Wtf is happening

Wtf is happening
We're seeing global political phenomena
I hate to say it but acceleration-ism seems to be correct
We have political happenings happening nearly every day, With parties seemingly dropping positions to win votes and continue this dying capitalist society
In just 4 YEARS republicans went from free trade, global loving to anti free trade protectionist nationalism, completely abandoning the libertarian wing of their party just to win votes and now democrats are the party which is on a 'red scare' campaign instead of republicans!
We have BREXIT which is starting to break up the planned global neoliberal government
I don't think its 'meme magic' as Holla Forums would put it but something is happening globally, we're seeing shifts and things we havent seen politically in the past 50 years

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I'm just glad that they're dropping these Neo-liberal policies tbh.

more news at 11

Right wing parties are far to the right of their voters. They just have very effective propaganda networks and control over who ran.
But right-wing voters are suffering in late capitalism and want jobs and good pay just like all the proles.
They won't fucking get it though.

Ya, the point of no return occurred around '08 and things are getting crazier by the day. At this point I have no idea what could happen next.

This is not a 'normal' 15 year crisis

Far right voters dont give a fuck what happens as long as muh nation
They literally voted for an orange cheeto because muh illegals when hillary/stein even GARY FUCKING JOHNSON would have had better economic policy

Exactly this isnt the normal cycle of capitalism
I feel the breaking point of late capitalism emerging
The problem is it could go either fascist or communist as a solution and I fear the former now more then ever

Ironic seeing as they are the ones telling left wingers to get marketable skills if they want to get jobs. But when it comes down to it, they are the ones who would rather sit around lazily and wait for some god emperor to solve it for them.

Fascism isn't a solution, though. It is a capitalist system itself. If the end of capitalism approaches, then fascism cannot save it. They'd need some kind of Stra├čerist economic system and legitimately implement the "Socialism" part of Nazism.

Far right doesnt even mean capitalist anymore imo
It just means nationalistic anti globalist almost fascist conservatives
These are not the traditional libertarians but centrist authoritarians

I don't think there is gonna be the collapse of capitalism tomorrow but I definitely think there is gonna be a shift to the left at some point in the near future, even if its a slow crawl we will win eventually

Honestly I don't know what direction it's going to go in
Politics is turning to shit and now memes and rhetoric have completely replaced debating/policy discussions
Bipartianship is completely dead,
We have a literal billionaire celebrity who ran for publicity as leader of the free world
We have the EU and possibly within 10 years the UN breaking up
All hell is about to break lose and it could end up in any direction

Pretty sure "right" in the socialist/marxist/leftypol/brocisalist sense, refers to anyone in favor of wage labor and private ownership, ie capitalism and all it entails. Thus, liberals and even 95% of soc dems are technically "right wing".

Trump dropped the TPP the second he got into office, he is already better than every neoliberal and neocon economically.


Ah thanks!
Thought we were referring to simple political science terms like right = capitalist and left = socialist/communist

the dialectic in motion

Memelectic, if you will.

It's always hazy. If we drew axis for everything we couldn't make heads or tails of it, but as far as I'm aware, that's the general conception around this place, and having been a regular contributer for about two years, I think I can say "fuck you" to all the anons who respond with >we

There's worker ownership vs private ownership, centralization vs distributed economy, non market vs market, social liberalism vs conservatism, liberty vs authoritarianism, and so on, ad infinitum. And this is so frequently displayed as simply left vs right, it's basically useless, so most of us seemingly attribute left/right to the first set i mentioned.

"voting" lol

Thanks for admitting something I already highly suspected user.

Holla Forums uses the first
SJW's/idpolers use the fourth/fifth
Political science nerds use the third

When did I say this, I was saying that unless they are completely retarded people are realising that if we continue this way the world they are used to will collapse under its own weight

So what, then, is market socialism to poli sci nerds?

Look at the world and honestly tell me people aren't retarded.

I'd add that normies don't know what to use, but if pressured would use any or all of them if given the option, without knowing wtf it means.

It's social democracy. at least to an extent
There is almost always a mixture of a non market and a market economy, rarely being an extreme form of one

I take worker ownership and markets(until no more scarcity) with a side of social freedoms, but with an emphasis on scientific and dialectic understanding.

Normies only care about politics every 3/4 years when their election is happening then dont give a fuck again


Science is another one that everyone pushes into the left right paradigm, but both sides like to claim it.

Politicians have managed to turn science into subjectivity - the supposed only objective thing we have.
There are thousands of studies on anything like Income inequality, global warming, economic decisions and some are less biased some are more yet politicians will just cherry pick the ones which suit their agenda - be it libertarians/conservatives/neolibs/socialists
It's honestly amazing how deep politics goes in > 2017


Fascism may be able to extend it but it will by no means be an end to the crisis of Capitalism. The falling rate of profit will still be there, class tensions will still be there, automation will still be there.

