Tfw the top 1% now actively worries about a "russian revolution" in america

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That would be possible with Clinton since most hate her and are against her anyway


Good luck fighting a cohesive communist revolution, if Syria is an example it will simply be a massive clusterfuck of criminal gangs aligning with each other along racial and ethnic lines while a Christian theocracy forms in the Midwest.


nah fam, the revolution will be started by massive unemployment and hunger, not your dumb ass fantasies

what do you think post-1918 russia was before trotsky, lenin and dzerzhinsky BTFO every other fucking gang and faction with their superior intelligence and ruthlessness?

Fixed friend

there i highlighted the answer for you

They are afraid of the anarchists, not you armchair revolutionaries.


people already didn't trust the media (pro-repub, pro-dem, both pro capital)
I wonder if trump and the right shitting on the media will cause the liberals to claim the media is actually good and honest

I support you an-rade
But just talking to neutral people about why capitalism doesn't work and why socialism is possible is infinitely more effective than breaking some windows (fuck banks tho of course)

You mean the anarchist revolution, later hijacked by a bolshevik coup?

Face it: communists are non-existent in the USA

So it will be just like the Russian and Chinese civil war before communist victory?

smh tbh famalam

i hope they'll be so safe in their luxury bunkers

Some of you guys are alright

don't go to New Zealand tomorrow

goddamn wrong shitposting flag

It's the correct one, ancap is Nazbol.

Hoxa would be jelly af

Hoxah ffs

somebody please end me

Why are the hills so green if it's underground?

he's smiling in his grave right now


what do you mean? i think it's just a pic showing the surrounding countryside where the bunker is built

You should set up local left-wing death squads in NZ wait for them to come.

I deserve this.

They seem to be gone. For now.

Wow, this gives me more hope than anything I've read in months.

You shouldn't be though, it's just old Bourgie stupidity

which is why i posted it. its official panic mode in the hamptons now.







"They deserve all that money. They worked really hard for it."

Anyone got the screencap about how the alphabet soup is sure a revolution in the US would be pretty much impossible to fight?

But no, you seeā€¦ they do deserve that wealth, because it's their property you know. So when someone uses that property, be it as a place to live, or as a way to produce goods, it's the at the expense of the owner.

That's literally what it means to be bourgeoisie

Yeah, I know, just that they themselves would call it that.

Ironically enough by buying up all that real estate these morons are helping to inflate the already high cosy of housing in many areas, thus increasing political instability. Marx was joking about capitalism creates its own destruction. It really does need a state to protect itself.

They know.

This is the best news i've heard all week.

they know

Feels SO good, man.

ayy Lenin looks like fucking Norm Macdonald in that pic


sounds like that John Galt/Atlas Shrugged parody comic where he has to figure out how to make his own sandwhich

What are those symbols on their caps? One seems like two hammers crossed, another like two axes.

It really is uplifting


Thanks, Doc!

This is the moment they start openly supporting the alt-right and other fascist scum.

found it

Let's go, Kiwis. Fuck Porky up.

capitalism is a fucking disease

Is it happening?

Somebody should find a way to let them know they will not be allowed to land when shit hits the fan, really over exaggerate how much power we have right now and cause panic.