Hello Japan.


Non erotic is okay. It is cute. Cute like a puppy

I like actual 2D women instead of children


2d != 3d

>not shota revolution
shit taste desu



yesss, I was a bad boy

Just posting to make sure everyone understands that according to the new rules, this is allowed as long as you don't post porn.

What new rules? Can I still post porn if it's spoilered and adults?

What do you mean by porn? Is it okay as long as no sexual organs are visible?

Agree, no sexualization of lolis allowed!

Lolis sexualize themselves.

fuck this loli shit. you people disgust me.


Good. Normalfags aren't welcome on anime imageboards.

No bullying. Only fapping.

The yurus are not for sexual.

I thought liking underage women was for ANCAPS?

Yeah, you can. BO made this rule for the sake of people living in regions with arcane obscenity and cp laws.

All loli is for sexual. But I don't see how this is relevant to leftism.

You must be new here.

That's a good thing, most MLs here are spooked about that sort of thing.

You fell for a meme. Nobody can help who they are attracted to.

They might not be ready for sex, but there are much more fun things to do to Aka-chan.

No I've seen loli posted plenty of times, but not it's own dedicated thread.

It was good enough for Beria, it must be good enough for us.

Board culture thing that has become more necessary with the influx of reddit and other normalfags. Whatever happens we are still an imageboard.

I know, but I have a reading group thread that's generated 2/3 the number of replies in well over twice the duration this one's been active. It's not just my posts I'm fussing over, I want to see more leftist serious business discussion.


MODS, delete this thread or you will lose a comrade. I'm serious if I have to see this kind of threads in the catalog I'm out

Back to plebbit.

dude thats my fetish


Nothing wrong with fucking kids m8, what are you prejudice or something?

You will support communism out of rational self-interest. If you want to go back to reddit, feel free.

Most people here are just discontent college students who are upset with the current state of things but do not actually know much about socialism. In a thread the other day many people freely admitted to never having read Marx. When the average level of true interest and knowledge is so low, one should not expect more but vaguely lefty shitposting.

With communism dismantling the police, there will be nothing stopping me from raping communist lolis. It will be nazi heaven.


seems about right


it's merely withering away
just like you will in the >>>/gulag/

You can't catch me, I'll just pretend to be a good communist boy in public. No one will be the wiser.

Looks like you've contracted a bad case of Reddit. I prescribe 500mg of anime daily for the next two weeks.

I'm possibly not a typical communist, but for me the goal is not to abolish all laws. Sure, a lot of stupid laws would be removed or drastically changed, but the main change would be to the way "justice" is carried out. If you harmed a child you would not be made to suffer, but measures would be taken to ensure it was not possible for you to make the same mistake again. This would probably just mean mandatory therapy and being placed under constant surveillance.

We loli communes nao

Or it might mean execution. This ideal of communism as "no one is ever mean to each other!" is a load of crap.

Why not go for capitalism then? Or are you just bitter that you're at the bottom of the class system rather than the top?

Stop trying to play edgy.

tbh have you ever read Marx? I like the movement he popularised but unless you need to read it for an economics course Capital is just dry as fuck and you won't remember like 85% of it.The communist manifesto also isn't that great a piece of theory,capitalism has evolved and changed much of Marx's writings are apt to his time but not to ours.I keep a copy of the communist manifesto as a symbol and a piece of history than as an actual piece of theory

Screw seizing people's toothbrushes. The primary goal of communism should be to seize lolis' skirts.