Richard Spencer, with black eye, interviewed by David Pakman

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Oh wow.

It's true what they say about WNs being sort of the mirror reflection of SJWs

That's not really a mirror image, that's more like two brands of the same shit, pepsi and coca-cola

why does he have a black eye? i thought the antifa dude only landed a hit to his neck or something


Godamn and Holla Forumsyps tried to say the punch had no strength lol



If I not mistaken he got punched twice on that day but only one punch was recorded.


Coca is better than Pepsi

Who's the Pepsi of the WNs v. SJWs dispute

WN is coke because people from the south can't live without it

SJW is pepsi because it pretends to be young and hip and revolutionary but is actually just backed by megacorporations


Did he get punched, again?

That doesn't make sense either, because his eye looked fine the day after when he did his little blog

He probably hit himself for sympathy points

It's too bad that it's not true that a 60 year old shit-eating cuckold KTFO'd Richard Spencer


Alt-right man child goes to cry to a literal jew in the media. Hilarious.


Capitalism. Downfall.



Something doesn't seem right here.

How the fuck does he have a bruise on his left eye?


mirrored webcam?

they should bring their own cameras to help spreading the meme

Listening right now.
Apparently he had an asian girlfriend.
Why did all these "muh white culture" fuckers have yellow fever?

No idea.
In the periscope blog after he was assaulted, his eye looked fine.

I'm from the south. Fuck you. We also have a lot more black and Hispanic people than the north.

what the fuck? he got punched in the ear. why does he have a black eye? and a black eye on the wrong side of his face.

Because everybody knows that submissive Asians are better at being white than those loud, filthy American dogs.



are you retarded?


holy shit, did you even go to kindergaarten? How stupid are you. try counting it out on your fingers, retard.

Wait, did you really just take that completely seriously?
Is greentexted sarcasm actually wasted on you?

I respect Pakman, he's kind of a centrist liberal, but he seems really open minded and never gets triggered by anything.

He seems like the type that can be converted to socialism through actual rational arguments


Shit, source?


You guys know why Spencer is making a big deal out of this right? You're doing exactly what he wants you to do.
Just one tweet. Just one, about violent protesters, is all we need.

He wants "punching spencer" to become a national pastime?

Right on the chin that time too…
Wait, how did he get the black eye then…?

Because he's a PC Nazi that knows his ideas are toxic, so he plays victim to the media instead?

Interesting. Just like people did and still do with Trump. Making up facts, and then acting upon them.

Kind of like the entirety of Holla Forums ideology and their "alternative facts".


Is that the best you got?

I don't know what you're referring to, but you can agree with nazi views without being a nazi.

The look of terror is priceless.


No, this is the best I've got.

really makes you think…

the meme to end all memes

Well now I'm triggered

Lel, do you think anyone cares, you fucking faggot?

First it's punches. Who knows what will happen to him next?

Fuckin' hell


b carful


Holla Forumsturds don't have access to the youtube, twitter or 8ch/4chan server logs. C'mon now.
Just don't click any links like

I know, I was hoping my poor spelling would bring across my ironic tenor :^).

Guys I think this is making me aroused

I think I want to smack people around/be smacked around as well

punches you
yeah take that shit, you dirty slut

So what, he gets hit on the right ear, punched on the chin, and gets a black left eye?

He has been punched three times in the last week. Not to mention the OP from that 4chan thread:

Top kek. D-day of the rope soon, g-gommies!

What is it with random people on twitter with 🍀🍀🍀echoes🍀🍀🍀 around their name? They seem normal but have some Holla Forums meme around them, I see this everywhere

started as some dumbassed lib thing to "retake it" or some shit like that

It's in solidarity with Jews who were being targeted by an app that echoed their name from what I can tell.
One that made me laugh is the official Rick & ((Morty))


Top kek
>>>Holla Forums8954564
The penny is dropping.

What do you expect? He's an ethnonationalist.

Look more carefully on the recent vid and his previous vid. It's the same mark - it's just hard to see in the previous video due to the lighting. He didn't get puinched again, unfortunately.

That said… he is still planning his college tour… let's see what happens there


Why is his haircut so bad?
Why does his chin melt into his neck?
Where are his lips?

I saw a thread about this on Holla Forums or somewhere similar. Just go into a barber and ask for the Hitler Youth and that's what you get.

Lol this is why

This is the one and only time i am going to thank you faggots.


Attacks on the Alt Right

One of the videos is flopped. Streaming often does that, for copyright reasons.

I don't have anything insightful to add. Just want to remind myself Richard Spencer got punched in the face.

I mean he said the KKK and white facists hate him, maybe they are the ones who punched him?

Dude is feeding off of pure ideology, Jesus Christ. He is in dire need of some dialectical materialism.


Everyone saw him cry