Holla Forums discourse vs Holla Forums discourse

Holla Forums discourse vs Holla Forums discourse.



Really makes the joggin noggin.

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She triggered.

They will defend Islam until Abdul slices their throats

Oh, she speaks Japanese. We have to recruit her.


she is actually mad at capitalism lmao


This. I wonder what percentage of Trump's supporters are like this.

75%, Michael Moore nailed it




who's completing their phd at 26? that's fast as fuck isn't it?

She is obviously lying.

Yes. And she said it puts her behind the curve.
She's totally crazy.

Holy shit, the part at 2:20 about her lawsuit

She's fucking insane

Oops, left up my shitposting flag

I wanna debate Destiny, should be fun.

I dont know how to get his attention though.

He seems to debate all comers. Did you see the other leftypol debate?

I saw it was gonna happen, I didnt catch out it turned out though.

just tweet at him, DM him as well. Hes always open to debates

I already DM'ed him. No reply.

I think debating him is the wrong mindset to have.
Last time he seemed genuinely curious and open to our ideas, even if he did have some legitimate questions. Being combative probably isn't a good approach unless he pushes you.

Yea that's a good point. I mean the majority of it would literally just be defining things and explaining concepts. If he's open to listening to that though then it would be great to get that stuff out there.

A debate would certainly be possible though, you'd just have to ask Destiny to defend his position that capitalism is a good and working system.
He's not a full-on laissez-faire guy but he said in the past that he likes it overall. As was pretty clear from the last discussion, he doesn't really know any alternatives, so it'd be possible to grill each other person on why their system would be superior in different cases while still having the option to lecture about topics he doesn't know anything about.


Are Americans really like this?

I thought they just existed in South Park.

Unfortunately Americans are very real




What the fuck Destiny



He got the titel right. Probably just his yt editor who fucked up, happens. Messaged him about it :^)