I've decided to illegally push weed for a living rather than work a wage job

I've decided to illegally push weed for a living rather than work a wage job.
Am I being smart or am I petty bourgeois?
Can I still be a revolutionary?

You're not exploiting anyone, so I guess it's ok.

And above that you're actually doing something as a leftcom, which is in itself impressive.

Only if you give us the hookup.

Except people with a drug addiction who eventually smoke themselves retarded.

I bet you turn around and complain about McDonalds being evil because they turn people fat.

You just lost the bet then

It's true.
My brother died of a weed overdose.

Entirely made up so faggots with no self control can feel like victims for masturbating too much or playing too many video games. You should try going through real withdrawals ya puss.

RIP anons brother ;-;!
You will not be forgotten

feels > reals strike again.

I did this in university. Easiest money a person can make tbh. Why not get together with friends and deal as a co-op? Or use the money to fund a co-op together


your exploiting those drug fiends, absolutely disgusting.
As a pure ancom I must say you disgusted me with your degenerate ways, please mark yourself for what you are when the revolution happens

forgot my flag

He could be exploiting the poor fuck who has to grow the stuff.

He's right. Weed stabbed my cat

RIP in peace, Mittens


There is nothing revolutionary in accumulating exchange value out of a capitalist operation, be it peddling with narcotics or otherwise. You could at least use your funds to form or fund a communist party and help it agitate workers and unionize them.

if this was in the UK I would legitimately suggest selling weed in order to fund co-ops

I did just say there is nothing revolutionary in accumulating exchange value out of a capitalist operation, lad.

Integrate the whole operation from grow to smoke, use the profits of the whole thing to build a school. Its not communism proper but its a step forward

I am skeptical, but I suppose democratically allocating surplus beats autocratically doing so.

Do you control the means of production through which you exploit your work force? No? Congratulations, you're not part of the bourgeoisie.

and once surplus is allocated democratically, it can begin to be distributed communally so that trade can be eventually abolished within the network

you are right man, my uncle died from an overdose

they found him dead with the marijuana needle still in his hands :(

I don't know.would i need to get out of my chair to do it? it's just I've got all this theory to read

theory by night, co-op by day

leftcom please your stereotype is showing have a little dignity

Yo, we should all be dealing weed to fund the revolution.

I'm skeptical precisely because any creation of a cooperative ultimately recreated firm structure which interpellates its shareholders to keep producing for profit instead of doing anything beyond this. There is a reason Mondragon or Crédit Agricole just keeps growing and growing and its abstract capitalist employees show no sign of engaging in any truly emancipatory action. This is why class unionization is superior; it emancipates the working class within its own exploitation with a direct opposition: the capitalist, meaning it can never just stick to class unionization while ignoring its revolutionary programme (which the proper capitalist class will always sooner or later antagonize and make this unionized working class engage in proper class action against capital itself instead of just workplace hierarchy).

if gambling can be addictive how come weed can't, faggot? I'm not saying that it shouldn't be legal, but this thinking drives mu nuts

SAD! ;^'( ;^'( ;^'( ;^'( ;^'(

Because it's meaningless to scaremonger about an addiction fucking sweet and savory foods or exercise or hobbies can give you, among everything else that satisfies our hedonia.

didn't mao move food?


What the hell did this guy do to deserve this?

Also, how the fuck is he conscious

I bet it's thanks to the music in the background.

It's true. My goldfish smoked itself too high and half the water content became THC :((


Nigga fuck you

Can't these fuckers at least get something sharp? Seriously I have teaspoons that can more effectively cut his head off.