How the fuck

This guy is literally just flat out lying, thoughts leftypol?

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It's an alternative fact now actually

Hope to god Zizek has some good shit to say about this.

I'm out of the loop on this one. wut?

The Trump administration has been going hog wild apparently

Our only recourse at this point is violence. Initially I wasn't as worried about this alternative facts nonsense, since lying is in no way new for the president. But it occurred to me that even the worst liars in government would still crack when confronted with undeniable evidence and the truth. Reagan admitted he traded arms to Iran, Powell admitted that he lied about WMDs in Iraq, etc.

The difference with Trump is that you can confront him with the obvious truth and he will still deny it. This is a person for whom the truth is actually irrelevant, arguing with him would be like arguing with a creationist or a schizophrenic. In such a situation our only option for resistance against reaction is force.

TLDR: Bash the fash

Hes just employed some hogshit advisors and press teams who dont know spin, Obama, Bush, Clinton, their teams constantly "lied" by just not telling the truth, wheras Spicer is knowingly telling an untruth.

it's a loyalty test both for Spicer (willing to embarass himself for his master) and the press (they see who reports it uncritically and who regurgitates the party line)

pay attention to how it gets reported in the press. already we have reporters refusing to use the word "lie"

This is just one more example of Trump and his people doing exactly the same thing that's always been done, except doing it in a way that's so obvious only a total retard could fail to see it. This is a GOOD thing. Nobody cared when Obama lied, tortured, drone striked civilians, invaded, bomed, prosecuted whistleblowers, etc. Now they will.

nah, it's not shitty advisors. it's lolcow damage control.
he's a narcissist. he's upset that after his "amazing achievement" the press isn't giving him the praise he feels he deserves. they're distracted by the women's march and he's insulted by the talk about the size of his inauguration crowd. he's genuinely butthurt and overruled his advisors


Yeah but the difference is that past presidents would admit when they were lying when it became obvious that they were. Trump is refusing to tell the truth even when it's obvious that he's lying. His followers do the same. It's literally cult-like thinking.

past presidents wouldnt get themselves into that situation, because they wouldnt lie, they would just avoid the truth. Spicers dumb, and anyone who thinks you need to answer a question in modern politics is just as dumb

your right, its not shitty advisors, its a LACK of advisors, because complaining about twitter dot com screams "no one has any idea what the fuck were doing"

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Hes not a fashy tho. He's just retarded…I know, it's similar, but there is a difference.


fuck me, wrong pic

Lol, doesnt suprise me, i thought he did it off his own back because someone dared point out that god emperor trump was less popular than


Accelerationism at its finest.


Trump isn't fashy but I wouldn't put it past him if he thought it served his interests. If he faces enough opposition he could easily go fashy, and his drooling supporters would eat up every word.

Our classified intelligence tells us X, you claiming Y is false in the context of this secret information