How can right wingers even be converted at this point ina revolution?

How can right wingers even be converted at this point ina revolution?

I could easily abandon my pro gay, anti racism attitude because in a communist nation such things are irrelevant since we are all workers and that is what matters.

But for many right wing people idpol and anti minority is literally burned into their brain and they get awfully mention all over it, so logic won't simply make them fix their obsession with idpol and dislike of different people since it is an emotional issue

We won't. We know the truth.

Into compost of course.

Only if you were able to intellectualize and realize how silly you look :/
Oh well, Holla Forums might just need to be removed due to being counter revolutionary and capitalist apologists

No we aren't

you're pro-whatever's edgy at the moment

in 2012 Holla Forums was a mostly ron paul fanboy board


What did you mean by this?

You can't even convince your own PoC allies that race isn't real and they are often wayyy more openly racist than we are, good luck lmao.


Wanting to kill banker Jews is not the same thing as being anticapitalist.

Reposting from another thread:

I see a lot of stupid shit on Facebook and everywhere else and sometimes I wonder if these people are even worth helping, as bad as that sounds.
I really have my doubts when they support stupid bullshit or say the stupidest bullshit. A woman is trying to get my fake profile on Facebook in trouble for inciting violence when I merely said peaceful protesting doesn't work and if people want results they need to start hanging and shooting people because that has literally been proven to work.
Calmly explaining that I didn't support or condone it when I mentioned it brought up the basic, well done argument of "WELL IT LOOKS LIKE INCITING TO ME!!!!!!!!!"
Do they even deserve good things? I don't even know anymore.

I just got called treasonous on Facebook because I said peaceful protesting was useless and the only thing that'll change is if people pull the ones in charge out of their homes and hang them. Apparently that's treason now?

Then they aren't allies. They are liberals drowning in idpol.

Plus the fact that idpol is burned into their brain because they need to put importance in race so they won't feel sad for being nothing while being abused by porkies doesn't matter since you are white

I really don't think today's racism is as ingrained as you think. The old racists are almost dead, and most Holla Forumslacks and internet alt-right people aren't openly racist or fascist IRL. If they were actually exposed to a multicultural place like a city, most would give it up entirely when they learned there is nothing to be afraid of. The lib establishment stokes the race issue to make sure they don't wake up to reality and join our side because most hold revolutionary beliefs too.

The issue is to make them be able to suddenly happily work next to different races and gays with no problem or issue for everyone's common profit

I honestly think most would right away. Most bigots have never been around other races or gay people which is why they are afraid. When they are forced to work together and have to actually communicate, the differences of color, gender and sexual orientation become tiny insignificant things.


Did you just claim all nonwhite leftists are liberals?

Frankly, we should work our way up the rung of capitalist apologism one rung at a time. The more reactionary a person is, the later they'll be to the party. In general.

wew didn't see this one coming

I was saying that if a non-white person is a race realist and considers themself a "leftist" they aren't, they are just a liberal.

How aren't trots shilling for the European far-right yet

This, but that is literally how fascists see capitalism. Or at least how they pretend to see it, in order to mislead the proletarians.

This, we are mostly Not SocialisTS, although there's some who think Nazi is just about getting rid of the Jews without solving the economic question.
Then there's also anti-modernist reactionaries and they also hate capitalism.

Stalin was kind of based in certain fields, a complete bastard in others to me.

I'd rather die than deny my Lord. Come and take it.

Quite right.