries we live in today.

No one cares about China or Saudi Arabia in the context of when people say whites built civilization. Is there anyone here who would seriously rather live in China than in one of the white countries?

No you retard that shit happens in all sorts of countries, including the first world, and it happens because capitalism creates a scenario where that fur is valuable. Producing value for the market by any means necessary is the name of the game in capitalism. If it wasn't for bourgie fucks in white countries who wanted to wear that fur, those Chinese wouldn't be skinning those animals alive to sell the fur.

Nah. the NSA only listens. they wouldnt post something dumb like OP.

even some sort of newly formed secret police would post something like "Lets rebel, comrades! Whos with me?"

This is a lie, I have been to China, I'm also a vegan so I'm not in support of rich shitheads who wear fur. But while I was there in Hong Kong I saw four kids, maybe middle school age, nail a cat to a wall and then throw rocks at it. No one on the street batted an eye.


Were not.

Were not.

The same kind of thing happens in the US. Cherrypicking a handful of psychos doesn't make a case that it's some kind of race thing.

Mother fucker, I'm not defending the animal abusers in white countries, the difference is white countries actually have some (not enough) animal abuse laws. China has none. The Chinese people (most, not all) hardly care about eachother let alone other animals. I'm certain you haven't researched this subject at all.

And saying, it happens everywhere, is not a defense of China, it's merely a condemnation of all.

i dont think you understand what board your on

The same kind of thing gets prosecuted in the United States. Please find me some examples of people torturing animals in the open and not getting in trouble for it. There are differences between countries, only a complete retard thinks everywhere is exactly the same.

Navy has most of the nukes though and they're way less reactionary.

Is this "strange addictions"?


That's a cultural issue not a race one.

how many layers of fedora are you on ?



China is fucking horrible tbh

Fuck off, idiot. There will be no revolution. We're all perfectly loyal subjects of the crown!

Who wants to overthrow Trump? We're just waiting him to fuck things up, which he will inevitably. Dude is the very definition of incompetence.


Hot damn that park's not too far away from me.

Knoebel's is a nice little park.

Know some guys playing ball trap with kittens in Western Europe. If you thing cruelty is limited to non-Whites you're deluded.


You don't have to like the man and Holla Forums often fellates him too eagerly, but for shit's sake. He's got a clue, user.