How do yall feel about the idea of socialism being a sort of dyson sphere to out existing global capitalist system...

How do yall feel about the idea of socialism being a sort of dyson sphere to out existing global capitalist system? Syphoning capital in to the public sector. I thin pandoras box has been opened with the idea of capital and should be wrangled in, imo.

I consider myself a mix economy socialist and think the whole "replace capitalism right now" is too short sighted. I cant see that happening now, but having a transitional period might be a bit more realistic. Just a thought, lets discuss.

Capitalism has to be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise the revolution will be fucked by the global market.


That would triggers the existing powers.

soc dem…not even once

Please elaborate. I think the only way to combat global capital is global socialist but I don't see how this "All of a sudden" is going to happen. I'm 100% for it, but im trying understand the full leap to this idea being plausible in such a capitalist infused society.

Sometimes theres transitionary changes. We cant expect things to happen overnight.

So you think capitalists will just stay and let you grow in power?

The moment communism starts becoming bigger in a nation sabotage will continue.

You ll have to play the game of politics very well, siphoning when you can in order to seem profitable to them long term but i doubt this is something likely since i believe communism deeply triggers capitalists far too much to even think of supporting you

Way to be obtuse. Do you have trouble conceptualizing analogies?

Yes the nice capitalists will just hand over their property once they realize how nice socialism is.

Through regulations, you silly willy. Has leftypol always been this dense?

That was harsh, sorry. I like Holla Forums but some of these kids are way too edgy for my old ass. There needs to be a change, for sure, but like in evolution there needs to be periods of punctuated equilibrium. Jolts of change, coast and repeat.

Some of y'all want full communism in your lifetime, which to me is a foolish dream. If it happens, then I'm the first to eat my own shit and walk myself to your gulag…

Get a load of this guy.

Yes of course regulations will stop capitalism

You can't built communism and still want to actively be a part of the global market. The stock market exhange and credit rating agencies will fuck you in the ass.

Laws! Dammit why didn't we think of that now we can stop all of the bad stuff in the world!

By god, man! I think you just cracked the code! There's no possible way capitalists could challenge the immutable nature of the mighty regulation.
It all makes sense now.

Lay it on me. What can we do, right now? I don't want your memes, I want to know. How do socialistic programs and regulations on a global scale not help lead us towards the path to full communism??? It's not a fucking end game. I'm not proposing we STAY there. ffs, engage with me beyond memes and greentext. Until then communism will forever remain a direction, not a goal.

what can you do? start organizing at a local level and taking direct action.

Well yeah, but how do yo go from that, to the ending of capitalism. We're on the same side here I think, I'm just trying to understand what the end goal for me as a human on this planet should be to help get there. Should I go rob a bank and tell others to do so? Should I go full mr.robot and make a hacking group to cripple an economy. I'm being tongue and cheek for sure, but I'm still wanting an over all plan on a person to person basis. I never buy new, I've never owned a credit card and refuse to take out loans, I live within my means, I preach to those on the other side in my worker and friends circle to try and change their minds. I try and educate myself on the way things are made to get a better appreciation for the labor that goes in to products I have and use to survive.

I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, I'm just wanting to know what like minded people are doing that I'm not. I want to spread this message as much as I can without coming off like some edgy fuckhead.
Hearts and minds.

Pic is the opposite of what I want to represent.

Yeah we all do what we can within our means, i just don't think sitting and waiting for regulators to some how strangle capitalism will ever work. i don't think youre doing anything wrong either from the sounds of it, probably more than most. Its hard not to come off as edgy when youre trying to dismantle the current state of things.

I'm trying to be less "haha I got dust on their balls" socialist and more of a "Cut off their balls without them even knowing" socialist. To me that means inch by inch by force. I believe in the phases of change, hopefully not to a fault. I'm trying to reach people around me with conversation and propaganda.

I don't want to be a coffeeshop revolutionary.

Co-ops are a good start.