I eagerly await the day when politics becomes literally too complex for the human brain to handle and we have to delegate all power to computers.

White people are sick of feeding clothing and housing non white masses in our homelands as they shit on us constantly, we're waking up, we're coming cuckos.

Back to Holla Forums bucko we arent globalist neoliberal soros dick sucking liberals, go troll tumblr
we hate those people too
but we will send you to gulag as well

Beyond this, we should just ignore nazi shitposters. We get derailed far too easily. So let this reply be the last.

Nazis are autistic level sperges anyway, they just come and shitpost but wont debate

I honestly want to even avoid talking about them, because the moment you mention them (and often even when you don't) they rear their heads and spout their emotion driven tribalist bullshit. This'll be the last post about nazis I'll make, because fuck this constant derailing. no rude intended.



You been under a rock?
Porkies been trying to make the world into one big global capitalist system full of exploitation

Personally I see this too.

People are becoming politically more polarized. I feel a zeitgeist of socialism on the rise, while at the same time fascism is gaining traction. Both sides of the spectrum are feeling the heat of a dying capitalist system, and both are scrambling to find an alternative.

With Trump in office, I think you are going to see more people take a hard pivot to the left. Of course there will continue to be neoliberal appologists, but Bernie Sanders awoke a bunch of sleeping Soc Dems, others flock to the various socialist parties as an alternative to party politics. And with Trump trying to implement extreme police state policies, I think you are going to see a lot more classes with the police/military in the near future. Perhaps a revolution is on the horizon.

get prepping buckos

The ruling rich are prepping for shit to hit the fan. Apparently the rulers know something we don't.

I don't believe capitalism will actually collapse, capitalism will never collapse. It can either be destroyed or it just continues to exist through never ending boom-bust cycles. The ruling class are just prepping for a particularity bad bust.

We know about environmental catastrophe already tho.


u mean the same but more toppling governments. gulag yourself

the echo chamber effect and confirmation bias.
back in the day, TV controlled everything, everyone had more or less the same opinions, verry few radicals, then internet came and gave birth to echo chambers and circlejerks like Holla Forums and tumblr, everyone could finally hear what they wanted to hear and nothing but that, thus creating a strong confirmation bias and radicalization.
a tragic display of human stupidity

this. everyone is seemingly having to choose a side. Hell, even fucking jontron, JONTRON has been posting alt-light "classical liberal" scented posts on twitter. not that i use twitter, just heard from a friend and checked it out


So Jon is sniffing the idpol kool-aid too huh?

You spoilered it to try and save other innocent anons. it's ok, it's the thought that counts.

Sadly, it seems so. thought it's just the watered down "I just watched 3 Sargon videos" level. That's what I was until I got tired of hearing "cultural marxism" and not hearing any coherent strategy to overcome ebil essjaydubbleyous. That's when I found this board, and the last two and a half years helped me realize the world was set to burn.

political parties flip flop all the fucking time

Reminder it was Democrats that defended slavery and that Abe was a Republican

This is just sad that he's gotten this low.

When you have a choice between a liberal who's totally out of touch and a fascist who's mostly out of touch but at least understands your dislike of immigration, you're going to vote for the fascist. People are only voting for the far right because the mainstream parties are utter shit and offer them nothing.

I mean, his videos having been dipping in quality for some time (ever since grumps) and his output is one a month at best.
RIP Once-Upon-A-Time-Favorite-Gaming-Video-Creator.

The last major flip-flop between Reps and Dems was in the 50s and 60s tho

all e-celebs hopping on that alt-right train that already left 3 years ago

Fuck Catgirl tbh. She gives our revolutionary catgirls a badname.

tbh, i think there's just a big kneejerk reaction, in which people who kinda sorta pay attention veer to one side of the idpol crowd or the other, but are hesitant to go full tumblr or altright. I doubt jon is ever going to unironically chant "cuck" and "build that wall".

A few thoughts:

It's too early to make claims about accelerationism "working". Far-right policies are yet to come into effect, so we are seeing all of the benefit (increased class-consciousness) with none of the cost (the effects of those policies).

Marx actually supported free trade (not protectionism!) as a form of accelerationism.

Relevant bit (but read the whole thing): "But, in general, the protective system of our day is conservative, while the free trade system is destructive. It breaks up old nationalities and pushes the antagonism of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie to the extreme point. In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, that I vote in favor of free trade."

So capitalists reverting to mercantilism is hardly accelerationist.